The Men of Mighty Days

Deut. 33:25.---' As thy days, so shall thy strength be.'

Walt Whitman has a great word in his eulogy of General Grant. He describes him as "a man of mighty days, and equal to the days." The word is just a transcript of the Divine promise. We are always purposed by our God to be more than a match for the largest circumstances, more than level with the vastest opportunity, more than adequate to the most exacting task. Mighty days are therefore days of royal privilege because they are days of promised power and endowment. The day of convulsion is the day of the Lord. The fearfully unfamiliar task is a strange door into a new inheritance. Our impossible marks the very hour of grace.

In the 'mighty days' we can unlock the mighty power of God. The background of every day is grace, and the more tremendous the day the more abounding is the grace. And therefore we can interpret our difficulties as the index of our resources. Our mission shows our capital in the bank, and we can draw upon 'the unsearchable riches' to the last demand of our need. 'As thy days, so shall thy strength be.'

Then with God's mighty grace we can unlock ourselves. If life were just a sunny picnic that was never broken up by fierce tempest, by thunder and lightening and pelting rain, the greater part of our human resources would remain unused and concealed. It is in the mighty days that we discover ourselves. Latent gifts troop out of their graves. Buried seeds spring into vigorous life. We never thought we had it in us. The big struggle becomes not only our revealer, but also our unearther, and we put on strength and majesty like a robe.

Difficulties are the stones out of which all God's houses are built.

In Christ, timothy. maranatha

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