The Resurrection of Jesus

The Lord has risen indeed and has appeared to Simon. It is an amazing thing that one of the first appearances of the risen Lord was to the disciple who had denied him. There is all the wonder of the love and grace of Jesus here. No one saw Jesus in the act of rising from the dead. None of the evangelists says how He emerged from the sepulcher; one of them implies that He did so without disturbing the stone rolled against the entrance, there was an earthquake and an angel rolled back the stone. Hence it was the angel who rolled back the stone, and sat upon it, but the tomb was already empty, and the stone no longer served any purpose.

The sepulcher was discovered to be empty very early Sunday morning. With heavy hearts the women came to the rock-cut tomb where Jesus had been laid. An angel spoke to them saying "He is not here, for He is risen, as He said." At first the stories that Jesus had risen from the dead were not believed. Some of the disciples regarded them as idle tales, but for 40 days the evidence of the resurrection grew.

Easter faith is the conviction that the crucified one gained a victory over death; that God is just and powerful; that He who is the first born among many brethren still lives. The certainty of the resurrection and of life eternal which is bound up with the grave in Joseph's garden has not perished, and on the conviction that Jesus lives we still base those hopes of citizenship in an Eternal City. We attain by faith to that certainty of eternal life for which it was meant, and which it dimly discerns eternal life in time and beyond time. Without the resurrection, there would be no Church at all. The firm belief in the resurrection and the eternal life is one of the products of Christianity, and rests upon the resurrection of Christ. Outside of Christian circles, death is and always has been the king of terrors, for us it is the hope of eternal life.
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