Allah is the Arabian Supreme Being, "El" or the Hebrew "Eli". Smith's Bible Dictinary describes "Elohim as the plural of Eloah (in Arabic Allah)." He is the Creator God of ancient Arabia who was seen as the father and king of the other gods but when Muhammad speaks of Allah, there is no god but He. Allah is the All-high, the All-glorious Creator and Guardian over everything. Allah rewards and punishes, He is omniscient, universal and all powerful. In essence, it is the submission to the will of Allah that makes Islam what it is. There is no intermediary with man and Allah, one approaches Allah directly in prayer and in the reciting of the Quran. Islam is a religion of adoration and worship and Allah is central to everything.

I have getting a lot of flack lately about having a page on my site concerning Allah. I am getting earnest questions as well as hate mail. It sounds funny but there has been pretty unanimous consensus between Christians, Muslims and pagans alike that I am misled in my thinking. That's not the type of unity I am looking for. I have had thoughts about taking this page down or redoing it completely to reflect what others are saying about Allah being a false god. Then I do get some others encouraging me and confirming what I had always thought, that Allah and the Old Testament El or Eloi (My God) were One in the Same.

My desire has been to reach out to the Muslims for many years. For a time, I attended an Islamic temple, not as a Muslim convert but as a Christian wanting to know more about them. I have read the Koran and even quote it from time to time, I find agreement as well as inconsistencies. I am not a judge of these matters as to inspiration but I had believed Mohammed to be the prophet to unify the Arabs in order to fulfill God's promises to the descendants of Ishmael. In my recognizing that certain promises given to Hagar and Abraham were fulfilled in the Arab state and my submission to the will of God, I have been accepted by many Muslims. At the same time, there has been hatred and rejection by other so called Muslims who for whatever reason usees hatred to justify their atagonism against non-Muslims. Same with many Christians.

I had read somewhere in the Koran something like that there would be many different sects of Islam but in the end only one would prevail. The only ones in our minds that could end up being the Lord's would be the ones that accept Jesus. I had taught that you would not have to deny Mohammed to be able to accept Jesus. Those "of the book" or the sons of Abraham would one day be unified as part of the restitution of all things, that includes Moslems, Jews and Christians.

Of course this is heresy to many, especially now that there is a Jihad against Christians.

Personally, I think that I should remain faithful to the idea that Muslims are children of Father God and only false in the same sense that many Christians are also false. Much of the animosity have been since the Crusades and when Christians thought that we should wipe out both Jews and Moslems.

There are many who think that Allah and the Christian God are different beings and the Jewish God is not the same. The fact is that the Arabs are the true descendants of Ishmael, son of Abraham. Just as Abraham was promised to be the father of many nations, so was Ishmael, causing him to also be the progenitor of Islam. If Allah and Jehovah is the same true God, then Allah is also a God of love. A God of love would of course negate the actions of terrorists, murderers, assassins and jihads as valid worship. Just as many who worship Jesus in His name be dissapointed in the last day, so also many who worship in the name of Allah be found unworthy.

A part of the indispensable pillars of Islam are the five daily prayers and we can see their relationship with Allah in this devotion to prayer. Prayer in Islam is not voluntary but an obligatory service and law. Those in Christ have the law written upon our hearts, so Muslims are more like the Jews under the law than they care to admit. A Muslim must pray to Allah to prevent His wrath upon the nation because of neglected prayer. A Muslim will prostrate himself many times a day confirming his total submission to the will of Allah. The giving of the soul and body to Allah makes a Muslim a slave to Him much as Saint Paul describes the Christian as being a bondservant to Jesus. Each and every Muslim belongs to Allah and was created to unconditionally worship and serve Him continuously throughout his or her life.

In the early morning hours of the Middle East the worshippers are getting up to the sound of "Arise to prayer. Arise to success. Prayer is better than sleep." They face toward Mecca and the first wave of prayer ascends to the heavens and beckons the ear of Allah. As the sun moves west another wave of prayer spread through Africa and Europe. As the sun moves toward the Americas the noon prayers have begun behind it where we started and yet a third wave in the evening prayers of India and Bangladesh and central Asia and a fourth wave in Indonesia and a fifth and all heaven is filled with the sweet aroma of faith in the great Creator Allah. It is in this power of unity and strength of millions of worshipers that has multiplied Abraham's seed to Hagar to an innumerable multitude. Allah has fulfilled His promise to Abraham concerning his first-born Ishmael and He will not go back on His promise.

Christian Babylon has no appeal for the Moslem. There can be no unity among those of the book as long as either group is so terribly fragmented. Both sides have their infidels. Only when Christians as a body open spiritual eyes, put away the divisiveness, come together in love and recognize the falseness of the devotion to the nature of the beast that Islam opposes will the healing begin. One day there will be one of the denominations of Islam that will accept the grace of Jesus, but for now, Islam is a religion totally under the law and religious life is strictly regulated. They have no understanding of grace or the atonement. Mohamed seems to have learned about the redemptive work of the cross and the nature of the triune God from the Gnostics, therefore misunderstanding the atoning sacrifice of Jesus and then passed the errors upon his followers through the Quran. Islam has defied the attempts of Christian missionaries through the centuries because they cannot renounce Allah or the prophet Mohammed, nor is that necessary to accept Christ. Christians need to rethink the Islamic role in the body of Christ in order to teach the fundamentals that the Muslim needs to hear concerning redemption, the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and spiritual freedom. Moslems and Christians alike need to understand the Fatherhood of God, whether calling Him Allah or Jehovah, the brotherhood of those of the book and the relationship of all God's people in being the sons of the same God. On the other hand, Christians need to take some lessons from the Moslems on prayer and discipline.

Every true Muslim desires to serve Allah with all his heart. He calls out to Him in his prayers. Allah is honored and the Muslim submits his entire will to Allah, will fight for Allah and give his life for Allah. This brings them under judgment when their fight is against other people of the true God. Just as Allah heard the prayers of Abraham, Ishmael and the affliction of Hagar, He hears the prayers of each and every sincere Muslim unless it is against His will. It is wrong for the arrogant, ignorant and apostate Christian to judge the Moslem in his devotion to Allah. On the contrary, the Moslem serves as a constant reminder to those with ears to hear to how far the Christians have fallen in their ignorance of the love taught by Jesus and to what extent they have displaced their devotion into the oppressive and hateful anti-christ nature of the beast. Islam has much truth in the righteous indignation toward the West.

Yes I believe that Allah and Jehovah are the same God. The problem is that, just as Christians have been deceived and taken captive into Babylon, so have the sons of Ishmael. I realize that the bulk of Islam is antagonistic to Christians and Jews but I also believe that there will be a remnant that come out of them that will accept the Lord Jesus. I am seeing it already. It is love for them that will draw them to an understanding of the whole truth.

What Allah does hate is the hatred that brothers have for each other. As the restoration continues, Islam must repent or fall into the valley of decision and die there, and the death due to hatred does not guarantee admission to Paradise, on the contrary. Those muslims in Egypt that persecute the Copts or the Muslims in Indonesia or Afghanistan that are burning the churches and killing Christians there or anywhere else in the world are hell bound for sure. Allah is the same Creator God that appeared to Moses as the I AM, He will not allow these murderous assassins to continue for much longer without a denunciation of Islam that will shake the world at its foundations.
[38, 93, 419 Reaching out to Islam was an item of the latter rain discussion list]

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