Jude (Thaddeus)

Jude was one of the twelve disciples, also called Thaddeus. His real name seems to have been Judas Labbaeus, and his surname Thaddaeus, meaning praise and signifying his nature. Jude's name is always listed next to Simon's. They were brothers. Jesus may have sent these two together when he sent disciples two by two. Speaks once in the New Testament "How will you manifest yourself, unto us and not unto the world?".

My sources are conflicting and it is hard to separate Jude the disciple from the records of Jude the brother of Jesus. Jude had done missionary work in Edessa, Syria, Arabia and Mesopotamia. Judas, Lebbaeus or Thaddaeus, is said to have been dispatched by St. Thomas to Abgar, king of Edessa, and to have been martyred at Berytus. Shot to death in Armenia 60 years after being chosen. Another source records that he was crucified at Edessa, AD 72.
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