Things I have learned

Here are some little tidbits that I wrote down, when I was getting of drugs. Thought I would share them:

Being born again, based on 2 Peter. Or kicking the habit, getting the monkey off your back.

Mens souls are sick of sin and at deaths door. Unreasonable speech is---not to tell them of heaven and an immortal kingdom, till they be first recovered from thew jaws of hell, and delivered out of the snare of the devil : So first we must humble them by seeing God as He is, then revive them with the gospel.

Be changed into other men, by water, blood and the Holy Spirit. Notice I did not say changed for the better, but I mean a total change, to a new character, a person with a excellent attitude and a new vision into the realm of true life and have this life of God as much as you are able, or shall I say willing to be.

It is all a battle for the mind. In our soul is where most of our battles are fought. We need to resurrect a total man, [body spirit, and soul], our minds eye, to bring into veiw as it were, our attention into the quickening phenomena.

When this takes place, before our hearts were proud, now they are made humble ; before covetous ; now charitable ; before set on worldly delights ; now on the righteousness of Christ, and the invalueable riches of a good conscience.

In regenerate souls there is a grace that works freely and makes him acceptable to God and it can never be lost. It is the living fire of the Spirit, that can never be quenched. 'I will send you a Comforter, that shall abide with you for ever [Jn. 14:16].

Many prophets and holy men of the first times lived in grace, but not under grace. They desired to see the day od Christ, and to hear such things as we have heard, and were not suffered, [Lk. 10:24] ; yet were saved by faith in the redemption to come, and led their lives in the grace of Christ.

Many in our times live under grace, but they live not in grace ; hearing the gospel, and receiving the grace of God in vain [2 Cor. 6:1] ; they have in their heads, their dissembling professions, but not the truth of grace in their hearts [you can be clean if you want to]. They are in the light, but the light is not in them. They have accepted the show, but denied the power of godliness. They say they are graces, but grace is none of theirs.

They that now believe are both under grace and in it. under it, as released from the damning power of sin ; for there is no damnation to them that are in Christ, [Rom. 8:1]. In it, as delivered from the reigning power of sin ; that they no more obey it in the lusts thereof. The God of all mercy be blessed, that has given us this grace [to quit] ; and may our thankful hearts ever acknowledge it. For we 'are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God,' Eph. 2:19. Christ now speaks to us by the mouth of His ministers.

There is no entering into heaven, without doing the will of God. [ Matt. 7:21] ; there is no doing it without knowing it. ' If ye know these things happy are ye if ye do them', [Jn. 13:7].

If we are lax of Christianity, it is because we are not sharers in the Divine life. [2 Pet. 1:4] states the need to be 'Partakers of the Divine nature'. What is the Divine nature? In the New Testament God is described in three ways---God is Spirit, God is Light, God is Love. There you have the grandest effort known to men to express in words the nature of God. Higher than that man's thoughts will ever reach, for it is the truth as it is in the face of Christ.

A Christian is a partaker of the passion of Christs heart, who came to call sinners, to seek and save that which was lost ; to give light to those who sit in darkness, and life to such as are in the shadow of death.

In the records of the Old and New Testaments, God is revealed to us as continuosly invading the human race in a spirit of inexhaustible love. He is met with indifference, reluctance and fierce antagonism. By His power, Little Children, you can be clean if you want to.

If God reigns in your life then you reign over life. Seven places Jesus shed blood for us.

1. In the Garden. [He freed us from stress] 2. Crown of Thorns. [He frees our mind] 3. Bruised < inside> [Isa. says He wa bruised for our iniquities] 4. Whipping. < 39 times> [By His strips we are healed : this includes addiction. 5. Blood from His hands [No longer are we to use our hand for wickedness] 6. Blood from His feet. [We are free to walk the way] 7. Pierced in His side. [Free to be with the Gospel of Peace, we are free from all the works of Satan.

Faith in the blood of Jesus. Bloods fuction is to pruify the body.

Repentance is a attitude of life. [behavior] Repentance is a gift. Ask for repentance, in prayer.

Faith is a Key for the abundant life. Faith works in the Heart [keep pressing on]. No one can do it for you!

Being dressed for success. [Eph 6:14-17 ; Rom. 13:12-14 ; Jn. 14:30 ; 1 Jn. 5:18.

What will keep me out of heaven? [ Gal. 5:17-21 ; 1 Cor. 1:30 ; Phil. 3:8-9 ; Rom. 8:33 ; 1 Jn. 1:9 ; 2 Cor. 5:21 : Rom. 5:1 ; Col. 3:15-16 ; Rom. 4:18 ; Matt. 5:4 ; Eph. 4:3 ; Rom. 16:20.

The Shield of Faith is what you believe about God and His Word.

Know your future [Read the Bible]

Lifestyle [The Chosen Fast]

If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.

Submit to God's authority, then we have authority.

God supplies my recovery, I must take it.

Two in agreement is great power.

What you say is what you become.

Feelings are the effect not the cause.

Failings are only for a moment.

Failure is not final. Job 19:25.

The Word of God is a seed that grows into the fullness of the spiritual realm.

We can refuse to have the things of Satan.

God cannot make us righteous unless we want it.

Proper thinking leads to proper beleiving, action, speech, ect.

Satans relm is the true no mans land.

Our peace is disturbed by not listening to the voice of God.

In Christ we have all the resourses to have a victorious life everyday.

We can do all things / but without Jesus we can do nothing.

God's Spirit has never been high / if I listen to the voice of God I will not get high.

To be protected by God we must obey God.

Love is not natural, but supernatural.

A Christian sins as much as he wants to, but his want to's has turned around. Believe you don't want to sin.

It is my responsibilty to not let sin reign in my body. Stand up to the devil, never waver. And quit condemming myself [get over it].

The true fast is getting clean in order to do the effectual work of God.

The Hebrew and Greek words for "salvation" imply the ideas of deliverance, safety, preservation, healing, and soundness.

The Christian is being saved from the habit and dominion of sin. Christian character is not mere moral or legal correctness, but the possesion and manifestation of the graces. Taken together they present a moral portrait of Christ, and may be understood as the Apostle Paul's explaination of Gal. 2:20, 'Not I, but Christ'.

Christ bought us back from sin and death. We were purchased with a great price. No matter what we do, it comes down to the walk. Col. 2:6 ; 1 Jn. 2:6 .

Keep Jesus's Commandments as He kept the Father's Commandments. Whatever God starts in you, He will complete it. We must make Christ our future. Attitude always determines the altitude. Be repetative [Hear the word and do the word]. Use your talent for God. Always count on God / make sure God can count on you. Walk the talk.

In Christ, Timothy.


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