Appearances of Jesus

Apparitions of the Lord Jesus. And while they looked steadfastly into heaven, behold there stood by them two men in shining apparel. The Lord's body had undergone a change, having extraordinary powers of locomotion, of becoming invisible and visible at pleasure, while it still retained characteristics of matter, and was capable of taking food in the ordinary way. His fist appearance was to Mary Magdalene, second to Mary, Salome and Joanna, third to Peter, fourth to the two going to Emmaus, fifth to the ten disciples, Thomas being absent, again to the ten, to eleven, including Thomas, to seven fishing, to the 500, to James. He was seen through 40 days and gives them a commission at the ascension.
[363, BD,93]

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

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  • Follow Him as the Army of the Lord into His Glory

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