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January 10, 2003

Sovereignty of God

Ching Co

But the Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth be silent before Him. (Habakkuk 2:20)

Events occuring at various parts of the nations has the tendency to draw away our focus from the Lord and unto the main characters involved in these events. We are being challenged these days not to forget the sovereignty of God. He is still in control of everything even of the heart and mind of world leaders. "The king's heart is in the hands of the Lord; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases." (Proverb 21:1)


This is not the time to look around at what others are doing but to look deep within our hearts even at the history of our nations. Like Daniel, we need to come before the Lord and confess the sins that our forefathers and our generations has committed against the Lord. (Daniel 9:3-4)


In this book we will find a lists of the transgressions that nations has committed against each other and against the Lord. Many of these sins have also been committed in our generations and times. Unless we too acknowledge our transgression and repent of them and be willing to make restitution on behalf of our family, cities or nations. We too will not be spared from God's coming discipline and judgement.


Any actions taken that is dependent upon human abilities or national strenght and wisdom will come to naught. God will prove to the nations the reality of His word that " IT IS NOT BY MIGHT, NOT BY POWER BUT BY HIS SPIRIT" (Zechariah 4:6) that real victory can be achieved.


Just like Peter walking in water, so the coming days will be days of walking BY FAITH for most of God's people. We must trust God's heart and beware of judging by what we see. For no matter what happens around us , we need to press in and acknowledge and know that OUR GOD IS WITH US IN THIS JOURNEY. HE WILL NOT ABANDON HIS CHURCH AND WE WILL NOT FAIL.


For those who have been faithful in following God's leading in their lives, the coming days will be filled with glorious manifestations of God's power and presence. You will begin to see the Lord opening ways for you in manner that you have not expected so that His plans and purposes will be fulfilled.


The Lord will once more raise up modern day Cyrus from all level of society, and these will be called by God to serve the needs of His people in the work that He has assigned to them. Their resources will be offered to God's people for God's work and for His kingdom purposes.


Just like Joseph, the involvement of God's chosen ones in this time will not be limited to the direct preaching of God's word but will primarily be focus in work of services or business that will have positive impact upon the society, cities or nations where they are living. They will shine where they are planted by the Lord. Their skills, talents, will be recognized by those around them and they will be called to share their talents in these latter days. This honor will once more be given back to God's people.


We can expect great spiritual opposition and will experience the enemy intensifying His attack but on the other hand we will also see God's power made manifest in greater measure in the midsts of these two opposing forces being unleashed in our midsts. We must not be surprised as God's people to see bad and unpleasant things taking place around us. In all these, God will ultimtately work out all things for good and for His purposes as He has promised us in His word.


The days ahead will be precarious. We cannot afford to be complacent nor rely on the ways that we used to do things . Anything can change in a moment and we need to stay in tune with God's leading as He gives us directions and instructions from moment to moment. Events that has taken placed from the books of Acts and many more will be repeated in our times . These occurences will not be limited to one city alone but will be taking place simultaneously in many cities and even nations around the world.

God's marching order is about to be given out. Those who have prepared their lives for this time will not be taken by surprise as they see the prophesies and promises they have received and have been nurturing begin to come to past.


Ching Co

Zerubbabel's Come Forth

Amanda Davis

I am hearing the cries of My People longing to be set free. The enemy has tried to destroy My Church as I originally created it but, My DNA is upon it and it cannot be destroyed. This is the season I am calling forth My Zerubbabels to begin rebuilding the foundations of My Church perfected. My Church will begin to look once again as it did in its beginnings. Denomination walls will no longer keep My Children apart. These walls will be more like filters letting My Spirit flow between them. Love will once again flow amongst My Children. Differences will give way to unity. I have given each part of My Body a piece of the puzzle. I did this so they will need each other to find Me. It is My perfect will that My Children will learn to move in My Love striving to love and help one another. This is the foundation upon which My Church will be built. So, I call to you My Zerubbabels -- Come Forth, My chosen ones of integrity and perseverance. For, you were called for such a time as this.

I also speak to the watchman on the wall. Cover these who will direct the rebuilders, for the enemy will lay plans to destroy their work. Pray that My Shepherds will embrace them and not turn them away. For I have sent the Zerubbabels to help them and not hurt them. My People I have heard your cries. My Church will be called from destruction into a glory the world has yet seen.

Rise Up Mighty In Me

Teresa Seputis

Child, the enemy of your souls is devising strategies against you. It is his desire to take you out, to overwhelm you and to make you feel helpless, small and disqualified. It is his strategy to steal from you, to harm you, to disable the relationships that are important to you and to destroy you.

But My strategies for you are to make you mighty in battle, to make you one who walks in My victories and to cause you to be an overcomer. I desire to thrust you into My victory and to show forth My glory and My power through you.

Who's strategy do you choose for your life and situation? It will be one or the other.. the enemy's or Mine. Which do you desire? You can choose which strategy will be in effect over your life.

If you choose My strategy, then you must rise up and fight. For you cannot win a battle that you are unwilling to fight. For I will indeed fight with you and give you the victory... but only as you go forth under My direction and rise up to the battle. You cannot defeat a foe that you are unwilling to engage in battle. I have ordained you to be a mighty warrior in Me. To be My warrior, you must enter into each battle that I instruct you to fight. For if you do not fight, the enemy will trample on you to kill, steal and destroy in your life and circumstances. But if you fight at My command, you will prevail in Me.

Know this, it is not enough to simply fight one battle and stop. It is true that you take ground in spiritual battle. But you must also hold to and maintain the territory that I cause you to win. Just as a demon that has been cast out of a person wanders to and fro on the earth looking for a new home and it finally tries to go back to its original host -- so the enemy will try to retake ground that he has lost in spiritual battle. If you do not resist him, he will retake ground that you had won from him in battle.

So you must understand that I have not called you to a single battle. You do not fight once and then rest in your laurels. Rather you are My soldier in My army and you are to both hold the ground I have already given you and to go forth into the battles I command you to that you might capture more ground. I have called you to walk in My victory.. but to walk in victory, you must fight each battle that I send you into.

Do not cower before the enemy. He is a defeated foe. He will try to scare you and he will try to intimidate you. But know that I have already defeated him on Calvary and I have already given you the victory. But you must go and take the victory that I have won for you. The children of Israel had to march into the land of Canaan and fight to possess the land I had already given to them. Likewise, you must fight to possess your promises. I will give them to you as you move forward with Me in My power and anointing and authority. Prepare yourself for battle and enter into it at My command. Rise up mighty in Me, for I will surely give you the victory!

The Set Time

George G. Delo

You will arise and have mercy and loving-kindness for Zion, for it is time to have pity and compassion for her; yes, the set time has come [the moment designated]. For your servants take [melancholy] pleasure in the stones [of her ruins] and show pity for her dust. So the nations shall fear and worshipfully revere the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth Your glory. When the Lord builds up Zion, He will appear in His glory; He will regard the plea of the destitute and will not despise their prayer (Psalm 102:13-17, Amplified).

Prepare the way of the Lord. Return to the Lord your God in humility of heart. The time of compassion has come, even the set time for the restoration of My church. I am even now arising with mercy and loving-kindness for My church. As you turn to me with all of your hearts I will not be to you as in former days when you provoked me to wrath with your ways. But I have purposed in these days to do you good and to bring forth My divine work. I am restoring My temple, even the Tabernacle of David, the fallen hut. I will repair its breaches and remove its reproach. I will have a holy habitation for the revelation of My glory upon this earth. I will be exalted among the nations and they shall fear My name. I will be exalted in the earth and all men shall know that I am the Lord God Almighty and there is no other.

I have called you for such a time as this. I have heard the cries of My servants who have wept over the fallen ruins of My church. And I will give ear to your prayers, I will regard the pleas of those broken in heart over the condition of My temple. Prepare the way for the return of My people. Cast up a highway. Take up the stumbling stones of iniquity and set up a standard for My people. Lift up your voice like a trumpet and call My people back to the Lord God, even to their first love. Turn unto Me with all of your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning until every hindrance is removed and communion is restored. For I am a gracious God, merciful and full of compassion, and I will have mercy once again upon My people to bless them and to restore them to Myself.

I have yearned for My people. I have longed to gather you to Myself. I have called you. I have brought you forth. I have sent My word and My Spirit unto you. But you have chosen your own way. You have not recognized and honored the day of your visitation. So I have withheld My presence and kept My glory to Myself. I have reserved My weeks of harvest for the fullness of time. But now I will have pity upon My people and reveal My mercy once again. Return to the Lord your God that you might glorify Me in the day of your visitation. I will dwell once again among My people and tabernacle in the midst of My church. I will take away her reproach and restore her glorious heritage in the midst of the nations.

Set your hearts and your minds to seek My face. I am doing a new work in this hour, a work of My Spirit. Do not look to the former things or consider the things of old. For this is a new thing that you have not known or seen before. I am taking you a way you have not gone before. I am building My church, even a holy sanctuary for the ark of My presence and My holy articles. I am building a temple without the hands of men but by My Spirit. Open your hearts to Me and I will lead you in the way I have made. I am bringing forth My people in newness of life, even in My resurrection life and power that I might appear in My glory.

Make ready for this day of My coming. Set the trumpet to your lips and sound an alarm in My holy hill. Call My people apart. Set a fast and call a solemn assembly. Gather My people and sanctify the congregation. Let none be exempt. Take with you words and return to the Lord your God. Let My servants weep before Me and pray for My mercy and I will regard your prayers that My church would be raised up from her desolations. It is the set time of the Lord, the day of restoration. It is time for My church to arise out of her prostration, to come forth, even the manifestation of My sons and My daughters. Return to the Lord your God and I will heal you, I will deliver you and raise you up once again to live in My sight, a mighty host. Seek My face and I will surely come unto you.

Power For Today Prophetic Ministries

I Have a Plan For You

Olivia Long

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

For God's gifts and His call are irrevocable. Romans 11:29

Many of My Faithful Ones are perplexed. You see others being elevated and though you are faithful to Me, you still remain in your present circumstances. You know the dreams and visions that I have put upon your heart but it is very difficult sometimes to envision them coming to pass. Others say that you cannot be following Me or you would be moving forward, you would be prospering, you certainly would not still be stuck where you are, in otherwards, you must be failing Me. Everything appears to be "on hold" in your life and you ask "what is going on, Lord?" My Beloved, allow Me to address your concerns and put your mind at rest and to bring you peace...

You are here for a reason! You have a purpose and a destiny! While many are drifting along leaning more to the world's ways, you have chosen the narrow path, - daring to follow wherever I lead you. I know that it appears somewhat dark at the moment, but Ah My Beloved, I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU. It has nothing to do with your looks... It has nothing to do with your financial situation... It has nothing to do with your abilities... IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ME !!!

My Faithful Ones are a people of destiny! Each and every one of you will shine as a most precious gem. From your birth, I have been working towards this destiny and no matter what the obstacles are now or what obstacles may come or what difficulties may arise, I have put inside you "everything that is necessary to overcome." Everything to strengthen you, to give you endurance and to give you insight into My plan for you. You are My Overcomers ... and I have given you the ability to overcome the inner as well as the outer. When I called you to this path, you said "yes, Lord, send me" and you knew you were meant to be something greater than just enduring in a secular world.

Beloved, long before you were conceived, I had a purpose for your life. I knew that you would be born and I cared enough to plan a purpose for each of you - individually. I am you Father and I am eternally commited to working for the fulfillment of My purpose in you and giving to you all grace and power, each day, so that My plan for you may be fulfilled.

Failures???? Beloved, I had a plan for you even before I said "Let there be light!" Each of you have been given special giftings, visions and revelations, all orchestrated by Me for what I called you to do. Failures? I DO NOT MAKE FAILURES!!!

Some of you see your visions and dreams fading. Beloved, I have given you visions and dreams for the future. You look at these now and it appears these dreams are much too big for your abilities. Your confidence is shaken at times, that you will never get the job done. But I say unto you "No dream is too big for ME to fulfill. "IT IS I" who put these dreams in your heart and "IT IS I" Who will bring them to pass.

Beloved you will not fail, you CANNOT fail, for you are anchored upon the Rock. Even when you feel that you may be drifting away, I always pull you back. For I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU !!! So put your concerns about failing away, for failing is not part of My plan for your life.

I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU ... In fact, I am even more excited about what I have called you to do than you are. And be assured of this, I NEVER CHANGE MY MIND. Your circumstances may seem to contradict this, but the facts remain ... I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU and I never change My mind about the people that I have called and the things that I give you. I know your needs - and I know how to get you where you need to be. Trust Me... I will work it out !!! FOR I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU.

Olivia Long



God's word to me was this: Simplify.

Put Jesus back at the Head of the Body, seeking His direction. Let each body part be just who they are chosen and equipped by the Holy Spirit to be.

Cease idolatry in the churches and in the lives of the Christians. Idolatry is any person, place or thing that replaces God's place as Number One in our individual lives and corporate assemblies. Exodus 20:3, Nehemiah 8:1-6.

Repent. Every preacher, pastor, minister, priest, leader should lead their assemblies by repenting, the 'on your knees' kind of wailing and weeping kind of repenting, before God. Repenting for the sins of ourselves, and of others. Seeking to be reconciled to God. 2 Chronicles 7:14, 2 Corinthians 5:20.

Unify. Repent of the walls that have been built in the past by Christians that have promoted hatred, selfishness and division. Seek to build relationships with every assembly in your city, dropping the titles that divide and separate you.

Obey. Seek to know the God of the Bible (rather than knowing what the Bible says). Make your personal daily goal to spend time with God to learn of Him and deepen your relationship with Him, for that relationship IS Christianity and IS eternal life. John 17:3

Forgive. Jesus taught that forgiveness is to be a lifestyle. Turn the other cheek. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand why people do what they do (when hurt by them), then ask for God's blessing and healing in their lives.

Show kindness, compassion and mercy. To everyone. From the neighbor next door, to the Iraqi around the world. Pray for all people. God says to do so.

Give up the notion that God doesn't work supernaturally anymore. He does. Ask Him to show you.

Clean out your house - your mental house, emotional house, physical house, and spiritual house. Keep tabs on your thought life - for that's where temptation comes. Seek God's healing and wholeness in your emotional house - forgive. Eat in a way that shows gratitude for your food. Make relationship with God the priority in your life; seek to know Him. Put God first in all these areas, for our whole bodies are temples of His Holy Spirit. Can God reside in a temple such as yours?

When we simplify, putting God first, then we will seek to know Him, and respect Him, and honor Him. Then we can be accurate reflections of Him to the world around us.

And isn't that what we are called to be for Christ: salt (healing balm) and light (direction)?

in Him,

SaltShakers Ministries

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