Holy Hands

Confess your sins. Stretch your hand out in the spirit towards every one you love or that have been entrusted to your watch. Feel the power of holiness in an invocation of love and forgiveness to your enemies as well as loved ones and know that the cleansing goes both ways. Feel the power of the blood of Jesus rushing through your veins, into your hands and out your extended palm at the point where Jesus was nailed. In His name feel the power pass through your hands to their hearts. Experience that divine power going into the person you have touched and the faith to know that in the name of Jesus there is that power. Project the Holy Ghost power through your arms with the knowledge and faith of Jesus and in the glory of the situation that person will know and experience the outpouring of the spirit promised to us. Also try to extend your outstretched palms in front of you and project your heart.

The practice of laying on of hands were retained in the church through the customs of applying relics and in prayers of healing. Often it is a ceremonial function and has no real power. The officers of the early church were ordained by prayer and fasting and the laying on of hands. This action did not equip them with spiritual gifts. The Seven Deacons were men chosen already "full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom" True men of God are ordained because they are qualified, not qualified by being ordained.

The laying on of hands in the Old Testament often conferred spiritual blessings. The children of Israel put their hands upon the Levites. Jacob laid his hands on the two sons of Joseph while blessing them. The spirit fell upon Cornelius and those that were with him before baptism. Many in the healing and revival ministries lay on holy hands and many fall back from the power. More of this holy hands power will be available to all of us as each day brings us closer to the restoration. Holy hands even under little faith with this kind of power is sufficient to drive out demons.
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The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

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