The Jubilee points to the restoration in the last days. Exactly what we are to do to bring in the kingdom of God on earth for Jesus before He comes is outlined in the Hebrew festival of the Jubilee. It is part of the Elijah ministry of the restoration of all things, securing land reform for the poor and the denunciation of oppression and exploitation. The Jubilee themes of a sabbath rest, forgiveness, liberation and justice call us all to a reconciliation of the dichotomy of affluence and poverty.

Every fifty years was the Jubilee, celebrated as a Hebrew festival. It is from the Hebrew word yobel, a blast of a trumpet. Its name Jubilee, sounding or flowing, was significant of the joyful trumpet peals that announced its arrival. After the lapse of seven Sabbaths of years, the trumpet was to sound throughout the whole land, and the 50th year was to be announced and hollowed as Jubilee year.

The jubilee secured rest and restoration for the body politic, to recover that general equality which Joshua's original settlement contemplated; hence no religious observances were prescribed, the trumpets simply sounded the glad note of restoration. The leisure of the Jubilee year was, perhaps, devoted to school and instruction of the people, the reading of the Law and such services.

The Jubilee is the rest for soil, the redemption of property, the remission of debts and every kind of oppression must cease. It began on the tenth day of the seventh month with sacrifice being offered and the trumpet being blown. Liberty was proclaimed to the captives and all alienated possessions were returned to their original owners. [BD, 380, 402]

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