Theudas was a Jewish revolutionary at around 42 AD. Josephus records that in the reign of Claudius, twelve years after the death of Jesus, a commotion, started by a would-be-prophet Theudas, was cruelly suppressed. This prophet had led a great crowd of people to the Jordan, which he promised to part the waters and for them to dry up by his mere word as a proof of his divine mission. Josephus says that he deceived many.

The governor of Judea, Cuspius Fadus, sent a troop of soldiers after Theudas and those that followed him. Fadus had the assembly surrounded; many were slain and many were made prisoners. They caught Theudas, cut off his head, and exhibited it at Jerusalem. A few years later, during the reign of Nero, such deceivers arose frequently.
[306, 376]

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