Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce lived from 1877 to 1945 and was known as the sleeping prophet. There has always been reluctance on the part of the church concerning Cayce because of his mystical quality, prophetic healing abilities and his misunderstanding concerning re-incarnation. The source of his power is as controversial as the charismatics and faith healers. Most of what we know about him is from his readings and what others have written about him; he was about the most unpretentious man I can think of in history.

There was a tremendous interest in hypnotism in the nineteen twenties and thirties as entertainment as well as for more practical purposes in clinical psychology and as a potential tool for medicine. Cayce's reputation as a healing clairvoyant aroused popularity from all quarters except in the churches where anything prophetic was considered mystical or psychic or demonic witchcraft. Those in the church that cannot understand spiritual charisms still reject Cayce's spirit today. The powers came from the Holy Ghost and reduced to its essence, God's healing ministry today is the same but Edgar Cayce was unique. Contained in his readings while slain in the spirit is a special pathway to God in the realm of understanding our mystical communication with Him.

Since childhood, Edgar tried to read the Bible through every year of his life. As a child he prayed that he might be able to do something for the other fellow. He had the ability to make you feel like the most important person in the world and his readings would penetrate the inner soul. He had the ability to see an aura when he looked at you, a kind of halo of light and color, which told him much about the mental and physical well being of the person he was viewing. The subject could keep no secrets from Cayce, his readings explained that every thought and action of mankind was incorporated into a universal record and he could tap into it. Edgar Cayce spoke in some two dozen languages while giving readings, although he only know English. Cayce predicted the fall of communism in Russia. Many of Cayce's prophecies tended to deal with long-range geological changes of continental magnitude and impending worldwide disaster.

Edgar interprets his own readings like this: "subconscious mind is in direct communication with all other subconscious minds... put in touch with the power of the suggestion of the mind controlling the speaking faculties of the body." This sounds almost Jungian doesn't it? Simply put it is collective consciousness information and the product of the Universal Mind. In putting his conscious mind out of the way and letting his unconscious mind take over by means of a self-induced hypnosis, Edgar was able through God's spirit to "tune in" to the unconscious mind of the individual.

Edgar Cayce was aware that bodily illness was born of or known to the mind and once into the universal mind Edgar could diagnose an illness and give advice to the sick. And he could do this even for someone across the other side of the world. The subconscious mind forgets nothing, but what was even more startling was the indication that they carry the unconscious memory of other lifetimes on the earth. These readings had reached through time to other lives and provoked Cayce to accept re-incarnation even though he knew that it went contrary to what he believed. There were no other prophets like him at the time to bear witness, had there been, he would have known that this wasn't re-incarnation at all but merely a calling forth within the universal collective consciousness of a past life.

Whatever Edgar did, it worked, and it worked very well. To know Edgar Cayce is to know his readings and would tell us that every person has the gift of psychic power to some degree, but the more that person is concerned with material gain, the deeper it lies buried. The suggestion is in the proper channel or in accord with the action of subconscious or soul matter. Cayce went much further. The power must come from one source and if so then live your own life in such a way and manner as to merit the use of such power; not to your own glory, but to the glory of the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.
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