Republicans in the church think they are being good Christians because of the morality issues. The problem is they are too comfortable in their bourgeois mediocrity to recognize their own sin. I'm telling you the truth, time to make a choice.

Republicans are a coalition of upper and middle class, anti-progressive, white collar, anti-intellectual, religious christian right who just happen to favor the rich and vote against programs for the poor to save on their taxes. It doesn't stop there, they will oppose any action that would regulate corporate or multi-national exploitation and economic domination of the world or the military might that gives it the power. Generally, they are conservative, opposed to progressive change, social programs and economic planning. Maybe, I am being too kind, they vote their pocketbooks every time and whatever self serving and intolerant laws make them self satisfied and secure in their illiberal materialistic delusions. They have taken the right wing mark of the beast. Left to themselves, there would have been no human rights and civil liberty advances in the last fifty years. They self righteously pass themselves off as squeaky clean, but it is a whitewash, you cannot serve the true God and mammon both.

The economic failure and inflation that is coming to America is laid directly at the feet of Republicans through their policies of deregulation, debt exploitation and the resulting alienation of the South.

John Wesley once said "We Methodists are no republicans and never intend to be."

I hear these false prophets talk about voting the power of the Holy Ghost, you know that they are part of this right wing insanity. God has sent Republicans the grand delusion, they really do believe lies. There are many ignorant Democrats, too many, but the delusions of the Republicans have blinded the eyes of the most ignorant of Christians, the conservatives. They conform themselves to this world order knowing that Jesus said that His Kingdom is not of this world.

They can't see it but deep down in my heart, I know it does some good to a few of them to remind them of these things. If knowledge is power, then this Godly knowledge will finally bring revival. To others, it does no good at all; however sincere they are, they will still resist intellectual freedom, the social gospel and opposed to any kind of liberality. Ask them, they will say the same thing.

They ask me why Christian values, opposition to homosexuality, abortion and all the good righteous stuff are in the Republican side and not the Democratic. They are stupid is all. Christian values follow true Christians, not political parties. What a delusion. We must choose life over death in all its forms. Stop fooling yourselves and face the truth.

A certain degree of tolerance must be allowed in society for all of us to get along, zero tolerance comes from the Republicans. They have made millions of criminals out of people that have committed no crime and filled our prisons. If there is not the self righteous values in the Democratic side that the republicans spout off about, it is because Babylonian Christians have deserted the people and sided with the oligarchy that tempted them with lower taxes, the prosperity doctrine and a forum for the rich - not just causes. Republican values have become anti-christian and anti-social, they have compromised with materialistic values and then pretend to be more righteous than the others only to protect the status quo of the lukewarm church. This is Babylon, folks, the Christian right of North America.
[62, 157]

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