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April 9, 2002

I Love You!

Ras Robinson

Try to imagine how much I love you! I have taken you unto myself for an intimate walk. You have a definite and significant part to play. (Today is my first day to spray roses! What a glorious prospect. Glorious because of what I know is going to spring forth as blooms in just a few weeks. The anti-fungus spray I used this morning smells terrible. It is repulsive. In addition, I cleaned my canister from residues from last year’s spraying. What a mess!) From the natural I want to involve you in my process of bringing you to full bloom. Some of the things in your life right now simply have to be addressed. Your own process of cleansing and protection may get messy also. You will not be what I have ordained without repentance and cleansing on a daily basis. Transformation of your entire soul is required in this hour. Ask of me and I will reveal those things that must be stopped. I will show you all deficits that you must address. Remember that I am alive and active. I am not like an inanimate piece of granite. Rather I am spirit and I wait on you to pray and intercede so that I can speak to you. Try to imagine how much I love you!

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Ras and Bev Robinson
Pastors, Fullness in Christ Church and Fullness in Christ Ministries

Solid Rock

Stephen Hanson


[3] Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; [4] perseverance, character; and character, hope. [5] And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Rom. 5

"This is a time when all believers must come to Me in spirit and in truth. Look around and tell Me, what do you see? You see the church, in many places, compromising with the world. This should not be so. I have called you to be salt, and salt has lost its flavor. But many of you have endured in the midst of crisis. You have stood your ground and have not compromised your faith in Me. I have tested many of you in the fiery furnace. Some of you have passed the test, but others need to be tested further. After the ordeal of the furnace comes the fruit. Will the fruit last or will it fail Me, says the Lord? I have called you to bear much fruit. When you then have the fruit and you have exercised your gifts in Me, then you will be a "balanced creation." For there is much "giftedness" in the body of Christ, but with your "giftedness" how can your character be proved to be true? I will bring to completion those things that I am doing in your midst, only remain in Me so that your character will be molded into my image."

Stephen Hanson

Remember that you can post prophetic words on this site at:

It Is Your Destiny

Shelly Mathis

I desire to launch you, My chosen people, into destiny. It is your destiny to be filled with the greatest measure My glory than ever witnessed before in the earth. To do so, you must restore the foundations of old, repair the ruins, and close up the breaches within the Temple of God. which temple you are. Therefore, I am causing a shaking in the heavens and the earth. Do you feel the trembling, the vibrations within your spirit man? I am shaking you to the very core of your foundations that all rubble may fall to the side and every breach may be brought to the light. Yield to this work, though it takes your breath away. I am revealing those strongholds in your inner man that are created when you violate our covenant by refusing to believe. Do not be frightened by what you see; do not allow the enemy to intimidate you from taking the required step of faith. For I am indeed requiring a decision from you concerning those places in which you have wavered in the past. To go on, you must exercise your will to believe My Truth, to trust Me, to sell out, to be violent in your faith. Do you desire the Kingdom of God? Do you long to be vessels in which that Kingdom is demonstrated through? Then step out in extreme faith today, and lay hold of that which rightfully belongs to you.

"And from the days of John the Baptist until the present time, the kingdom of heaven has endured violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize - a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion]." (Matthew 11:12 AMP)


Jana Alcorn

I am igniting the fires of My Spirit that shall burst into new realms, says the Lord. This is the time that your heart and life will be consumed with My purposes. I am moving others into this realm with you; you will not be alone. I am calling you to great faith, says the Lord, even supernatural faith.

I am calling on you to exercise faith beyond the limits of comfortability. If you really believe, then step out of the boat, says the Lord! I have tolerated weak faith in my Body, but now is the time to go beyond the realms of sameness and take a stand for My purposes, says the Lord! This is the time to make Me known, that I am God and beside Me there is none else.

Don't fear what others have said, for I have already canceled the power of their words by the Power of My purpose and My Spirit! My purposes shall stand says the Lord! They shall stand! Invest in Me, take time for Me, make room for Me to grow in you and you shall see Me stand in My fullness, says the Lord.

Go Forth With a Mighty Roar

Marsha Burns

Go forth with a mighty roar, with the sound of war. Tear down the enemy's strongholds, break down his walls, and ravage his camp. The Lord is on your side. You are My mighty warriors. I have set you in battle array. I have trained your hands to do battle and have strengthened your arms to make war. Do not be intimidated by the devil's devices or his accusations against you. Go forth with the truth of My word, and crush the enemy under your feet. Overcome the works of the flesh by the power of My Spirit. Come out from beneath the burden of condemnation and be free. Rejoice with the sound of victory.

Jeremiah 50:42 They shall hold the bow and the lance; they are cruel and shall not show mercy. Their voice shall roar like the sea; they shall ride on horses, set in array, like a man for the battle, against you, O daughter of Babylon.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459


Heidi Wilson

Gain Confidence in me. In the fact that I have sent you out. That I am and remain your Father. I am the one who has separated you and called you unto me. You are not to place your confidence in men but in me. I will set you into place, and I will heal the broken places in your heart. I have commissioned you as a warrior, and I will send you and call you as I see fit into battle. I am also the one who places you in the body where I see fit. Do not fear, for I am always with you. In hard times and in good times, see my hand at work in your life and always for you.

Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. You can have confidence in me. I am who I say I am. Read my Word, learn about me and my ways. I never change. I was I am and I always will be. You will not stumble and slip if your confidence is rightly placed in me. And know this... that I who have begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it! You never need to fear that I will not be faithful. I am a faithful father, even when you aren't faithful.

Place your confidence in me and not in your own flesh. I alone am worthy of your confidence and trust. For I alone do not lie. I alone and completely true. I alone am the way the truth and the light. I am the way to the Father. I am the true vine. Abide in me. Live in my light. Live in my Secret Place for there you will finally be at home.

Gain confidence in me. In my power. In my anointing. For I will not leave you hanging. I will never forsake you. And I will never call you into a battle that I am not beside you in. Pick up the weapons of your warfare for demolishing strongholds and pulling down principalities. Put on your armor and stand strong. You share my authority. I have given it to you. This day you can march forward, standing strong on the Word of the Lord.

Fully dressed, warriors of the light... move forward in authority. I love you.

Effect This Generation!

Undrai Fizer

The apostolic dimension (and it's servants) see things "way out there," but they are very balanced and established in the faith. They see things the way the Father sees things. Maybe that's why some people who receive from them feel as though "heavy demands" are being placed on them. Apostles/prophets see beyond the experience of those they are speaking into or training.

This anointing seeks to increase the experience of the hearer, and "prep" them for a journey through a prophetic process that they have never even prayed about. Sincere, religious thinking does not fathom prophetic processes. It is a process set beyond the beginning "salvation" experience. It is an experience hidden within the fullness and maturity of God. It is hidden within His Word. It is an experience that is not activated by "works," but it "will" inspire new works/manifestations from your life.

The apostolic/prophetic anointing will create environments that are very unfamiliar to certain experiences. It will take you by the hand and lead you into "realms of newness" that seemingly feel like a "wilderness." It's a dimension of anointing that "flesh" cannot fathom or receive. The best that flesh can do with this dimension is to interpret it into a "ritual" or sincere work of the "flesh." (And God cannot bless this "interpretation).

The Anointing of God is "out there." It's far from humanistic wisdom and the parameters of the flesh. It's not of this world. Jesus said that His Kingdom was not of this world. The flow that Christ lives in is not of the establishment of the flesh and it's ideas. It's located in the Life and Spirit of God, a realm that is unlocked by faith.

When hearts, that have not been seeking the Lord, are "taught" by this anointing, it will create a feeling of "pressure," and "demand." It will feel as though some "weight" has been placed upon it. Flesh is now feeling a realm it is not used to. It is feeling the beginning of change.

This Anointing is stirring up the believer to walk a path they have never seen before. The overwhelming feeling of God's vision will also begin to make you say to yourself, "Do I really need to do this?" The resistance you feel is not of the devil. It is the feeling of a weight you have never "picked" up before. It is the beginning of new, prophetic responsibilities. Apostolic anointing will "send you" into a new world of kingdom experiences.

Faith will give you the ability to "hang on" to the progressive word. It will give you the power to walk with Christ and grow with Christ. It will attach you to the "season of breaking" that the anointing will bring you into. To those who have no faith in this work, it will feel as though you are "being controlled" or brought into some sort of confusion. A faithless individual wants to "see" everything "pan" out before taking a "step" into the Life. This "will" not happen!

NOTE: You can even "step" out in unbelief and still "miss" the reward in the process. Some step out in "flesh faith" (a "faith" built on the ability of the person instead of the anointing of the Father. It's a "flesh based" faith, created by and funded by, FLESH).*

The resistance you feel is the mark of advancing and not regression. You are feeling a new, responsibility that is "talking right back at you." It's asking your flesh, "Why are you doing this? You don't have to." The apostolic shift of God, however, will call us all into new realms.

And those realms are all bigger than our abilities.



Kristin Reeg

Stretch, My children. Stretch. Stretch past your limitations. Stretch past your expectations. Stretch beyond what you think you can handle. Stretch forth and reach out to grab My hand. Stretch and reach to touch the hem of My garment. Be like the woman with the issue of blood who knew if she could just touch the hem of My garment would be healed. Are you desperate for Me? Are you desperate enough to stretch beyond what you know and feel? Stretch past the carnal and reach out for the eternal.

Now is the time for absolute obedience and I am calling you to stretch. I am stretching your faith. I have called you to noble purposes, but you must be willing to go through the fire to be refined. Child, your breakthrough is on the horizon. I have told you that it is coming. I am not a man that I should lie. Now is the time to stretch. Now is the time to hatch. You have been prepared in your shell long enough. Now is the time that you must choose to breakthrough the lies and the fear that are still hindering you. Stretch past it. Reach out to Me and breakthrough. Breakthrough to the other side. There is a whole new world that awaits you. A world of beauty. A world of faith. A world that goes way beyond your imagination and your expectations. Use your faith and your trust in Me to break out of your shell. I am always with you. I have not forgotten you or the promises that I have made to you. But you must make the choice to breakthrough and stretch your faith beyond your own limitations. I have put no limitations on you. You have put them on yourself. Press on through and see what glory awaits you on the other side.

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