Albinus was the Roman procurator of Judea. 62-64. Josephus wrote that he plundered and taxed assiduously, and made a fortune by releasing criminals from jail for a consideration. He succeeded Festus and by Florus. Albinus left no manner of wickedness untried. Above all he was rapacious, plundering public and private treasure, he took money from whatever source, from the friends of Rome and from the patriots as well.

Things went from bad to worse. In Jerusalem it was the war of all against all. The assassins plied their trade, and if one of their men was seized, they secured his release by laying their hands of one of their opponents and arranged for an exchange. The high priest Jeshua son of Dannai refused to surrender the office to his successor Jeshua son of Gamaliel, and there ensued actual fighting in the streets.
[15, 376]

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