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October 6, 2003

Hidden Revealed/Stolen Returned

Clay Sikes

We have entered a time in which everything hidden is being revealed. We have entered a time in which everything stolen is being returned. We have entered a prophetic season in which the two are prophetically interconnected. When we openly expose what is in us, when we readily admit our faults and overtly expose them to God and man, we take away their strength to rule us any further. We must own our sins and shortcomings in order to disown them. There is no greater way to dispossess what posses us than to own up to it (by exposing it).

To operate this powerful Kingdom principle we will come face to face with our own pride and hypocrisy. If we cave in to these two forces and continue to hide, then we leave God no other way than to expose it Himself Ė He loves us that much and we are in that season! However, if we take the opportunities that He will provide (for confession to Him, and in some cases to others), not only will we be set free, but also we will Spiritually release ALL that has been stolen from us over the years. Those who will be quick to recognize this prophetic truth will quickly see their restoration. There is a time factor between action on our part and restoration of Godís part. Those who linger in this will have a lingering restoration; denial being the greatest enemy to walking in this truth.

It will take enormous courage and faith to step into this revelation, but I am convinced that those who will hear by the Spirit of God, who will heed this word, will indeed begin to see the miracle of restoration in every area of their lives.

We are in a season of restoration. God is restoring His Church: He is restoring His people. The first to be restored are those who have been in the cave with David, the rejected, downtrodden, and those who opted for the desolation of the cave (with David) rather than the opulence of the palace (with Saul). Watch, as the Father takes His finest cloak and covers His people in righteousness, favor, blessing and power. The physical evidence of Godís favor on His Davidic people will be an example for many who continue to lock themselves in the fleshly religious tradition that Saulís palace provides.

In the world, the effort is to get the outside right so we can find supposed happiness inside. In the Kingdom, it is exactly the opposite Ė we get the inside right and the outside lines up.

Clay Sikes


Sammy Tippit

Holiness seems to be a word that has been lost in the modern Christian vocabulary, and it's is rarely understood by the 20th century believer. Yet, the Scripture states emphatically, "Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord" (Heb 12:14 KJV). It's impossible to see God without holiness of heart and life. We'll never see and know the victory that He gives to us without holiness. We'll not know the glory of God without holiness. If we desire to see God at work in our lives, then we must diligently pursue holiness.

What is holiness and how do we get it? Biblical holiness stems from a Greek word which basically means "a life that is set apart for God." A person can't be holy in life and conduct while attempting to hold on to God with one hand and the world with the other one. A holy life is one that has surrendered completely to God. That doesn't mean that a person is perfect. It simply means that he has given his life to God and is in the process of being perfected.

Holiness of life actually begins with holiness pursuing us and is continued by our pursuing it. Holiness is a process that begins at the moment of conversion. When Christ's Spirit enters our hearts, then holiness enters our lives because His Spirit is the Holy Spirit. It's at that moment that a process is begun - conformity unto the image of Christ. It's a life long process.

It's important that we understand two basic principles. First, we can't make ourselves holy. That's the deep work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. On the other hand we must pursue holiness of life. We must seek after the Holy Spirit's work to make us conformed unto the image of Christ. The Greek word used in Hebrews 12:14 that says we should "follow peace with all men and holiness" is one that is often used of a hunter seeking and pursuing his prey. We, too, are exhorted to pursue holiness in the same manner - that is with diligence.

We have all the resources that we need to become holy. We have the indwelling Holy Spirit, the Bible, Christ's victory on the cross, and Christian fellowship. Why then do we need to pursue holiness. These wonderful resources must never be taken for granted. If our lives are going to be victorious, then we must fervently seek holiness. For instance, because of Christ's death on the cross, we have fellowship with one another. Yet, we still need to seek a church (a fellowship of believers) where we can interact and grow in our faith. The same is true with holiness of life. Because of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, we have everything we need for victory in life. Yet we still need to pursue God's Spirit leading and empowering us to live that victory.

The believer is called to be a follower. As we follow (pursue) the Holy Spirit's leading in our lives, we will supernaturally naturally be conformed unto the image of Christ. That's the strategy of the Christian for victory. We simply set out in pursuit of the Holy Spirit. We obey His leading. We follow His guidance. The end result is holiness of life purity of heart. Our conduct becomes that which is pleasing unto God. The Christian life begins with holiness pursuing us, but victory is maintained as we pursue holiness.

Sammy Tippit Ministries

Darkness Into Light

Mary Lloyd

My children, My suffering ones, it is to you I speak today: to My children who have grown used to the presence of suffering in their lives, who have learned to hide the tears, the sadness, the regret.

Many times you have tried to communicate what you have gone and are going through, only to find it an impossible task: no one understood or was able to bear it for you, and you have felt the isolation heaping on more darkness.

When you come before Me beloved, and you have wept, sometimes not even knowing in your own mind why..I have been very close to you, as it were, that your tears fell upon My chest. And not only when the tears fell: I saw the beginning of each sorrow in you as it formed itself as a simple sigh. I have not left you. I will not leave you. I have promised.

I want you to look at this suffering now, while we are close like this, while I have you in my arms. We will look at it together. You are safe. I will not reject you. I will not grow bored with you. I cannot stop loving you or caring about you in every anxious thought you have. Even if you were to break all the rules that your life consists of, I would still love you. Proceed with Me.

Allow yourself now to look in safety at all the painful episodes in your life: some long past; some quite recent - you see the pattern forming in your mind as you call each episode to remembrance.

Do not hurry. Do not think I will lose interest in you or call you self-absorbed. Together we will pick up and examine each episode as though it were a little ceramic tile in a mosaic, and we will place them in the correct place, in the pattern formed from the seasons of your life.

These are all pieces, episodes, that you have examined intently before. Do not try to finish the pattern without me, inserting colourful hopes that may not come to pass.

The picture is building up. You see the shape of the darkness forming from the remembrances, and it threatens to overwhelm you. You are sick of trying to describe the shape of the body of darkness, which is the suffering, that has become so much part of your life.

But place your hands upon My hands, beloved, lean your head upon My head. And I will show you what I see with My own eyes. Try to see it too. I want you to be free of the tyranny of darkness, the tyranny of suffering.

How is the darkness defined, except by the light? Where does the darkness end, except where the Light begins? How could the darkness be comprehended, except you are in the Light?

As you have sensed this body of darkness...

now with your hands upon My hands,

your head upon My head,

even your belly upon My belly, you sense this Body of Light?

Lift your eyes to me, for I AM your Hope!

Great is the darkness forming around you, because of the Light that is forming within you!

Be encouraged.

I AM that Light.

Mary Lloyd

Expect The Impossible

Maria Magruder

This is the hour of the things, which have not been seen in the past or present to manifest. The things that appear to man to be impossible, will now emerge into the natural realm, according to your faith. According to your faith, so be it, for faith is a force, faith does the impossible, faith moves God to perform His promises and Words to you that He has spoken for all these weeks, months or maybe even years. Faith pursues your destiny. It is a pursuer of all God has promised you. For it is in faith that lies the victory, that overcomes the world.

Expect to see the impossible, I heard the Lord say. Expect to see the impossible begin to manifest in your life, in your ministry, in your businesses. For God desires to do more exceedingly abundantly, above ALL you could ever ask of Him or above all you could ever even think! (Eph 3:20) Allow your thoughts to go BIG. Expand your thinking, expand your tent pegs. Go beyond your mindset, to the mind of Christ, where nothing is impossible with Him. Stretch yourself in faith; stretch yourself in vision, for whatever you have in your heart to do for the Kingdom of God, He has something much grander, much larger, and much greater in mind for you. Be sure and ask in faith, believing you have received already, not doubting or wavering, lest that person shall not receive anything. God is calling you to a higher level of expectancy in everything you do. Settle for nothing less than the power of God in every area of your life. God is a liberal giver, and gives without reproach.

Expect to see the impossible emerge in your life. What has been impossible in the past is possible. Mission possible. The mission became possible 2000 years ago on the cross, which Jesus laid His life down and raised again, paralyzing the devil, and his little imps. Expect to see the impossible in your life turn to possible. For this is a turn around period for His children and those who are sons and daughters of the Most High, who are about to reveal the glory of God. Those things that have not moved in your life, that have been a wall, a barrier or a dead end, will turn around, as you continue to obey the voice of God in everything you do. Do everything by the Spirit, live and have your being in the anointing. For everything you need is in the anointing. For it is by His Spirit, and not by our own power or might.

This is the hour where the blessings of God will hunt you down! As you make His Word the ultimate authority and final say in your life concerning His commandments and His promises to you, the blessings of God overtake you. Angels have already been released with blessings for you, the sons and daughters of God. They are on a mission to hunt you down and deliver the blessing no matter where you are -- they will find you.

Expect the impossible. Expect to see the things that you haven't been able to shake or move, as you speak the word of faith, to move, it will move. Faith is the key to the supernatural. With faith you can go to the throne in confidence and boldness requesting whatever you need, KNOWING you have received it. For God desires to equip you with all you need in this last hour, from your personal needs to the things of building His Kingdom. For you have been commissioned to global impact, you have been commissioned to a mission, a mission that is possible with Him.

It is a time for occupying, for the Church to occupy what has been stolen by the devil and take it back. It is time to take your place. The Church will bind the strong man, and rob his house. The Church will be the sign that will cause the world to wonder, because of the resources that are about to be released into the Church's hands. Ask BIG, ask beyond what your mind can comprehend, ask for the surplus. Ask for mantles, ask for anointings, as for ministry giftings, for God will give you all these things, and give them to you liberally, for He is a liberal giver.

So, what can you expect? You can expect for ministries that have been un-heard of to emerge overnight with signs and wonders. For ministries that are already established to not just go to another level in the spirit, but to jump levels, bypass levels, and going for a quantum leap. Expect every circumstance that looks impossible now to turn around quickly. Within months for many will be a huge turn around in finances. Expect your prophetic destiny to manifest, and call it forth. Expect miracles like never before. Expect miraculous healings like never before. Expect sign's and wonder's that all of earth has never seen. Expect global impact, for it is a global commissioning. Expect global revival. Expect that Jesus is coming soon.

Forgive As I Have Forgiven You

Teresa Seputis

I am the Lord your God who arises on you with victory in My wings. For I have already purchased this victory for you on Calvary in My death and resurrection. There is therefore now no sting in death. Sin and bondage can no longer hold you at their mercy. The tormentor has been stayed on your behalf. I am the overcoming One, and I have already overcome for you. I have already won the victory and I have given it to you.

So, rise up and walk in My victory. It is yours. No more does sin and death have power to wreck havoc in your life and in your health and in your relationships and upon your possessions. No more can the tormentor of your soul lay claim to you. I am the all-conquering One, and I have conquered on your behalf. I have set you free.

Now, remain in My freedom. Do not return to the bondages of your past. Do not choose to take the cords of the past hurts and bind yourself again with them. Do not choose to put your wrists once again into the handcuffs of unforgiveness. Do not choose to be tied up with resentment and bitterness. Freely you have been forgiven, so forgive just as freely. If you do not forgive, the very things you hold against others will enslave you.

Do not think that your unforgiveness has power over the individual who you hold ought against. For I say to you, that it does not. The only one held captive by your unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness is your own spirit. As you embrace these dark things, you once again pick up the bondages that I have removed from you. Unforgiveness will hold you in the place of bondage and torment, so that you will not be able to set yourself free. So, do not go there, there is no benefit in it for you. Freely you have received, freely give. Release forgiveness to those who have wronged you and place your cause in My hands. For I say to you that I am a righteous judge and I can proclaim My liberty over you. Do not take it away from yourself by embracing the bondages of unforgiveness.

I have forgiven you for each trespass you committed against Me. I have loved you even when you were unlovable and when you were in bondage and when you were covered in the filth of your sin. I have washed you clean and clothed you in white garments. I have broken the power of sin and death over you. I have adopted you into My family and I have given to you all things that you need. Child, I have forgiven you freely. Now I ask you to forgive others just as freely as I have forgiven you.

And as you forgive, I will thrust you into the place of victory over the torment of the past. I will cause you to prosper and I will lift you up and I will cover you with abundant life. Your joy shall be full.

Child of Mine, forgive as I have forgiven you.

An Empowering of Light

Word submitted by Yolanda Ballard

Be still and know that I AM God. Clothe yourself with My armor of light, and march out to fight the evil one. Take back what the enemy has tried to steal from you, for I AM for you and no weapon formed against you can prosper. For this is the time for the end time harvest. Do not allow the enemy to sidetrack you from what really matters, and that is to draw the lost into the net.

Reach out and know that I AM faithful to anoint you and to give you the words to say so that you may touch their hearts with My love and glory. Reap that which you have sown by faith for now is the time to march in and take the land back from the evil one. Rise up and be bold and join ranks. Yes, you are to be in unity for you cannot make it on your own.

Submit to those I have assigned over you to care for your soul. For yes, I have raised up true pastors, those who will stand with you in this great end time battle. For yes, you must trust them for I have spoken wisdom into their hearts on your behalf and for your loved ones. For I have given them the Father's heart on behalf of His flock. They love you with a passion to see you free and that you rise up as mighty warriors against the evil one.

Once again I beseech you to cast down the vain imaginations of suspicion and doubt for I AM not out to rob you of your calling but to prepare you for a double portion of My Spirit.

So humble yourself before My throne of grace, and open your heart to receive a deeper revelation of My plan and purpose for your life. Reach out and know that I AM faithful to complete the work that I have begun in you. Do not look at the circumstances in the natural. Stand on My word alone, and trust Me to keep My promises to you of healing, of prosperity, of spiritual abundance in your life. Do not doubt but believe and receive all that I have for you for this is a time of restoration.

Yes, it is a time of healing and to take back all that is yours. Rise up and be bold and rest in Me and I will take you to the other the land flowing with milk and honey, of abundance for I have promised you a life of abundance. Do not settle for less than the best.

Be excited, My holy ones, for you are not defeated. You are just going through transition, a time of restlessness, a time of not knowing how to handle what is happening, a time of travail and of birthing. But you need to cry out to Me for the strength you need.

Cry out for My presence and My anointing to take you through. For you are My warriors and I AM preparing you for the next level of warfare. Greater breakthrough entails greater warfare, but you will press through and succeed for it is I who has called you and raised you up.

You are Mine and I will lead you in the battle and together we will draw in the multitudes. Rest in Me, My holy ones. Reap a harvest untold of until this day, the greatest ever!

So be ready for an empowering of light that will blind the evil one, those of his camp, and will draw in those I gave My life for. For yes, I died that all will have life, but My remnant must rise up and be the end time conquerors to bring it all forth. Be faithful to your calling. It is not time to slack off. Do not go by feelings but by faith and you will succeed in Me.

Cast your cares upon Me. Let the past drop away and step into new beginnings for today is the beginning of a new day to rise up as the overcomers I have called you to be. So march on, My holy ones, and rest in My joy, My strength, to carry you through for yes, this is a new day in Me, says your God.

The Blessed Life

Doug Morrell

Everyone who is arrogant is an abomination to the LORD (Proverbs 16:5)

God hates pride.

When we overestimate ourselves, when we become ambitious for anything or anyone but the Lord, or when we are presumptuous, we always end up overestimating ourselves and underestimating others. Our own sense of superiority, flowing from our fleshly soul nature, logically demands that everyone else be viewed as inferior. When I try and appear to be more than who I really am the result is always the same - sin.

Pride is the inner voice that whispers, "My way is the best way." It resists God's leadership and believes that I am able to live without his help. Whenever I find myself wanting to do it my way, looking down on other people, I am being led into captivity by pride.

Arrogance, the feeling or impression of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or by making presumptuous claims, is about power. It doesn't allow real intimacy or real relationship because the arrogant, prideful person is fearful of entering into a relationship with equals. Pride demands that we control, manage, and somehow motivate people because we're in charge of them by implication. That is a great temptation that I have battled especially in pastoral ministry. I stand up here - you sit down there. I sit behind my desk - you sit in front. I stand behind a Bible, a podium, or the internet - you in homes, offices, small groups, or wherever. There is a great temptation to take too seriously the sense that you need me. That is not living deliberately - it is living dangerously.

Our culture encourages, embraces, and rewards ambition without qualification. We live in a society where excellence is applauded by expansion, acquisition, and fame. Everybody wants to get more. To be on top, to have reached the top rung, no matter what or who is at the top, is promoted, admired and envied by all. Our whole society, our schools, our understanding of well being and wholeness, even popular religion in the church have exchanged the simplicity of the carpenter for thirty pieces of silver. The sin of pride and its siblings presumption and arrogance are difficult to recognize when it is boldly encouraged and approved as an accomplishment, viewed as a virtue, and prized as profitable. But we are called to be spiritual sons and daughters of God - called to crucify the temptations of prideful arrogance, ambition, and self-assertion.

If I continually disregard the Holy Spirit's gentle prompting, he ultimately will teach me humility by being humiliated. We have a God who will confront our ambition by allowing failure. I am unmasked and humiliated, laid bare as I am lowered in a basket (2 Corinthians 11:30-12:10). Or when I am relocated for the good of the Body so that peace may remain intact (Acts 9:28-31). God, who is love, deals with my presumption or ambitious desires by allowing limitation and loss, by not letting me have everything I want or think I need. The thorn in the flesh remains as a humbling, limiting and painful reminder of my transgression.

The calm and quieted believer is one who has come to terms with who he or she really is, the one who has truly understood that God is in control, and has surrendered his or her will to his sovereignty. This is the person who knows who they are in God's sight, who refuses to acknowledge ambition - one who no longer entertains self-centered delusions and proclamations of affectation of grandeur or splendor or by absurd or even slight exaggeration about what they do or what they could be if God would just come into agreement. The outcome of a simple life is peace, rest, quiet, contentment, and even self-control. Jesus talked about that simple lifestyle when he said, "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth" (Matthew 5:5). This declaration instructs us how to be blessed and does not promise laughter, pleasure, or earthly prosperity. To Jesus, "blessed," meant the experience of hope and joy, independent of outward circumstances. To find hope and joy, the deepest form of happiness, we are to follow Jesus regardless the cost. We learn that the Kingdom of God is not preoccupied with wealth and power and authority.

To be calm or quiet is an act of my will. I must first make the choice of where to place my confidence - not in myself but in the Lord. Then I must acquire the behavior that flows out of the meekness that Jesus described - bridled strength, perception without distortion of my personal feelings, and steadfast stability. It is like a small child resting in his father's lap, his head on his chest - a child who has been weaned from the bondage of self-seeking to the freedom of trusting and resting in the Lord for everything - from self-confidence to God-confidence. It is one who has grown from an infantile, demanding attitude to one that is gracious, accepting, and content. Resting in the Lord - true humility - is waiting on God.

Jesus asks each of us today, "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me - watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you" (Matthew 11:28-30, The Message). We can learn the unforced rhythms of grace, gentleness, meekness, and humility from our Lord. If we only ask, he will reproduce his own life of humility in us and we will discover rest. In so becoming, we will no longer find ourselves waging war in our daily circumstances. His life comes only as the Holy Spirit weans us from personal ambition, strife, and self-effort to a peaceful, simple, and contented life.

Grow in grace and truth,
doug morrell

A fellow servant in the work of the Kingdom.

Christian Outfitters - Live Christ Deliberately!

You Are Mine and I Am Yours

Ras Robinson

I brought you from bondage into freedom because I love you. The enemy of your soul seeks to convince you that you are nothing. He says you are desperately wicked and wretched. And the more you listen to him the more apt you are to believe his lies. You can then become vulnerable to begin living as he suggests. But I have good news for you. Greater is He who is within you than he who is in the world. His power is limited to both obvious and covert evil. His snares are deadly. But you have overcome him because I live in you. And because I am in you there is no limit to the power available to you in My name. You are mine and I am yours.

1 John 5:4 "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

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