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March 3, 2003 Realms Of My Glory

Vincent Xavier

I see the hunger and great desire of my people, a yearning to advance into the unlimited realms of my glory. Yes I have many that have not bowed their knees to the image of Baal. The modern day image has been erected within the walls of many churches. These images cast doubts upon the hearts of those who would enter in to the most Holy Place.

These images of Baal have prevented many from being the true worshippers I have called out for. These images speak of limitation and carnality to a people who have been called into the unknown heights of revelation and knowledge of me. Yes, this is a time like no other where I am opening up the treasuries of the mysteries that have been hid from generations and ages. But now a generation whose hunger has moved me to action shall be taken into the realms of deliverance and restoration like no other has.

There will always be those who have the key of knowledge but refuse to enter in and will not allow those who would desire to enter in to do so. These are the images of false religion. These are the mouthpieces of a dead religion wherein is no life, no expectancy, no vitality and no deep gratification and purpose.

The prophets of Baal speak lies to the masses while I am speaking to those who have an ear to hear. You will be taken up into heavenly places beyond the reach of men and demons. You will advance into fruitful fields of abundance of all that I Am. Yes, I will reveal myself to you in this DAY as you pursue me with all your heart. Do not be entangled with those who would seek to stand in your way of advancement.

Soar, my people beyond their grasp! I give to you wings as Eagles to fly high into the dimensions of my Spirit and therein you shall embrace and realize the Kingdom I have planted within you. Come away my beloved into uncharted places that men who have no faith dare not tread. Come away into visual insights to invisible dominions. Yes there is an invisible realm of glory to be seen by those who refuse to be held back.

I AM God and there is NO OTHER, says the Lord. Why have so many assumed my presence in the affairs of the nations as though it is my desire or will to exalt one nation over another? Why cannot the people see that I and I alone will reign forever over all the nations of the earth. The futility of idol worship is being realized in America like never before. All her idolatrous worship of an image, an image of man, an image of Babylonian power, man-made power is being exalted at this time.

Americans believe that I am for them, and that I desire to prolong their days as a vital nation. They have not considered the end of all things is at hand and that I am come to set up MY kingdom in the earth and through out the created universe. I am pouring out my wrath upon all nations yet America cannot see what I am doing because she has become blind in her selfish ambition. She cannot discern what I am doing and her prophets speak out of the imagination of their own hearts to protect that which I will no longer protect. I have declared the DAY wherein a New Heaven and A new earth shall abound.

This is that hour in which I am removing with the stroke of my hand the fašade that has been built up in the hearts and minds of men who have lost their way. America, do not listen to your prophets for they are false. They say unto you Peace and Safety! But I will speak truth to you from My prophets who are representatives of MY KINGDOM, who have no ambition for one nation to prosper over another, but only to see the final rule of my Kingdom.

America, your Prophets have refused to tell you the truth and will lead you along a path of death and destruction. Why would you pay them attention to keep Democracy alive? Why would you not see that I Am and there is no other?

My Prophets are calling out to you America, not as evil doers or false prophets of other nations, but from heaven itself! These have been sent to you and will begin to come to you in greater demonstration and power as each day passes until you will recognize that I Am is calling for you! No longer will you uphold your nation as the WAY, TRUTH and LIFE, for I will contend with your hypocrisy until I and I alone will be seen as the WAY, TRUTH and LIFE!

What is your hypocrisy? It is a mouth speaking one thing and a heart moving in another direction. The mouth of America speaks of ONE NATION, yet there is not ONE NATION! The mouth speaks VICTORY, yet multitudes are dying everyday! The mouth speaks Peace, but the Heart is bent on WAR! The mouth say's WAR is inevitable and the heart does not know that my judgments too are inevitable! You say GOD IS WITH US! Yet I am telling you America that I AM with those who love me. These are scattered throughout the earth. They are of every tribe, every tongue and every nation.

Listen to the voice of the Prophets I am sending to you. They have no selfish ambition but to please me! Listen to them as they call you to me! Listen to them as they open unto you the mysteries of my love, compassion and grace. Listen to them as they declare the wrath to come. By listening to them you will escape the destruction determined. Come away beloved, come away! Be not led down the path that leads to destruction, but rather follow those whose FRUIT is CHRIST!

Vincent Xavier

The Valley Of Sacrifice

Don Franklin

Who is this that rises from Edom? Is it not the Lamb of God, the One who has washed his robes in the blood of redemption? Know ye not, there is a place reserved for Him and Him alone - in your hearts and in your fellowship.

Do not take the place of the Holy Spirit. Do not take the place of the Son of God, but make room for Him, for He truly is the King of Glory. He is the head of the Body. He is the reason that you live and breathe and move. He is the reason that you assemble. He is the prime mover. He is the most important thing in your life. It is not this earthly temporal structure, the people around you, the families that you belong to. It is not your jobs, your identities, your nation. But it is He who has come out of Edom who was hung upon the Cross, whose blood bought your redemption. He alone do you owe your allegiance to.

You Do Not Owe Allegiance To A Nation

You do not owe your allegiance to a nation; you are no longer of this world. You do not owe your allegiance to a church; you are no longer of a church system. You do not owe your allegiance to one another, but you owe your allegiance to the Son of God, who paid for you, who bought you with a severe price, a severe mercy, whose blood was shed centuries ago looking down through the corridors of time that He would see you, even in this day, and He gladly went to that Cross and shed His blood. Now I'm calling you to gladly go to your crosses, even though some of you are unwilling, and pay the price that I require, that others may go free.

And I will set before you the joy of the Lord in this, and it will be a secret bond and a secret communication between you and I. And others will say, "Oh, what a foolish thing you are doing!" "Why are you wasting your life in this barren desert?" "Why are you giving of yourself in such a way when there is no appreciation, there is no seemingly earthly response or reward for your effort?"

But if you will do that which I've called you to do and hang upon a tree for Me, and see down through the corridors of time that which I am laying before you, and if you will understand the joy of the Lord that will be set before you for the task that you accomplish, then this will be the meat that moves you. This will be the thing that gives you sustenance when others do not even see how you are surviving in the desert that you are in. So, go ahead and obey the Lord in your life. Go ahead and do the things that He's called you to do and know that there will be a secret joy within, there will be a meat provided unto you that others know not of. There will be great reward in the coming days for your sacrifice to God unto the altar of Salvation.

Become A Living Sacrifice For The Lord

And I would say, I am the God who dwells amidst the sacrifice. From the beginning I have dealt with sacrifice. There is an ancient and an honorable thing in sacrifice, and I am calling my people now to become and to give and to be sacrificed unto Me. Drop your wants, your wishes and your wills and become a living sacrifice for the Lord your God to consume. When you were young, you did go where you would, but when you are old another will take you where you do not even want to go, yet you will become that sacrifice unto and for Me. And I dwelt in the sacrifice of Abraham, even the sacrificing of his son upon the altar.

And there is a mystery of godliness in sacrifice. Most people do not understand the term, the word, the inclination of sacrifice, but there is a holy thing when someone sets their life upon the altar and sacrifices not just their possessions, but themselves unto God. I am calling some of you to become living sacrifices unto Me and it is a good thing, even though it will be a painful thing at times, but in that sacrifice nuclear spiritual fuel will be released upon the planet and upon the Body.

It was the sacrifice of Christ that bought salvation and it was a sacrifice, a bloody painful sacrifice. You cannot take the pain out of Christianity. You cannot take the sacrifice out of religion. But all the accomplishments that can and will and shall happen when someone truly sets themselves upon the altars of God and sacrifices their future, their dreams, their wants, their desires as an offering unto God.

It is the closest thing when a human being has his wishes, his wants, his dreams, his goals, his aspirations, to set all that you cherish and all that you hold dear upon the altar of God and say, "Burn it, and take me and send me and do with me what you will." It is the epitome of God; it is the epitome of self-sacrifice unto Me for the benefit of others. It is the love of God in motion, in action, and this is where I am calling my Church, my intercessors to first - that realm of self-sacrifice.

Wheat Fields Will Spread Across The Nations

The kernel of wheat goes into the ground and dies. It bears much fruit. But standing alone, only one stalk shall come - what you want, what you desire, what you dream of - that's all that will ever happen with your life. And that happens with many; they refuse to die; they refuse to go upon the altar of God and give in. But to those of you who will give in, I tell you, that wheat fields will spread across the nations with your sacrifice. You will receive much heavenly reward in your account.

Do not say, "It's too late, I'm an old woman, an old man." because in one instant, I can credit to your account that which others have taken a lifetime to accomplish. Don't say, "I've entered the race too late." Have you not heard the parables? Have you not understood that those who came late got paid the same as those who came early? You say, "Well, this is not fair." Since when has it been fair? I am the Lord your God and I choose what I desire to choose, and I put men in prison and I take them out, and I lift them and I lower them - from individuals to whole nations are lifted and lowered at my command. And if I choose to pay a worker the same wage that I paid someone who has worked for Me for years, then what is that to you?

Why do you care what I do with each other? That is carnality; that is earthly thinking. Simply look unto God and fulfill the call on your life and don't worry about left or right, up and down. I'm going to set all the books straight in the end anyway. No one is getting away with anything. You can bank on this; you can count on it; you can go to sleep on it; you can get up and walk on it. No one is getting away with anything - from the highest to the lowest - everything will be brought into account. So if you're worried about "so and so" doing this or doing that, or getting ahead, or running here and there, or getting out of this. forget about it; forget about it. Simply concentrate on your own walk, your own calling.

Do The Things That God Has Called You To

Make sure that your steps are ordered the way that the Lord would have them, because I will bring into account every individual who is brought before Me, and the rewards will be handed out. And your rewards and your positioning will come simply from what you've been asked to do and what you've obeyed, and no one can change that. No one can intervene for you and change things. You have to make the sacrifice. You have to be obedient. You have to do the things that God has called you to do. If you are faithful to those callings, then your reward will be determined by that.

I tell you truly, many who have raced ahead are going to have a small reward in Heaven. I do not reward according to what you have accomplished in the natural, but I reward according to what you've been obedient to when I've asked you. And many have raced ahead in the Kingdom and built huge empires, yet their reward will be small. It will not be great because they have not accomplished that which I told them to do for Me; they accomplished that which they desired to do.

I've asked many a ministry to back up and set things down and not go forward, and they have pressed ahead anyway, thinking they were doing Me a favor. And they've done many things in the Name of God and I've spoken of this, and I said many will come to Me and say "Lord, Lord, have we not." Yes, you did in your own will, in your own desire to build your name, to build your kingdom, to build your version of the Kingdom of God, but it was not I, saith the Lord.

Led Through The Valley Of Sacrifice

And even though sometimes, these things have been used and people have been helped, it was not the perfect will of God. It was not the calling of God on many vessels. And many vessels have settled for second and third place and they are very, very uncomfortable and there is not much joy in their life because they do not have the full will of God that was laid out for them; because that will, many times, led through the valley of sacrifice, and death, and isolation, and rejection, and torment, and they would not enter into the sufferings of Christ; therefore, they have not received the highest calling in Christ.

Fear not, to enter into the valleys with God. God will pull you though, in and out, and up out of them, and you will have true spiritual advancement, true spiritual reward in your life. Do not take the easy pathways through life and through spiritual things. Take the pathway that you know the Holy Ghost is calling you into, even if it means isolation and suffering at times; because God will come, and God will lift you, and God will promote you; and when he does it will be true spiritual mantles, true spiritual anointing, true spiritual fruit in your life.

It is much better to suffer for ten or fifteen years under the hand of God and then come forward to do one great work for God, than to advance yourself and receive the acclaim of men and come up short in the books of God. So, be patient in your preparation, in your trials and in your sufferings knowing that the Hand of God will eventually lift and place you and reward you for your faithfulness. And if you would know the truth, I see faithfulness much different than you do. When the widow put what she had in the offering, it was considered more than all of the temple priests, and all that they had given. God sees and understands things differently than men. You must understand that the reward of God is based upon what the Holy Spirit has called you to. If all you have is the two mites, it may end up more than what the leader of the temple gave. Think of this.

Think of these parables and realize that these things can be activated in your life that you can do great things for God, even though you are small and insignificant. And to this day that woman's sacrifice is remembered as it was said it would be. It is still spoken of - how she out gave the temple. So hear, hear what the Lord would say of you, what the Scriptures would say of you. Imitate what you see in the Bible, not what you see around you, and you will be blessed.

Mountain of Victory

Ed Key

For those hidden in the desert and caves of spiritual schooling, awaiting the manifest roadways and avenues of release:

Overseers, prophets and apostolic gifts, your purely seen and seeing purity. How happy are the meek inheriting the earth, establishing a living legacy.

On the Mountain of Peace the holy see holy, our eyes and ears are wholly sanctified. With wisdom and with caution we choose what we take in, that in all ways our God we magnify.

The Vine of Life covers the fruitless tree of death, breaking brittle branches as it grows. Wineskins of tradition are bursting at the seams, new wineskins are required for the flow.

Mountain of Victory now bursting forth with fruit, we are being blessed and being broken. Evangelistic gift unto us imparted, through laying on of hands and what is spoken.

Through the course of time tradition will resign, due to lack of vision and devotion. Through the eyes of Jesus, see the coming need, Church expansion must be set in motion.

The Lord our God declares, "righteous is the mountain." The ground we're standing on is consecrated. Evangelistic gift, reveals numeric growth, the strategy is judged and dedicated.

Loving and forgiving, praising one another, reserving highest praises for our God. Corporate praise continues like faithful geysers spouting, we're drawing more than tourists to our sod.

We are now dwelling on the Mountain of God's Joy, tasting of the glory and the splendor. Establishing the dream, we plunge into the stream, drinking in the lofty mountain grandeur.

The sound from our Mountain, rings throughout the region, the audience can hear it clear and loud. We're spiritually discerning, interceding daily, and teaching Kingdom lifestyle to the crowd.

In Christ,

Ed Key
A More Excellent Way Ministries

For Those Who Feel Like "Failures"

Teresa Seputis

Child of mine, I have not disqualified you. Over and over again you come to Me wondering if you have been passed by or passed over. You fear that you have done something that has displeased Me to the point that I will take away the purpose and destiny that I have given to you. You experience a little failure here or there as I refine you, as I grow and mature you. Then you become hard on yourself and condemn yourself for that failure. And you assume that I am treating you the same way.

Do you really think I am that fickle? Do you really think that I am that untrustworthy?

Child I tell you that your doubts in your position in Me come because you do not fully know My character. In short, you do not trust Me. You have been hurt or rejected or failed by man. And you think that I will treat you the same way. I am not a man that I should lie to you. I am not a man that I should pull back My approval because you make a mistake. I am not a man that I should withdraw My love if you do not perform up to standards.

If your heart is truly after Me, then there is nothing that the blood of Jesus cannot cover and wash clean in you. You are received, not based on your merit, but based on My love for you and based on what Jesus has already accomplished for you on Calvary and in His resurrection. You have already been made acceptable in the beloved. You do not have to earn My affection, for I have a great love and a great caring for you. You know this in your head, but I am going to make it real to you in your heart -- by causing you to experience My faithfulness to you over and over again.

Do not be afraid that I will disqualify you. I will refine you. I will correct you. I will fine-tune you that you are better able to work with Me to fulfill your destiny. There are some things in you that I must change in you. There are some mindsets and thinking patterns that I must rework. There are some motivations and desires that I must transform. I am actively at work in you, confirming you to the image of My son.

Do not mistake My refinement for disqualification. I refined Joseph --first in slavery and then in prison -- but I never disqualified him. Rather, worked through the circumstances in His life to change his character and motivations to better line up with mine. I was with Him even in the midst of adversity and false accusations and of being misunderstood. I caused My giftings and anointings upon him to be fine-tuned in that secret place. And then I thrust him forth into his place of destiny.

And I will do the same with you, child of mine. Trust me, for I am trustworthy. I have not disqualified you.

The Earth Is Mine

Marsha Burns

Do not be anxious or afraid, for all things are in My hands. The earth is Mine and all its fullness. I change times and seasons. I set up kings and remove kings. I give wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. Do not be so naive as to believe that your destiny is in the hands of world rulers. I am the Lord. Seek Me and trust Me, then, with a whole heart. Do not put your confidence in the world and the things of the earth. Keep your eternal perspective in times of uncertainty.

Isaiah 31:1 Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many, and in horsemen because they are very strong, but who do not look to the Holy One of Israel, nor seek the LORD!

Faith Tabernacle

Turned Hearts And Opened Eyes

Hollie L. Moody

Following is a vision the Lord shared with me that I pray will help many to fully understand and discern the day and the hour in which we are now walking spiritually. This is a critical time for God's people. My prayer is that somehow, God's Spirit will flow through me to make it possible for Him to use me to speak this vision in a way where God's heart and will is expressed and made abundantly clear.

In the vision, the Lord and I were standing in the midst of a large flock of sheep. There was an intense darkness that surrounded the flock, but was not within the flock itself.

I watched silently as the Lord began to separate some of the sheep into smaller groups.

"Why are these sheep being separated, Lord?" I asked the Lord.

"They have been blinded and hardened and need to be delivered," the Lord replied.

It was then that I noticed that each of these sheep that had been separated, was blind.

I then watched in shocked amazement and horror as the Lord thrust His hands deep into the hearts of each of the sheep in the smaller groups.

The sheep who were undergoing this process appeared to my eyes to be in agony and great discomfort. Their cries and protests filled my ears, and broke my heart.

When the Lord removed His hands from the hearts of the sheep, I saw that He was holding what appeared to be large, black roots. The large, black roots caught fire in the hands of the Lord and quickly turned to ashes.

"What are these roots, Lord?" I asked the Lord.

"They are roots of bitterness," the Lord replied.

The sheep who had had these roots removed from their hearts appeared in need of medical attention. Their chests were an open wound. The Lord reached His hands out again to each of the wounded sheep. I thought at first it was to touch and heal them. I was sickened and stunned when the Lord instead pushed His hands into the chest of each of these sheep and pulled their hearts out.

I saw that the hearts the Lord had pulled out of the wounded sheep appeared as hard as stone. The Lord tossed these stony hearts aside.

I then noticed a basin of water on the ground next to the Lord. The Lord dipped His hands into the water and began to pour it over each of the wounded sheep. After washing each of the wounded sheep with the water, I saw new hearts appear in the hands of the Lord. These hearts were red, bloody and pumping in the Lord's hands.

The Lord then began to insert each of these new hearts into the chests of the wounded sheep. After the Lord had placed a new heart into each of the wounded sheep, He placed both His hands on either side of the heads of each of the sheep. Each of His thumbs was over one of the eyes of the sheep. When the Lord removed His thumbs and hands from the eyes of the sheep, their sight was restored.

Then, the Lord pointed upwards. I looked up to see what He was pointing at. I saw the heavens above me part. An intense light began to flow through the hole in the heavens. Through the hole, I saw a temple. This temple was in Heaven.

I watched as the temple opened up in Heaven. Men and women began to emerge from the opened temple. I saw as they descended into the flock of sheep where the Lord and I were standing.

"Who are these men and women, Lord?" I asked the Lord.

"These are the fathers who will turn the hearts of the children back to their spiritual fathers, and turn the hearts of the spiritual fathers back to their children," the Lord replied. "There is much to be done in preparation for this, and the enemy is at the door to do all in his power to prevent this from occurring."

The Lord and I watched silently as the men and women would take one of the sheep who had been separated from the flock and lead that sheep back to the flock. I saw as these men and women then turned into bridges. One end of the bridge went from the formerly wounded sheep, and the other end of the bridge was placed in front of another sheep.

As this process began and was taking place, wolves entered into the flock. I saw as they began to stalk and attack the flock. The efforts of the wolves appeared to be to keep the flock divided.

Some of the sheep were resisting the efforts of the men and women who had become bridges. These sheep who resisted, I noticed, quickly became prey for the wolves and were devoured.

Those sheep who ventured to walk over the bridges, were reunited with the flock. I saw that when the flock came together and were unified, the wolves were unable to enter into their midst to destroy them.

A bright light began to emanate from out of the midst of the flock of sheep. The darkness surrounding the flock of sheep began to be pierced by this light. Out of the darkness, I saw wounded and maimed sheep began to emerge. The Lord was leading them. He was dressed as a shepherd. These wounded sheep began to hesitantly and suspiciously make their way towards the light coming out from the midst of the sheep.

When these wounded and maimed sheep came to the flock of sheep from which the light was emanating, they were welcomed into the flock and became part of the flock.

John 10:16 ~~ "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd."

John 13:34-35 ~~ "{34} A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. {35} By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

In Him, ~~ Hollie L. Moody

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