Mary Magdalene

Magdalene suggests that Mary originally came from Magdela on the western shore of Galilee. The seven devils that Jesus cast out from her would indicate that she was possessed with a powerful demonic possession. Jesus had freed her and she was eternally grateful. The Gospels mention a follower of our Lord, Mary Magdalene, a woman who was a sinner, and of Mary of Bethany, the sister of Lazarus and Martha. The Roman church says all three are one but many disagree. Mary is included in the list of women that ministered unto Jesus and the disciples, she had accumulated enough wealth to provide financially toward Jesus' travels. Upon the invitation of a Pharisee, Jesus had dined in his house and while at the table Mary Magdalene fell before Him weeping and wiping His feet with her beautiful hair, anointing them with ointment from an alabaster box.

Mary Magdalene was prominent enough to be acknowledged in the annals of Jewish History. The Talmud says much about her wealth, her surpassing beauty, her braided locks and shameless wickedness as well as her husband Pappus and her paramour Pandera. Her name is etched in Christian history as the epitome of penitence, pardon and grace and she is revered as a saint. The Pharisaical mind, however, still thinks of her as a fallen and immoral woman.

Mary Magdalene was among the women present at the crucifixion and the first to see the risen Jesus. Mary was among those women who had reported to the disciples that He is risen. Eastern tradition tells us that after Pentecost, Mary accompanied Mary the Mother of Jesus and St. John to Ephesus where she again met the Lord in death and was buried.
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