Church of England

The Church of England is the National Episcopal Church of England. The Church of England in the Hanoverian period had solid merits and undoubted faults. They were robust in thought and vigorous in expression, but the range of their sympathies was circumscribed. They equated what was reasonable with what commended itself to common sense. Emotion was suspect and enthusiasm anathema. Their sermons were rational rather than mystical in tone, ethical rather than dogmatic in content. Nevertheless they recognized that a licentious age had to be confronted with the claims of morality, and they pressed their demands upon a generation none too ready to listen. They met and overcame a threat to the Christian faith.

Much of the Anglican Church of today is in the midst of the latter rain revival.

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

As One Body

  • We prepare for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
  • Harvest the Fruit of the Latter Rain
  • Follow Him as the Army of the Lord into His Glory

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