Miracles of Jesus

Jesus was a man of miracles. His miracles did more than just meet the needs of the people that He saved and healed, they were a demonstration of His mighty power, gave credence to the truth of His ministry, gave proof that the kingdom has come and was the divine authority that Jesus was the Messiah come from God that they were waiting for.

The man with the palsy: Most Jews of Jesus' day lived in simple homes made of stone or brick. Outside, a narrow stariway would lead to the roof which was made of branches and dried clay laid over wooden beams. The roof was often times used for working or sleeping. "Bed" means a litter like a hospital stretcher. It was made probably from sheepskin and let down through the roof by means of ropes lowered by the four men. There were so many people there that they had to dismantle the roof to let the man down. Seeing the faith of these men, Jesus cured the man of the palsy, "Son. be of good cheer; your sins be forgiven you." The scribes thought that blasphemy, only God can forgive sins but Jesus read their minds. Forgiveness takes place invisibly but a healing can be validated. Since no one can prove or disprove the statement and to show them that He had power on earth to forgive sins, He told the man "Arise take up your bed, and go unto your house." The man took up his bed, meaning he folded up his sheepskin and walked home, glorifying God on the way. The forgiveness of sins and miraculous healing both require divine authority. Jesus showed compassion on the man by healing him and knew that he had faith enough to deserve the forgiveness of sins. Along with the compassion, the healing was used to lend credibility to the authority to forgive. As a lesson to us, sometimes we must look beyond the physical needs and minister to the spiritual, even if it invites criticism.

Here was a man with a divine authority who has promised us that we too can have that power and authority in His name. Jesus was able to rebuke the winds and they would obey and the sea would become calm. "Lord save us, we perish... Does not the teacher care that we might drown." This was more of an accusation that a question, Jesus' power or knowledged was not questioned, it was His compassion. Jesus rebuked the wind, saying "Peace, be still." And said to the disciples, "Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?" Jesus had already cast out demons and healed the sick, it is even amazing why the disciples were so amazed, with the attitude: Who is this guy? Even the winds and the sea obey Him. Now the disciples were no longer afraid of the storm, they were afraid of Jesus. Their tempest was in their hearts and Jesus wanted to calm the fear and give them faith. Fighting fear with faith gives us the understanding of the same grace and power.

Jesus walked upon the water. Peter also walked upon the water, until he became afraid and lost faith and cried "Lord save me." "Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt." Where Jesus does not find faith, he cannot work a miracle. We do not believe, and we shall never again believe; except that the lame walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard and the dead were raised to life. When the woman with the issue of blood approached Jesus, she thought that if she could just touch His clothes, she would be headed. She was healed in an instant. "Your faith has made you whole."

With five loaves and two fishes, Jesus fed 5000 men plus the women and children. Jesus did it again with over four thousand people. They followed Him out into the desert, and stayed with him all day, and they had no food. He took one lunch and fed them all. When the multitude saw that He knew the secret of producing food without waiting for seasons, they were moved to great hopes for His kingdom and immediately wanted to make him king, but he turned and sent them away, and when they would have forced him, he resisted and went up into the mountain apart where he spent the time in prayer. There is much disappointment that Jesus did not let himself be made king, it seemed like a good time, but He knew better.
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