Saint Mary was the Mother of Jesus and the husband of Joseph. The name Mary, in Hebrew Miryam, was common in Jesus' day, but we find it only once in the Old Testament, as the name of Moses' sister. Mary had other children, otherwise the word "first-born" wouldn't make any sense. From the Talmud we find that Mary was a dresser of women's hair. Mary is not the Mother of God because that would place her before God, she is the Mother of the Son of God. Mary was not perfect nor sinless but she was the most fortunate and blessed mother in all of history. She is the perfect Christian mother and the ideal of womanhood, love and sympathy.

The idea of praying to Mary is a valid one but it is not necessary for her to be a mediator to Jesus. We approach Jesus boldly through the throne of Grace. True saints are in Heaven now and being outside of our time have actually always been there and always will be. Can Mary, or any other saint in Heaven intercede for us and talk to Jesus? Of Course, but only for those who believe. The devotion given to Mary is a holy one and only reserved for those that believe in the communion of saints.

All true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary leads us to Jesus, and that is why the Apostolate of Christian Renewal has a special devotion to Mary. She will lead us to Him in a simple and rapid way. Our love for Jesus will increase as our devotion to Mary grows, and when we love Jesus, He will bring us to the Father. Intercessory Prayer is a wonderful thing but not everyone is called to do it. Even so, we should all have enough faith in prayer itself to be able to trust another to intercede for us and have the freedom to ask one who is called to do it. Mary is called to intercessory prayer and the dialogue starts here because in a very real way, she represents the ideal in the sanctified church triumphant. Any relationship with Mary leads us spiritually toward her Son Jesus as well as all the other saints. Out of all the people in the world, we may have faith that Mary is sanctified, dwells in eternity and is in the presence of her Son as part of His Body, our church.

Put it this way. My own Mother lives close by. She is a saint and prayed for me for years before I truly made my decision to follow Jesus. I may with all confidence ask her to pray for me. She would in fact be going to the Father in the name of Jesus. Mary, the mother of Jesus is in Heaven now and I know that I may also ask her. Getting those in heaven to pray for us is a resource that many have neglected. I believe it is time to tap into that hidden power and make it manifest. God is moved by our prayers. He is even more moved by fervent group prayer. Our battle is in the heavenlies, think of the prayer power that can be accomplished through unity of the saints here on earth and in heaven.
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