Jesus Barabbas was a criminal and seditionist who was released instead of Jesus the Christ. What a wicked web of deceit the father of lies will weave to distort the truth. The name Barabbas means son of a distinguished father or Rabbi who is what Jesus the Christ is. Jesus Barabbas was a leader of sedition; a murderer and a thief who is what they falsely accused Jesus Christ. The Jews had preferred a Sadducean high priest rather than the true high priest of us all. They had preferred an Idumean as their king instead of the King of Kings. It only follows that the Jews would choose a murderer over the Lamb of God.

Barabbas had dared to resist the mighty power of Rome and was caught in the act of insurrection. He was probably a zealot, at any case a rebel who had committed murder. The Jews were waiting for the Messiah to come and establish the kingdom by force of arms. When Barabbas was put in prison he became a popular folk hero and just what the people were looking for in a deliverer. He was sentenced to die and was waiting execution. Not long after, Jesus was arrested, humiliated, deserted by his friends and by not establishing the kingdom immediately by force had let the people down.

To appease the Jews, it was the custom of Pontius Pilate to release one prisoner a year at Passover time. Pilate saw no fault in Jesus and proposed that he be released but the Jews demanded Barabbas instead. Annas, the high priest would not want revolt but he did not want Jesus, how much more would he incite the zealots by choosing Barabbas. The choice was given to the people and the crowd cried for the liberation of Jesus Barabbas and the execution of the liberator, Jesus Christ. Pilate not willing to offend the Jews released Barabbas unto the crowd and handed Jesus over to be crucified.
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