The Final Imam

The Imams are the divinely inspired Islamic religious pontiffs, leaders able to pray for the nation. The institution is called the caliphateor the imamate and serves as God's vice-regent. While much pretension is inevitable, any Muslim is able to assume the true role of Imam if they are able to teach righteously and in justice according to the spirit of God and not in the flesh. The person in charge is called the caliph or imam. The caliphate in reality, substitutes for the Lawgiver (Mohammed), in as much as it serves, like him, to protect the religion and to exercise political leadership of the world.

Original Adam is considered the first Imam. To be an Imam is to be the repository of the esoteric meaning of revelatory saving knowledge. To come is the last Imam, suddenly arising like Elijah at the last day, corresponding to him in whom the True Prophet finds at last his "repose." For the final repose will be more than a prophet, it will be an Imam, and the Imam is a Samif, a silent one. Chosen by God, this last Imam, called the Mahdi is the divinely guided resurrector in whom is recapitulated the entire line of the Imams and leads the Temple of Light back to the realm of the Angel, of which he is the didochos (teacher) that restores the true faith and discloses divine truth. He is the rightly guided one bringing justice and equity among a world filled with injustice, calamity, tyranny and corruption. In this sense of restoration, he is the one to come in the days of apostasy to measure the Temple and decide between the authentic and the inauthentic. By doing so, he must bring to union those of the book and guide all the wayward children of Abraham into the brotherhood of true religion. Just as all the prophets since Adam are recapitulated in Christ, so all the Imams and true prophets are recapitulated or integrated in the last among them.

Naturally, there are many who claim to be the Final Imam that have come and gone. Many pretenders with demonic inspiration crop up to encite others to kill Jews and Christians indiscrimately as infidels and kaffirs rather than unite the faithful. Many assist in the institution of a tyranical nationalistic Islam instead of the submission itself of God's will. Some have made wild claims, coming to "break the cross" and include the same seditions, traditions of men and delusions of false authority that you would find in many Christian societies.

As for the seventh day, the third day of the Christian era, it is precisely the day of the final Imam. Hidden until the last day of his own deliverance, he does not proclaim a new Law, rather he liberates by disclosing the symbols and the time of the "reunion into a whole", or when the restoration of all things is realized. He will oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed. The last Imam is himself a "period" of the Imamate; in other words he himself is his own time, placed into position in the fulness of time and defined by the elevation of his horizon, which by his spiritual calling precedes the bodily return of Isa, the son of Mary.

The last Imam announces the consummation of the positive religions, restoring justice and the true caliphate, a return to the pure spiritual sense and truth in love. The only criterion, the Imam formulates this by declaring: "He who recognized me in pre-eternity will recognize me." The Last Imam symbolically holds in his hands the keys of Paradise. This decisive moment of the quest for the Imam is the awakening of consciousness to the secret of the motto: "He who knows himself knows his Lord." He who does not achieve the knowledge of the Imam of his time and the knowledge of himself will die in ignorance.
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