January 14, 2000

Hi everyone,

I have had a few responses on action. Looking around, I can see where the action is. First of all is a call to Intercessory prayer in the body. We are certainly called to pray. Jesus asked us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers, let it happen now, Lord. If we are called to pray for them then the Lord of the harvest has to be sending out those willing to labor in the fields. Praying and laboring are both in action.

It would be easy to recognize that with the capabilities of the Internet that one prayer request could possibly, with the touch of a button, be sent to thousands of Intercessors in moments. That is exactly what is happening in several places around the globe. I want to know about them, we need to connect. That is exciting. We are now being called to pray for revival. So pray, pray, pray. Pray for the leaders in the church that they will be able to lay down their crowns so that Jesus can have full control. Pray for each other that the Lord will give us what do do. Pray for the latter rain to fall and His spirit is poured out without measure. Pray for yourselves that you are filled with faith and holiness and boldness. I am called to labor in the harvest and ask for you to pray for me and the other laborers, and pray that more are sent. Pray like Jesus did that we may all be One. Pray that Jesus will come quickly and that we are ready to meet Him. Pray that we all will be illuminated and filled with His spirit.

I have nothing else to discuss. One other asked if we would like to discuss whether the laying out of fleeces is still valid today. We might want to discuss that. Otherwise, I am getting into my prayer closet, it's time for that.

Something else that others have been led to share from their hearts to me lately are the feasts of Israel. Are we witnessing the feast of trumpets right now? The latter rain about to pour out of the feast of tabernacles? A few of us are thinking maybe so according to the messages I have been receiving lately.


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