Gennesaret - the plain of Galilee, some 4 miles wide at the lake's western shore -was especially the "garden" of Galilee, and Josephus called it "the ambition of nature".The word means garden of riches. Not only in fishing and agriculture were the lakeside and uplands rich in possibilities, but merchant routes led travellers by way of the lake to varied destinations. To the south and west of Capernaum stretched the fertile plain with its abundant grain-fields, orchards of date palms, olive groves, vineyards, walnut and sycamore trees. There, tireless Galilean peasants spent long days sowing, harvesting and pruning their crops. It was a lovely and exceedingly fertile region; in it probably lay Capernaum and Bethsaida of Galilee..

1 Macc. 11:67: Jonathan of the Maccabbees - "And Jonathan and his army encamped by the water of Genesar.. fought upon the plain of Asor." The town stood on the west shore of the lake, called in Old Testament times Chinnereth. The district was a small region of Galilee, on the west shore of the lake, visited by Jesus on his way south to Capernaum. The lake given to the sea of Galilee. The pronunciation of Gennesaret is supposed to be a corruption of Chinnereth.. places often visited by our Lord.
[315, 345, 380, BD]

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