Shammai was a Jewish scribe and the founder of the school of Shammai. His trade was that of a carpenter. The notions of this school were ultra conservative and anti-democratic and went as far as to hold that no one should be admitted into a school unless he was of good family and rich. It is said that during the Day of Atonement, Shammai nearly starved his son. Around the time of Jesus, the Rabbi Shammai used to say, "Make the Torah a fixed duty; say little, and do much."

The school of Rabbi Shammai would consist of the fundamentalism and legalism that Jesus was especially sent to overcome by grace and Christian freedom through the sacrifice on the cross. The followers of Shammai would not associate with anyone who did not obey the whole Law of Moses. The school of Shammai and the school of Hillel competed for the allegiance of the souls of Israel and a distinct line of division is obvious. Shammai was strict, conservative and legalistic, holding to the letter of the law and not allowing God's spirit the freedom to move in individual circumstances. This made the followers of Shammai sectarian, factious, narrow-minded, illiberal and exclusive. The school of Hillel however held to broad flexible interpretations, tolerance and open mindedness. This liberality and universal attitude of Hillel was more appealing to the common people. Just like the conservative traits of today, the attitude of Shammai appealed especially to the self-righteous. It was against the school of Shammai and holding to the liberal tradition of Oral Law that Rabbi ben Zakkai would later protect for future generations of Jews.

The illiberal, legalistic conservatism that is present today is a good example of the constant friction that exists in the body of God's people whether Christian or Jew. The delusion that God has sent the world for not accepting the truth will keep that person that worships the false Jesus of Babylon from accepting a liberal attitude. Satan has so warped the minds of many of God's people that they actually believe that a person who shows liberality to others is somewhat evil, lax or licentious. The closed mindedness that exists in illiberality will prevent these misguided souls to even look up the word liberal in the dictionary and find out what it really means, they don't have the time; that is the nature of puritan ignorance and it has infected the whole church. They become like those of the school of Shammai and become intolerant, oppressive, sectarian and self-righteous. The process of ironing out the wrinkles and removing the spots of the wedding garments of the Bride of Christ includes the renewing of the mind in order to open it up to present truth.
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