Democrats are the advocates of democracy. American intellectuals are, in overwhelming number of cases, leftists, affiliated with the Democratic rather than the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has traditionaly been a coalition of labor, ethnic groups, blacks, central city residents, intellectuals, and southerners. Democrats are accused by Republicans of simply not understanding the needs of business. The overwhelming fact is that in recent years, both parties have ignored the poor but the democratic party has traditionally favored labor and consumer interests over the rich.

Over and over again, Democrats have turned their backs on true democracy and proved that when compelled to choose between funds for social programs and benefits for the corporate sector, the poor lost and the affluent won. The Carter administration brutally revealed the failure of liberal imagination and weakness of liberal nerve. The Democrats have not been the party of the people for over thirty years, but it is still the only champion we have for civil liberties.

As America emerged as a young country, the anti-Hamiltonians were now officially known as Republicans (or Democrat-Republicans); they supported Jefferson and Burr for President and vice-president. The Hamiltonians, who kept the name of Federalists, nominated John Adams. The Democrats claim descent, of course, from the Jeffersonian Republicans. The Democrats were the party of the poor, the Whigs the party of property.

From an objective viewpoint, it is hard today to tell a Democrat from a Republican. There are still true democrats around, but most of them have become as illiberal and self serving as those of the Republican Party. The confusion of the true nature of what the word liberal means has clouded the distinction between the two. Social justice seems to be lacking in both only to be found in the third parties.
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