Giavanni Boccaccio

Giavanni Boccaccio lived between 1313 and 1375. He was the author of the Decameron Tales. Written in the Italian vernacular, the book gave a light-hearted and matter-of-fact view of human frailty. The Decameron was anti-clerical, but not anti-Christian. He came to hate the gap between the sharp business practices and the professed Christian ideals of wealthy Florentines.

Though nominally a Christian, Boccaccio's writings were pagan in spirit. He borrowed from various countries of Europe and the Near East, features sensual escapades, deceits, and ingenious revenges. They were the first short stories ever written, called novellas, from which we get our word, novel. The methods of travel, the morals and customs of Italy in the 14th century are all laid before you.
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