Matthias was a disciple of Jesus, named among the twelve and chosen by lot to fill the Apostolate of Judas. The name is a variant of Mattathias, gift of Jehovah. Matthias was chosen over Joseph, called Barsabus the Just. Nothing known of him in the New Testament. Matthias was of the seventy disciples that Jesus sent out.

Among the Jews it was the natural thing to do to cast lots, because all the offices and duties in the temple were settled by lot. The normal way was to write the names on stones, put them into a vessel and shake them until one stone fell out, the name on the first stone was elected to office. One tradition says that Matthias preached the gospel in Judea and was then stoned to death by the Jews at Jerusalem and then beheaded. Others make him a martyr by crucifixion in Ethiopia or Colchis.
[BD, 334]

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