Martin Buber was the author of "I and Thou". Tillich on: It is not true that mysticism and prophetic religion contradict each other. The thought and the reality of Buber are witness to this. I and Thou: All actual life is encounter.

Jesus' feeling for the possessed man is different from the feeling for the beloved disciple, but the love is one.. Love is a responsibility of an I for a you.. It is solely by virtue of his power to relate that man is able to live in the spirit.. Woe unto the possessed who fancy that they possess God.

Buber distinguished the I - it sphere, in which one experiences things - or people - as objects, from the I - you sphere, in which one enters into a relationship. Buber speaks of "sick ages" more than 40 years before it became fashionable in the west to speak of a sick society.
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