Plato was a Greek philosopher and lived between 427 and 347 BC. Plato had been the first to elaborate the concept of an eternal soul distinct from the body. As one of our modern thinkers has remarked, philosophy ever since then has consisted largely of footnotes on Plato. The sky [God] created as a vast globe, placing within it the stars, sun, and moon in their orbits and setting them to revolve as in a great dance, the earth he fastened in the center. In the ideal state all rulers will be philosophers. He was the first to lay down certain fundamental rules of logical reasoning. No other sets out so clearly the perennial problems that beset every planner of a better social order. Plato was a lover of truth and wisdom. And will not a true astronomer have the same feeling when he looks at the movements of the stars? Will he not think that heaven and the things in heaven are framed by the Creator of them in the most perfect manner?.

We may begin by assuming that there are three classes of men - lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, lovers of gain. Plato begins as a rationalist, but ultimately his thought is religious and mystical. Plato accorded with the early Christian belief in the community of all things. He laid down the ideal conditions for government, that the city state can only be saved if the kings become philosophers or the philosophers become kings, furthermore, a reluctance to assume office was one of the marks of a true ruler. The Dialogues of Plato are the earliest and most fertile source of discussion of ultimate values, he efforts to question conventional wisdom. Emerson - Plato is philosophy and philosophy Plato. Plato had faith only in the intellect, which can be trained to lead us to truth.
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