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March 15, 2003

The Seasons

Inez Brinkley

Look at the seasons, child of Mine and gain insights for your life. Look and see and believe that I set the seasons in place and I have the seasons of your life securely in My hands. All will be brought to pass. For even as you walk through the bleak winter of life, remember that spring buds with new life. Your trials and testings are but for a season, so that in Me, you can bud with new life, new power, new boldness; and your ministry will bloom as you nurture it by My Spirit.

As the sun warms the earth and tender shoots of grass spring forth, so shall it be with you. The Son has warmed your heart and soul and what He has planted in you will spring forth. The season is now My child. Don't look at what is going on around you. For although the world is still bleak with winter child, yet newness is beginning to bloom within you and will be brought forth speedily.

Thoughts Of Peace


For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:11-13)


You Have Stood Firm

Olivia Long

I have heard the cries of desperation from My Faithful Ones, but even amidst your moments of desperation, YOU HAVE STOOD FIRM. Do not fret, My Beloved, for My arm is not short. The enemy has been stealed for the prayers of the intercessors have opened the airways on your behalf. The enemy has lost his hold and it's been through "the prayers of My People."

You have been in a place of despair. You know what it is to be humble. You have thrown down pride and taken up humility. These are the attributes of a servant. Your greatest example is Jesus. As you, HE was misunderstood. As you, HE was mistreated. YET HE will be the soon coming KING! Yes, HE was a servant, 'YET' He washed the feet of the one who would betray Him, all for My Love for My people. HE did not become bitter and He did not hide but took on the sins of the world.

What the enemy has used to "try" to destroy you, I have used to build the character of Jesus in you. Although you have suffered, although you have been misunderstood, although you have been rejected, although you have lived in want and have humbled yourself --- YET YOU HAVE STOOD FIRM and professed ME as God in the midst of it.

My hand has always been upon you, even though you haven't always felt it. I have never left your side, even though you haven't aways felt ME there. I know and I have counted the hairs on your head and I know when even one has dropped. I know your thoughts and I have heard your sighs and know this, "I AM MOVING IN YOUR LIFE." Not one second have I turned from you, even in your times of dismay and desperation. My plan for your life is fixed and I WILL bring it forth.

YOU HAVE STOOD FIRM in a raging battle! YOU HAVE STOOD FIRM amidst the storm! You have trusted ME in areas that you had never trusted Me before. You have been learning not to despise the trials for they have been bringing a maturity in your life that will be of great value to your calling. You have learned to keep your trust In ME, to keep your eyes On ME, for only I, AM the answer.

I have said to give and it shall be given unto you. Shaked down, running over and pressed together. You have been faithful in giving, giving to your brethren out of your own needs, taking what you had left to help a fellow brother or sister in need. My Faithful Ones, it's now your season to receive. The running over will begin and it will pour... just as the widow with the oil, I AM filling every pot. It will continue to flow until "each" need is met, until "each" promise is fulfilled. I AM pouring forth My oil in your life, but this is just the beginning.... Receive, allow Me to bless you fully and completely for I AM YOUR GOD.

Many of you have seen a blessing, but I say, do not be content with the little in your thinking. Expect the aboundance of the promise. Don't allow the enemy to put the mindset of just getting by in your thinking, but keep in remembrance of the prophetic word and stand on it, as I AM moving. As the veil was rent at calvary, breakthrough time is here. The membrane has been broken and those who have been bound by finances have been released. It's a new day and a new hour.

Many of you have been in a desperate place, but out of desperation comes MY GLORY!!! Out of your obedience and persistance comes My Glory and Power. Out of your persistance, you have run the race. The prize is My High Calling on your life. You have been running the race, IN FAITH, and your reward is nigh, even in your hands. "STAND BACK" and it will come forth. My Beloved, see My Glory and My Blessings surround you, for there is a miracle being performed in the heavenlies on your behalf. It is the miracle of miracles. Many of you have been praying for a financial miracle, for healing miracles ... but I say unto you, you shall have this, but it's only the beginning... This miracle coming forth includes these, but goes "BEYOND." Be prepared and expectant, don't waste your energies on trying to figure out how I will do it but begin to thank ME and praise Me for this miracle that is about to take place. ALL that you have cried out for is in this miracle.

You are My Faith Walkers, having child-like faith, IN ME. My Faithful Ones, in a desperate place, yet .... YOU HAVE STOOD FIRM ... Be Still and see My salvation.

Olivia Long


Michelle West

Many are hidden. Many are in My fields. I have placed them there. I have kept them and I have a set time for their birth. For when I call them to arise, they will overcome and take over the harvest. They are out amongst the fields, unknown to the enemy. They have been and are being kept, hidden, and nurtured until the day I say "come forth".

Children, do not push back My hand. Do not push against that which has kept you hidden. It has been My hand that keeps you in secret. You cry out for your "calling" and I say: push not My hand away. For you are being birthed for a new harvest. You shall arise and grow in speed and you will take over the harvest. You who are in the shell shall arise and sweep through bringing in My new children. Hand in hand you shall bring them into My kingdom. Push not My hand of protection away. For if you try to hatch on your own strength you become a target for the enemy. He does not know of your position or location. He only stirs the air trying to cause many to give away their positioning. Let Me keep you. For on that designated time I shall call this people, this generation of hidden ones to arise and come forth. And they shall come in force and speed and anointing. They shall grow in time tables unknown to human thinking. But in the spirit they shall be ready, they shall be full and mature.

Feel My warmth as I lay My hands upon you. Feel My strength in the waiting. Feel My very presence in the quietness of where you are. For I shall call you to arise soon.

I Am Pouring Out Fresh Revelation

Shirley Lise

Interference will be stopped. I am intervening. I will remove those things that have caused My purposes to be stalled.

Bring Me the whole tithe. Come to Me wholeheartedly, holding nothing back. I want to bless you. I want to take you into a place of rest in Me. This is the day when I am beckoning unto Me those whose hearts are willing to come into union with Mine.

Take heart and move along with the flow of My Spirit. Do not skip a beat, but move forward according to My good pleasure.

This is the day of new beginnings, of fresh revelation directly from the throneroom of the Heavenly Father, for I am pouring out My Spirit and opening the eyes of those who have walked in blindness. I am letting loose an abundance of good things to those who have heard My call to come sup with Me. This is the desire of My heart, that those who seek Me would find Me, that they would enter boldly before Me through the way made open through the cross of Christ.

Come sup with Me. Enter into My presence and enjoy fellowship with Me in the Holy Place, in the inner room. I have called you by name and made a way whereby you may enter, so come and dine at My table. Come and sup with Me in the inner room. Take My yoke upon you, for it will sustain you. Be yoked with Me in heart and mind.

I will bring you into the full revelation of the times. I will open the Heavens to you and release upon you My rain of righteousness. This is the day of change, of great change in the Earth. Those who have been far from Me are being drawn into My presence and those who have wandered away from truth are being brought into truth. This is a day of reversal. Those things that were, no longer exist. The new has invaded and taken precedence over the old. This is the way in which you shall walk, into newness with a fresh understanding. Partake of the new and be willing to abandon the old.

Learning To Wait

Daniel Day

Many do not understand what it means to wait upon God. They see part of My truth but never fully understand the direction they must go. Hidden lies and weakness in the body of Christ stop you from drawing closer to My love. Never have I stopped loving you. There were many times when silence was due. But understand that in the coming months many changes will come. Some for the better and some for the worse. Those who have the courage to survive the tests will be justified in the end. This is the time of the quickening of the body of Christ. Draw near to Me those who have fallen away. I will give you My comfort and peace. I will give you rivers of living water to drink. And My water shall satisfy your thirst. Believe what you cannot see, for your righteousness comes from Me.

Satan is a liar and is trying to weaken the flock, Waiting in the wings to sift you like sand. My people are strong because of My love. Never doubt My love for you. I grant you every new day. Take peace in the fact that I do care for you. The road may seem hard to find but it lies hidden in sight. You must reach beyond what you can see. The eyes of man have long since forgotten the ways of My word. All that I have promised I will do. You are the one who chose to do the many things you have done. I never made you go into debt or leave your wife. I never made you commit those many sins you have committed. But I stand ready to share grace and forgiveness. For it is you who must decide to stop listening to the lies that are told. Wake up church before it's too late. Examine yourselves according to My word. That which is not of Me shall be purged. You shall be like unto gold tried in the true fire. Able to withstand every attack of the enemy.

Desperate For Breakthrough

Yolanda Ballard

Join in. Do not be afraid to enter into My presence in a new and profound way. Enter in with praise and thanksgiving, and let out a victory shout for all I am doing in your midst. For yes, I Am a warrior, and I have placed in you My warring spirit that you may trample down the enemy. As you praise Me and worship Me, you are pulling down the strongholds of the enemy that are over your area.

So gather together, and do not be afraid to enter into My presence in a new and profound way. For this is the day where I will rend the heavens and come down if you humble yourselves before Me and cast off all pride and complacency. Seek My face and not My hand, and I will bless you with treasures from My heart of grace. Yes, I have promised you prosperity and health if you put My kingdom first and not yours. Yes, if you seek Me and My righteousness, all these things will be added unto you.

I know the desires of your heart. I know the yearning of your spirit to come up higher. For there are angels in your midst. Allow them to show you the way to even come up higher. And yes, it is through the door of worship that you enter in. Do not let anything hinder you. Cast off anything that would try to hold you back for I have made you to delight in My presence, and your chief joy is to worship Me. Do not let the enemy rob you for he knows how important it is for My people to enter in and worship. That is why he causes strife and disunity among My people and also division and deception. If he can keep My people tripped up in these snares, he can hinder the breakthrough of My Spirit coming forth. But do not be of those that allow this in My midst. Be free in Me and enter in.

Seek My face, and I will fill you with grace and truth. I will fill you to overflowing with My joy for you need My strength to enter in and prevail against the attack of the enemy to hinder My Spirit coming forth. Press in for breakthrough like never before. Groan before Me. Prevail against the enemy by humbling yourself before Me. Cry out for mercy and My great grace. Cry out for hunger for My presence that I may set you free from the snare of complacency. Do not settle for less than the best. Press in for My glory, and I will pour it out upon you. Do not assume that it will come without you crying out for it.

How desperate are you for a move of My Spirit? Do you want more of Me in your midst? Then show Me the yearning of your heart. And if you feel nothing, then cry out to Me out of desperation that I will set you free. For I do not want to see any of My people miss out on what I am going to do. For I will pour out My power, and I will pour out My glory, and through My people it will come. Out of broken and desperate hearts it will flow.

Like the alabaster box.....unless it is broken open, the fragrance cannot flow forth. So I say to you this day to humble yourself before Me. Cry out to Me. Be real, and let Me know you want Me to come, and I will, says your God.

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