The Hebrew and Latin languages do not use distinct figures to represent numbers; letters are used for them instead. The Greeks used separate words for numbers. There are 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and also represent 22 numbers. The Hebrews and Greeks both understood mystical meanings in numbers and had various ways of interpreting them as a language unto itself. The spiritual study of numbers in eschatology do not include the occulted methods of numerology associated with astrology.

The number 3, or a triad, was sacred for the Hebrews and contained a spirit that represented the numerical signature of the life that is in God. The number 10 has the signature of worldly power. The number 9 has a heavenly connotation and the final stage of creation in which all things are ready for completion. 9 is a triple 3 so 999 must really be up there. 12 was a symbolic number especially to the Jews. 4 represented divine providence and the numeric signature of nature. 4 X 3 was the number of Heavenly completeness, the signature of God's people and the consummation of the Kingdom of God. The number 5 has been said to occupy the place of grace in connnection with the five-fold ministry. Universal Harmony is applied to the number 8 and may apply to the Kingdom age. The first day of the week in New Testament worship fulfills the Hebraic law of the 8th day of circumcision. The number 11 is the number of apostasy.

Seven is the number of completion and symbolizes unity and perfection. Seven was a sacred number of the Jews and was used in religious observances and daily life throughout the history of Israel and in prophetic words concerning the end-times. It symbolizes wholeness, a final completion that is just about to reveal itself and be made manifest. It must be a favorite number for God, there are seven days in the week, seven colors in the rainbow, seven continents, seven notes on a musical scale and has meaning much beyond its numerical value. The dominant number in the Apocalypse is the number seven. The 7 churches of Asia represent the whole church, Babylon sits on the 7 mountains of earth, He had 7 stars in His hand, the 7 headed beast, 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 kings, 7 angels, 7 plagues and more.

As seven is the number for completion, 6 is incomplete. The number 6 is scripturally said to be the earthly mind of man and the number 666 is a tripled 3 and symbolizes man making himself God. The 3 different Greek words used in Revelation for 666 were the 3 different Greek words for 600 and 60 and 6, not 6 + 6 + 6. History has shown us that it is useless to try to identify the Anti-Christ before the time by using 666, there are just too many ways to make people fit and they can't all be the Anti-Christ. Scripture does not say that if you find 666, you have found the beast but him that has understanding should count the number of the beast. After you have found the beast, you can calculate that his number is 666.

There are those that deny a future Anti-Christ because the Emperor Nero in the first Century fit the description by adding up the Latin numbers of his name. Just about every historical figure is the beast using this method. The Hebrew and Latin numbering methods would find definite candidates in the last two thousand years, many were accused at the first millenium, the Lutherans used this method during the Reformation to identify the Pope as Anti-Christ, the Catholics used the same method to identify Martin Luther. Richard Nixon fit by these same methods as well as Hitler; Bill Gates has been identified digitally and counting the letters of George Walker BushJr add up to 666.

The Anti-Christ will be revealed first and then we calculate and expose him through the number of his name. Exposing Babylon now would be prophetic time better spent. Those that concentrate on any particular church to fit the parameters of 666 into Rome or Sabbath breakers or any other such nonsense are merely exercising their wishful thinking away from the delusions that they are themselves under and where the Babylonian whore really resides.

Hebrew: Aleph = 1, Beth = 2, Gimel = 3, Dalet = 4, He = 5, Vav = 6, Zayin = 7, Cheth = 8, Teth = 9, Yodh = 10, Kaph = 20, Lamed = 30, Mem = 40, Nun = 50, Samekh = 60, Ayin = 70, Pe = 80, Tsadhe = 90, Koph = 100, Resh = 200, Shin = 300, Tav = 400.

Latin: I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, C = 100, D = 500.
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