Romans Epistle

The Romans Epistle was written by Paul in AD 58. Phoebe was the courier and beside Paul is Tertius, doing the writing. Tertius has a stylus in hand and is etching Paul's words on a papyrus sheet, one phrase at a time. While Tertius writes one clause, Paul thinks of the next. It was a slow painstaking task.

The Romans epistle was apparently written from Corinth and after the contribution Paul had been collecting from the Gentile churches of Greece and Asia Minor had been completed. He was waiting to go to Jerusalem with it, intending afterwards to visit Spain, and on his way to visit the church of Rome.

At the time this letter was written, the majority of Christians at Rome seems to have been Gentiles, though the Jews also constituted a sizable minority. The Gentile gradually took over the ascendancy when Emperor Claudias expelled the Jews in 49-50. By 54, they returned leaving both groups there. Compelled by this undertaking to give up for the time his plan of moving westward, Paul took at least the first step toward his new westward program and wrote a letter to the Roman Christians.
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