The Ebionites were the poor Judaic Christians. Judaic Christianity survived five centuries in a little group of these Syriac Christians called Ebionim (the poor), who practiced Christian poverty and the full Jewish law. At the end of the 2nd century the Church condemned them as heretics.

There seems to have been different Ebionite camps. Some of the Ebionites should not be remembered not so much as heretics but rather Christians with a Judaizing emphasis. Learning the grace and truth of Christian freedom is as we submit to the Lord can be found regardless of form and ritual. Others definitely crossed the heretical line and denied the Divinity of Christ, the virgin birth and thought of St. Paul as an apostate liar. A strict adherance to the law only breeds self-righteousness exclusiveness and few under this error can bring themselves to admit their mistakes. The legalists of today can be seen in many groups and all have their roots in Judaistic opposition to Christian freedom. To answer these false teachings, Paul wrote the epistle of Galatians.
[15] For more info, see the: Catholic encyclopaedia

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