Ananias, High Priest

Ananias, was the high priest before whom Paul was brought before being taken to Felix, the governor. Ananias, who was of the Sadducean party, was made high priest by Herod, king of Chalcis, younger brother of Herod Agrippa I in A.D. 47, who removed Joseph, son of Camydus. Ananias, the son of Nebedaeus, appears to have been installed as a substitute, until Ismael was appointed and held there office for eleven or twelve years. Josephus writes that his servants went to the threshing floors to seize the tithes that should have gone to the common priests.

Hatred against Christ and Christians had already led the house of Hanan to imbrue their guilty hands in the blood of Jesus and of Stephen, to approve of the murder of James the son of Zebedee, and to endeavor to procure the assassination of Paul. A man of violent and imperious temper, Ananias entered into a fresh crime and a sudden opportunity to put to death the Lord's brother, James the Just. The apostles' prophetic denunciation in reply seems to have been fulfilled when, in the commencement of the siege of Jerusalem, the assasins burned the house of Ananias, and afterwards discovered his place of retreat in an aqueduct, and slew him.
[BD, 380]

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