The Passover

The greatest of Jewish feasts was Passover. Jesus and His disciples arrived at Bethany on the evening of Friday, Nisan 8, A.U.C. 780, (March 31, AD 30) six days before the Passover, and before the sunset had commenced the Sabbath hours. The custom of eating the Passover standing had long been abandoned. Reclining was the proper attitude, because it was that of free men.. (argument of Pasch beginning Thursday or Friday.) Commemorating that terrible night when the Passover angel smote the first-born of Egypt and 'passed over' Israel.

Every one was home for the Passover meal. Went up to Jerusalem every year for the Pasch.. Women were not obliged to go or men under 13. (Thurs. in 30, Friday in 33.) Every highway in Palestine was then crowded with throngs of joyous pilgrims heading toward the Holy City. For weeks road crews were busy making repairs along the way. Innkeepers and homeowners had extra shelters prepared for the travelers. 'Go and prepare'. It was the evening of the day before the Passover the day when the water was drawn and the bread kneaded for the feast, when all leaven had to put away from Jewish households. The anniversary of the exodus from Egypt, i.e. the 14th day of Nisan, otherwise called Abib, the period of the first full moon in the spring - and lasted 8 days.

The death of Jesus at the very time of the Passover is regarded as Christ our Passover. This is typical of Jesus in its connection with the deliverance of Israel from the bondage of Egypt and held to typify our salvation from the bondage of sin. It was the same as a sacrifice, and that of a lamb without blemish - the perfection of the Paschal lamb.. no bone of the paschal lamb was to be broken. The Jews of today continue to celebrate the Passover largely as in the days of the second temple.
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