Jude, brother of Jesus

Jude was the brother of James the Just and therefore the half brother of Jesus and writer of the epistle of Jude. He was not one of the 12 disciples and never spoken of an apostle even in the wider sense. Jude is barely mentioned in gospels. Called himself brother of James, therefore of Jesus. Both brothers were married, traveling about with their wives or Christian sisters on various missions.

The epistle of Jude was written in 66 or 67. It is a vigorous denunciation of the heresy of a group of Christians who considered themselves so spiritual that they did not need to obey the ordinary rules of decent behavior. They thought that anything they chose to do would be all right and that the usual moral laws did not apply to them, a gospel of sensuality.

Jude expressed the determined opposition of the Roman Church to Docetism, a heretical doctrine of the person of Christ that denied his real humanity. Jude had grandchildren questioned by Domitian who had feared the relative of Jesus would start a messianic movement. Domitian found them like peasants and set them free. Jude lived to travel as a missionary.
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