Chuza and Joanna

The steward of Herod Antipas was Chuza and Joanna was his wife. We know that Manaen, the foster brother of Herod, was in after days a Christian, and we know that among the women who ministered to Christ of their substance was Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward. Chuza has been connected as being the officer with the dying son at Capernaum, an official in Herod's administration.

Joanna was among the women helping in the journeying - cooking meals on the road perhaps - but they provided money as well. Mary Magdelene and Joanna were both at the tomb on Easter morn. Chuza must have been a tolerant husband to allow his wife so much time out of the house. It may have been his son, Caper who Jesus healed in Cana (following the wine miracle). The Courtier believing in Christ with his whole house conjectured to be Chuza. [309, 318]

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