Solomonís "Stables of Megiddo" housed 450 horses and the chariots of the royal cavalry. Horses in Rome were bred chiefly for war, hunting and sport, seldom as draft animals, oxen drew the plow and the cart, mules bore burdens on their backs. As time went on, various types of horses were developed according to other specific needs. Thus the Roman horses were stocky with heavy shoulders and necks for pulling weight.. The Romans used three horses to pull a light chariot and one man.

In Arabia men needed a swift steed that could outrun the enemy, could be used on soft ground, and would not need to carry much weight. As a result the Arabian horse of today is speedy, light of bone, sensitive and nervous. He is gentle but his reaction are so quick that an indifferent rider sometimes has trouble retaining his seat. The Arabs loved their horses and made companions of them, consequently Arabian horses are more affectionate and more highly developed in intelligence. Grass - the horses natural food.

All horses need salt, especially in hot weather as in sweating the horse loses a lot of the body salt, which must be replaced otherwise heat exhaustion. The place to test a horse to see if he is hot is between the front legs on the brisket.

The cavalry, when on the march, makes a practice of canting a mile or so beyond the water hole. The troops water their mounts and then dismount and walk in so that the horses have a good chance to cool out and need only to be rubbed down and put away.

A horse can think of only one thing at a time. He is not the intelligent animal that the writers of horse books would have us believe. He can see as well behind as before him.. Barn rat - a horse that refuses to leave the stable. Clever - a dealer's term meaning very gentle and tractable. Dog - a horse that will only move if urged with whip and spur. Green horse - one that has not had very much training. Near side - left side of horse facing front. Off side - right side of horse.
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