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April 28, 2003

You Have An Appointment With Destiny

Mary Clark

You have an appointment with destiny, beloved. You have an appointment when the kind favor of your God is going to EXPLODE in your life in a miraculous way. Get ready! Get ready for the explosion. For it is in this explosion that you are going to see the mighty works of your God mighty works that will get the world's attention as they come into being.

I am supplying you with the finest of hours. I am supplying you with all that you will need to relieve the enemy of his hold on you. I am giving you a good dose of My Spirit more than you have EVER experienced.

So get ready to meet your destiny head-on, and revel in this promised hour. For it is in this hour of your God's manifested glory that you will stand straight and tall and walk into the plan of the hour. And what is the plan of the hour? It is the plan of a lifetime. It is the plan of your God, unfolding and taking you into the holiest of places in Him. It is the manifestation of the living God in your life in a monumental kind of way.

I have told you of My intent. Now you tell Me of your intent to see this thing through to the end. For it is with your cooperation that this event will come to pass. It is with your cooperation that you will walk in a new hope in Me, and it will be with your cooperation that the harvest the gigantic harvest will be brought into the Lord's barn the barn of holiness where My beloved will look on My face, behold My beauty, and lie down in My arms to rest from the work the work of the harvest in which you have so willingly participated!!!

Mary Clark

Knowing the Heart of God

Sammy Tippet

Close to 100 years ago the great American evangelist, D. L. Moody, was preaching in Lanarkshire, Scotland. A Scottish gentleman from The Brethren Church came to him and said, "I'm coming to America and I would like to visit you there." Politely, Mr. Moody responded, "Certainly, I would love to see you there." However, he really thought that he would never hear from the gentleman again.

After Moody returned to the United States, he received a letter from the Scot. He wrote, "I'm in New York City, and I'll leave soon for my visit with you in Chicago." Not long afterwards the gentleman showed up in Chicago, prepared to preach. Mr. Moody was speaking somewhere besides his own church. Therefore, out of courtesy, he allowed the gentleman to preach at his church.

When Moody came home that evening he asked his wife, "How did it go at church this evening?" His wife resplied, "It was wonderful, but I don't think you would have liked the message that was delivered." Moody probed further, and his wife told him, "He preached that God loves sinners." The great evangelist was taken back. "What does he mean," he asked. "Sinners are under the wrath of God. They're under God's judgment."

Then Mrs. Moody said, "But everything that he said was from the Bible."

The next night Mr. Moody allowed the Scottish brother to preach again, but this time Moody sat listening to him. The man began in Genesis and went through the Bible showing passage after passage that God loves sinners. It was a watershed moment in the life of D. L. Moody. Moody had known the character of God. He rightly knew that God is holy. He understood that nothing unrighteousness could stand in God's presence. But Moody had missed the heart of God.

After that encounter with the Scottish preacher, and more importantly, after he came face to face with the heart of God in the Scriptures, Mr. Moody began preaching with a new passion for souls. His eyes were opened to see the love of God for a lost world. He had the word placed in one of the buildings, "God is love." Moody had come to know the heart of God.

I've discovered that many Christians today are just like Mr. Moody was prior to his eye opening experience with the Scottish brother. We often scorn those whose lives are contrary to the nature and character of God. We see people engulfed in their own sins, and we are disgusted. However, we've missed the heart of God. His nature is holiness. We cannot compromise on that. Holiness and sin can't live under the same roof. However, we must also become gripped with the heart of God for a lost and dying world.

Sometimes I travel to regions of the world where the lostness of mankind is so obvious that my heart breaks. When I see multitudes dying in Sub Saharan Africa of AIDS, my heart weeps. Yes, I know that many are dying because of their own sins. The Scriptures are true, "The wages of sin are death." But it's also true that "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever would believe on Him would not perish, but have everlasting life." When I see the millions blinded by Hinduism, secularism, and Islam, I weep because I know that Christ loves them and He died to forgive them.

When we behold the heart of God, we cannot help but weep for those who have never met the Saviour. It's the heart of God that reaches out to a sinful and rebellious world. It's the heart of God that moved Him to send the Savior. When we see His heart, we too will weep. We will reach out to those who have never known His love. We will have inscribed on our hearts those words that Mr. Moody had inscribed in one of his buildings, "God is love."

Sammy Tippit Ministries


Teresa Seputis

Child, I have called you to a standard of holiness. You must resist temptation. If you want to walk in purity before Me, you will have to make decisions of holiness. The enemy of your souls will come along and entice you with certain things, designed to lead you into sin. His desire for you is to get you to sin, that he might heap coals of condemnation upon your head.

If you fall into a sin, the enemy will come along as your accuser. He knows that he cannot accomplish much by accusing you to Me, because you are covered in the blood of Jesus and My Son has become the propitiation for your sins. So he will accuse you to yourself. And most often you will be quick to agree with the accusation and to heap condemnation upon yourself. This separates you from Me. It makes you want to run away from Me because of the shame and guilt that comes with condemnation. But I want you to run to Me, that I might forgive and cleanse you. I want you to come boldly before Me and receive the restoration that My Son has purchased for you on Calvary.

I expect you to resist temptation, for the devil will flee from you when you submit to Me and resist him. I expect you to walk in holiness and victory. I do not condone or encourage sin. But there will be times when you will fall. And when you do fall, I do not expect you to condemn yourself. I do not expect you to run away from Me and hide. Rather I expect you to come into My light and to confess to Me what you have done. I expect you to turn from your sin and turn to Me for forgiveness and for transformation. Have I not said in My word that if you will confess your sins, that I am faithful and just to forgive your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness? True holiness is to come immediately to Me for that cleansing whenever you need it. Along with that, present yourself to Me that I might transform you to sin no more in that area. I can give you victory in this area as you submit it to Me. However I cannot help you when you are running away from Me because I will not override your own free will.

True holiness is to be set apart for My use and for My purposes. I expect a separation between My people and the world. I hold you to a higher standard that the world holds it's own to. I expect you to intentionally choose My way and to do your best to resist temptation. I expect you to make choices for holiness instead of choices for sin.

BUT that is NOT all that I expect from you in the realm of holiness. I expect you to run directly to Me when you do fall. I expect you to present yourself to Me and not separate yourself from Me. True holiness is receiving My forgiveness and restoration and allowing Me to cleanse and purify you. Have you not read how I held David blameless, even though he had committed grievous sins of adultery and murder? You see, he ran to Me and begged Me to change and transform his heart that he would not sin against Me anymore. He received My forgiveness and My restoration. And now I count him as blameless. He was forgiven and made holy because he ran to My light and confessed his sins and desired to be changed and have his relationship with Me restored. And because He came to My light, I did all of that for him.

Holiness is to be set aside for My purposes. I do not want you contaminated by sin or impure thoughts. But, should the darkness touch you, then true holiness is to run back to My light as soon as possible and be restored that you might once again be set apart for My purposes. True holiness is to be one that I can use any time. If ever anything occurs to make you unusable, then you immediately bring it to Me for correction and restoration. It is not holiness to condemn yourself. It is not holiness to separate yourself from Me or to disqualify yourself from My plans and purposes for you. It is not holiness to say that the shed blood of My Son has no power in your case. That is not true holiness.

True holiness is to do your best to keep yourself pure -- but when the impurity seeps in, then you run back to Me as fast as you can to be washed and cleansed and purified through My Son's atonement. Let nothing separate you from Me, not even the "true" accusations of the enemy against you. For I say to you that true holiness is to receive the purification and character transformation that My Son has made available to you. True holiness is to allow yourself to be cleansed and set back in right relation with Me as soon as possible, then to do your best to submit to My will. And I will help you to do this if you will run to Me and come into My light.

I have called you to walk in holiness and I have given you the means by which to do so. Now go and walk in it.

Minimize Sin In Your Life

Jim Padgett

My child, it is important that you realize I did not send My son just so that you could be forgiven of your sins and have a wonderful eternity with Me in heaven. I sent My Son so that you could be free from the power of sin and walk in such a way that I could countenance you - could smile upon and bless your life.

I sent Christ so that you would be enabled to live a life I could bless.
I sent Christ so that I could interact with you and richly commune with you.
I sent Christ so I could partner with and work through you to further My purposes on the earth.

So many of My children rightly rejoice in their being forgiven and being My children. But they allow sin to an extent that I can't bless their lives, that I can't commune with them and work through them as I desire. None of My children are completely without sin, but sin can be minimized. And if you try to minimize the sin in your life and walk in My ways, I will reward you and cause My countenance to smile on your life. And I will greatly bless you. And I will grant you much richer and fuller communion with Me. And you will be fruitful with Me and before Me.

Forward and Beyond

Olivia Long

Oh My Faithful Ones, how perplexing are your situations, but I have "good news" for you ... Stay focused on Me for I am moving you FORWARD AND BEYOND !!!!

Focus on Me, keeping your eye on the prize, looking unto ME - the Author and Finisher of your Faith. You are My Faithful Ones, truly walking by faith and not by sight. Faith, which says that you completely and utterly trust ME. Having every confidence In Me that I have everything under control and even though you don't see the answers right away, you still have that confident faith In Me that I will bring the promises to pass.

Your present circumstances dictate that you will never go forward let alone beyond. But I say unto you that it has nothing to do with your circumstances, nor any people in your life, nor who you are - but by WHAT YOU TRULY BELIEVE I CAN DO! Your thinking must be "beyond" what you see in your present. What you have experienced thus far is but the beginning! You must never allow the "now" to become your all, for this too shall pass! Have you noticed that when you remain in my rest and keep your eyes focused on Me that many of the troubles that you perceived as coming, never come to pass? My Beloved Ones, Hear Me, "I shall be with you ALL THE WAY AND BEYOND" and NOTHING shall be impossible for My Faithful Ones.

Do not allow worry nor anxiety to rob you of what I am doing. There is nothing to dread when I am in your midst, AND I AM IN YOUR MIDST! Have faith in Me, and complete trust in believing My Word and not doubting My promises. You have My Word, you have My power and you have My promises ... All you need, My Beloved, is Faith!

Some of you think that you need to work somehow to achieve this, NO, all you have to do is believe MY Word and I will do the work. Beloved, you are In My Rest - The I AM, the One who is moving you FORWARD AND BEYOND. Whether your present appears satisfactory or whether everything appears in turmoil the fact remains, this is only a "temporary place" for I AM moving you FORWARD AND BEYOND!

My Peace, you shall know My Peace in it's fullest. The peace which flows like a river, My Holy Peace. And as a river continually flows, you will be ever moving FORWARD AND BEYOND according to My Perfect Will.

My Faithful Ones, do not be anxious about tomorrow, as tomorrow is in My hands. Continue to REST IN ME and MY Peace and as you rest In Me, "watch as I "strip" every weight from upon you" that is hindering your progress. Continue to focus your eyes on ME, for it is only through faith IN ME that you are capable of moving FORWARD AND BEYOND.

The enemy is using "worldly distractions", adverse problems, even people who will try to distract you and take you off course. At this time you MUST have your faces set like flint and remain Focused on ME. There is no other recourse for you then to remain Focused on ME. But even during your times of turmoil, I hear the "heart cry" of My Faithful Ones, those who have been set apart for My purposes. Yes, even now, I hear you saying "I will never be satisfied until I have arrived wherever YOU want me to be." You are My Beloved, the ones who will not be satisfied with the status quo and you will settle for nothing less than the "fullness" that I have for you, your completeness IN ME.

I am weeding out the tares from the wheat. Some believe they 'have arrived', that they know all there is to know and they flaunt it over My own. But YOU, My Glorious Beloved, "KNOW" there is much, much more! As My servant Paul, you know that I have laid hold of your life for a reason and even through your pain, your goal remains to move FORWARD AND BEYOND. Yes, My Faithful Ones, I see what you are going through, I see your pain, I see the obstacles in your way, I see the need for your healing for you to be able to move forward, I see the ones who are 'roadblocks' in your path ..... I SEE IT ALL! .... Now do YOU SEE and believe and trust completely In Me, KNOWING that I am fully capable and able to remove all these hindrances from your life and to move you FORWARD AND

BEYOND? My child, look forward to what is ahead... Do not look to the past, nor the problems which are besetting you in the present for I am most capable of removing all these obstacles and to move you FORWARD AND BEYOND.

You are My Overcomers... At the present, many of you do not feel as though you could overcome anything, but still in your hearts you say "I have come too far to miss out now" and you are determined that somehow you will move forward. Remain FOCUSED on ME, not your circumstances, not other people, not what they write or teach, this is not where your "FOCUS" should be - you are to remain "balanced" and FOCUSED IN ME ... and I shall not only move your FORWARD ---- but I will move you FORWARD AND BEYOND!!!!

Waiting for God's Glory

Hugh Molanders

The Lord has said to His children:

You have heard that I am coming in power and glory. My Spirit is moving across the land. My Spirit is coming in a move as never before seen or felt in history. I will pour out My Spirit and My blessings upon My chosen as never before.

My children have been waiting for this move from Me. My prophets have spoken this to you over and over. Why? For My children have needed to hear it from Me. Why? Because of doubt, fear, and weariness in their hearts and spirits.

I say to My children, do not focus on the blessings nor upon the move of My Spirit that is coming. Instead, focus only upon Me. For I am your shield and your strength. Do not look at what I can do for you, but seek only what I desire for you and what I need for you to do.

Your focus has become blurred by waiting and anticipating this move of My Spirit. Many have grown weary of the waiting, because your focus has been on the move coming and not Me. You must learn to be still and quiet before Me in order to hear My voice. You have allowed the everyday distractions in your life to impede your time alone with Me. I have removed many of you from the influences of the world and the church in order to show you Who I am, and not Whom man says I am. I have had to do this in order to shape and mold you deeper into My image, to allow you to hear Me clearly for the times that are ahead. This that you may grow more intimate with Me and I with you. This to cleanse and purify you that nothing will keep you from following only My voice when I speak. There will be no doubt, that it is I and I alone that speaks to you. Yet many have lost the vision and become weary waiting to hear Me. You have sought Me and inquired why I have not moved as I have said I will do. You have not sought Me, but what I am going to do. Yet this time of not hearing Me is to bring you closer to Me. You must press in deeper to hear Me. For I have not left you, just moved to where I am trying to bring you to, up another level in your faith and walk with Me.

My children quit seeking My move and seek after only Me. For then you will be lead into what I need for you to do for Me. Then you shall allow Me to cleanse and purify you and allow My work to be done in you for what is shortly ahead. You must be intimate with Me in order to hear Me. You must not allow anything to steal our time together. For our time together feeds Me and it also feeds you. I need that time with you in order that I might be fed from you listening intently to Me. Rest in Me, Worship Me, praise Me, listen to Me, be still and know Me. For all is in the timing that I have set aside, and not your timing. Allow Me to mold you and bring patience into your lives.

For I have said that I am sending My Spirit across the land, therefore I shall send My Spirit. You must focus on Me and not the move of My Spirit. For when it comes you will know, if you are intimate with Me. Seek not the move, but seek only Me. For Satan desires to distract you, that you shall not be effective for Me. For I am coming as a mighty wave across the land, and I have need of you in this move. You must know My voice when this move comes, for Satan shall try to deceive and shall deceive those who do not know My voice. You must have My wisdom and discernment in order to know which is of Me and which is of satan. For he desires that you follow the wrong path. You must truly know My voice when this move comes that you not fall away. For I am coming to break the bondages of sin on the ones I have called. So I have placed you where you are in order to have these intimate times with you.

I must be your everything, your one heart's desire, no distractions, no fear, no doubt, no compromise with the world or with the church that has become a harlot unto Me. For I am bringing to you the boldness to speak to My church to come back to Me. There will be many who will refuse to hear, yet many that will hear. You must hear me clearly to deliver My word to them. For there shall be Victory in My Son, Jesus. For the battle is Mine and not yours, but you must know that I am your God. That I fight the battle for you and you are not alone. Stand and be not moved by what is brought out against you. For many shall desire evil for you.

Know that I speak to My children of what I am about to do, then there is silence in the Heavens before I move. So know that I am about to move for the silence is to draw you closer unto Me for the move is about to come. For I know that many of you say you are in a place of not hearing Me at this time. Your direction is unclear at this moment. That is the silence from Heaven, for the Move is ready to come. But I am still here and I hear your prayers, and I give you the strength to go on. So draw closer and press in that much more unto Me, My children, for what is about to come. Stand upon My word and My promises to you, for I am gathering My holy warriors for the move of My Spirit upon the land. Yes I am coming in a mighty wave of My glory upon the land. So stand and pray, praise and rejoice, be intimate and listen as never before. This I speak and thus it shall be done. Be still before Me and listen to My voice, do not move until you hear from Me. If there is silence, then do not move until the silence is broken by Me. For then I will instruct you as to which way to go. Be still and listen. Be still and know that I and I alone am God. I make all My ways known through My Son, Jesus Christ.

Be Patient

A.W. Tozer

Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer. --Romans 12:12

Think of the kernels of grain, the seed, that the farmer plants in the ground in the fall of the year. How patient the farmer must be! Throughout the long, cold winter the seed is dormant. There is no evidence at all that it is there--covered by the cold earth itself. The snows come and go. The ground freezes and thaws. Does the farmer lie awake at night worrying that those seeds he placed in the ground may be ineffective? He does not. He knows that spring will come!

And in due course, the sunshine of March or April warms the air. Spring rains water the ground. The farmer knows then that it will not be long until green shoots suddenly break out from their covering of earth. And in their own time, great waving fields of grain are ready for the harvest. The farmer's faith in the seed he planted is fully justified.

Likewise, God wants us to be patient with every prayer and petition we sincerely send up to that heavenly altar. Our praying done in the Spirit cannot be ineffective. It is as though God is saying to us: "You have planted the seed. You have prayed for My will to be done and for My kingdom to come on earth.... The effective prayers of my son, Jesus, will join with the effective prayers of righteous men and women. Be patient and put your trust in Me, day by day!" Jesus Is Victor!, 122.

"Lord, I'm tempted to jot down, 'Give me that patience, and give it to me now!' That's so typical of our hurried mind-set. Change that mind-set for me today, Lord, and give me a patient, steadfast faith, with a willingness to wait for the harvest. Amen."

Prophetic Words and Apostolic Relationships

Undrai & Bridget Fizer

My heart travails as I continue to see individuals who 'desire to be deceived in their own eyes.' There are those who do not pursue the responsibility of Kingdom Life, yet they desire the 'refreshing waters of Prophetic Words.' Relationships, development, and teachings that come to 'perfect the life of the believer' are 'exchanged for short-term prophetic words and exhortations' that make the 'heart glad.' This is not good.

Prophetic Revelation comes to 'propel us into responsible purposes and responsible destiny.' It 'frees us' to 'release us' into righteous submission to the Predetermined Order of the Father. It does not come to make our 'now time' a 'tolerable time.'

It produces a 'frustration within the soul' that will cause one to 'reach for the prize that is yet beyond their reach.' The Prophetic Dimension, expressed from Kingdom Maturity, creates an atmosphere of 'faith for the impossible.' It creates 'a substance from the intangible.'

It is not a Word that brings 'toleration to stagnation.' It is not a Word that 'creates false happiness when you really should be 'angry with yourself.' It comes to bring you into 'deeper responsibility.' It comes to 'Work new works within your life.' The Prophetic is 'so many things to so many people.' The 'prophetic gift has also become 'so many things to so many' that some of us 'do not receive the Life-changing responsibility that comes from it.'

The Word of the Prophetic is a Living Compass. It is a Living Sword. It is not a 'word that is performed on Sundays, special meeting nights, special revivals, etc.' It is not always a 'word spoken from someone else.' It is the Word of Spirit 'spoken from the Father, Himself.' As you embrace your purposes in Life, you will actually hear more clearly 'specific directions, unctions, and discernments.' Your life 'will become prophetic' (or Spirit-driven, Purpose-Driven). It will not be a life motivated by the 'next wave' or the 'next voice.'

The Spirit is releasing prophetic flows that will speak to 'destinies and purposes.' He is releasing Words that will speak to the 'stagnation of destiny and purpose.' He is releasing Winds of the Spirit that will speak to the 'excuses of destiny and purpose.' God knows that when His People 'are becoming what they were formed to become' that they will 'DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!" You cannot do what you cannot see. You will not be open to see what you are not open to believe or receive.

The Prophetic Word of the Lord comes to 'make you see.' Apostolic relationship comes to 'make you receive and believe' the things that have been spoken in you to 'see.' Many receive 'visions', but despise the relationships that come to perfect the capacity to help you 'believe' so you can 'receive.' We cannot manifest Prophetic Words without Apostolic relationship.

I am not speaking of what others call 'dependence on men' or 'dependence on flesh.' Relationship that is purposed by the Father to 'help you see, believe, and receive, IS NOT FLESH. Developmental relationships that are birthed by the Father is not FLESH. Flesh relationships are 'spiritually manipulated relationships that increase the fears, doubts, and council of flesh.' This will automatically produce 'dependence to flesh,' because 'whatever is created needs a similar source to survive.'

God created fish in the environment that they needed to live. He created animals from the dirt, so in turn, they need the dirt to survive. So, just as 'purposed things need purposed environments to prosper,' flesh relationships need flesh to survive as well.

Purposed relationships and connections will 'trigger the substance of truth that was embedded inside the prophetic word.' In each Word is the 'substance of Truth and Life.' The 'truths within the Word must be submitted to and believed in order for the picture of the Word (the end result, presentation) to be realized.' The Prophetic Word produces a 'picture for the spirit to see.' But embracing the Word and having relationships that will bring about maturity, will cause the 'picture' to become a reality.

The Word spoken will 'always produce a responsibility within the hearer.' The prophetic Word spoken to Mary 'caused her to release her body to become pregnant.' Her husband, Joseph, had to listen to the instructions of the Father when it came to 'moving to Egypt to protect the child Jesus. Everyone one who received a Prophetic Word from the Lord 'had to submit to the responsibilities of the Word.' It was not a Word that 'the listener would pump his fist or shout YEAH! about.'

It is and will remain, a 'life-changing, lineage altering, history changing, DNA transfusional, WORD OF GOD. Kingdom maturity and life will produce the 'mentality needed to receive the prophetic. When we receive the Word as 'sons' and not 'flesh,' it will be a different 'sound.' As stated earlier, the Prophetic Spirit of God speaks to the 'hidden purposes of God that is intertwined within the core your being.' When you hear the Word as a 'son,' you will respond as a son.

But when you hear it, trapped within the confines of the flesh, it will produce a fleshly struggle and result! There will be a 'confusion within your life' because the Word was received with 'the wrong ears.'

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