Buddhism is the religion of the followers of Buddha, c 600 BC. Buddhism is the offspring of Hinduism and of India and the predominate faith of the Far East. The word Buddha is not a name but a title signifying The Enlightened One, or the Awakened One. It is especially given to Siddhartha Guatama, who was born about 563 BC (another source says about 483 BC). Historically, religious asceticism is more oriental than western. Guatama Buddha designated monasticism as the only perfect way of life. Buber - "Buddha, the "perfected" and perfecter asserts not. He refuses to claim that unity exists or does not exist.. Like all true teachers, he wishes to teach not a view but the way. Harmoniously shares with Moses and Isaiah, the later prophets of Israel and Jesus. Guatama Buddha has the distinction of having given to the world its most exalted precepts of social ethics."

Christianity emphasizes the need to obtain a future salvation through faith, and demonstration of the power of that faith in miracles. Buddhism emphasizes the desirability of achieving salvation in this life, as a path to Nirvana, through enlightenment.

I have been to Nirvana through Jesus but the Buddhists that I have talked to have weak spirits. The ones not born to it had joined Buddhism to get away from Christianity and avoid God so they do not have to repent and come to the light. Have they really been to Nirvana or just some place of delusion that gives them false comfort? I have yet to find a Buddhist that has gained the elevation to Nirvana that I have experienced through each fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost. Praying in the spirit is a mystical journey, one that transcends this existence and places our spirit above all things material. This must have been the place that Buddha traversed so many hundreds of years before Jesus. Buddah did not know Jesus in the flesh but must have touched God in the spirit; his followers are a different story. It is not necessary to reject Buddah to accept Christ, but a follower of Buddah may have to reject faithless Buddhism. I believe that Jesus has accepted Buddah but his followers today have rejected Jesus. You cannot reach Nirvana by rejecting Jesus. Show me a Buddhist who has truly been to Nirvana.

Buddha's purpose was not to found a new religion, but like Jesus, to cleanse the old. Buddah taught the "Four noble truths" which are: All existence involves suffering. All suffering is caused by indulging desires. All suffering will cease with the suppression of desires.. Noble eight-fold path of right belief, right aspiration, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right endeavor, right thought, and right meditation.. To him in whom love dwells, the whole world is but one family.

The ruling law in Buddhism to which both men and gods were subject was Karma, that powerful accumulation of the effect of one's deeds, which carried over from rebirth to rebirth. This corresponds with the biblical warning that you reap what you sow. On the fool - One is the road that leads to wealth, another the road that leads to Nirvana... Enlightenment is the highest quality of the mind... it is like unto space, penetrating everywhere, as the unity of all. Buddha left no writings of his own. Later Buddhist interpretation has made the Enlightened One a heavenly figure, or even a manifestation of ultimate reality, thereby downplaying his human figure and his appeal to the common person to reach the heights that he attained.
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