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September 9, 2000

I am calling you

Steve Lincoln

[Below is a prophecy that God has given me for the nation of South Africa, but I believe it is just as relevant for any nation, and I trust it will be a blessing and a challenge to you as you read it and pray through it...
-- Steve]

"I am calling you to come deeper into me, to see me as I am and to know the reality and intimacy of my presence. I am calling you to a walk of holiness and purity before your God.

The work that I have for you to do is secondary to the relationship that I desire to have with each one of you. Why do you stand in the shallows of my river, when I am calling you to jump into the very depths? My heart is so full of love for each one of you, and I have a specific plan and purpose for you individually and corporately. However, my plan and purpose will only be achieved as you stand together as one army, with your shields linked tightly together.

Know that I am calling you to war, the time for battle is now! My plan has always been for my people to be on the offensive against the devil and his schemes, but too often my people are only passive and defensive.

There is a window of opportunity open for you. Many hearts have been prepared, and are waiting to hear my gospel. Do not be afraid to speak out and to tell of my kingdom and my love. Do not water down my gospel to try and make it more acceptable or palatable to the ones that are lost. They are looking for truth and substance, for the reality of who I am, not who you think I am, but know that as you seek my face I will show you the full reality of your God.

My army is beginning to march out upon this nation, and all across the earth, marching with the banner of love and truth. It is my truth that will set the captives free, and bring liberty to those in chains.

There is a cost to knowing the depths of who I am, to having an intimate and personal relationship with your God - the Lion and the Lamb - and that cost is everything, your very life itself. It is this truth that I am restoring to my church at this time: In order to follow me you must take up your cross and therefore die to your own self, daily. Embrace the cross, and you will embrace me, and as you embrace me so you will also know the embrace of my Father. It is only as you die to your own self that I can live in you and through you, and it is only by me living in you and through you that the nations will be changed.

This is not something to fear, but to earnestly desire, for there is so much love, joy, peace and rest waiting for you as you turn your attention and your desires away from yourself and away from earthly things, and towards me.

I am calling the nations into my kingdom. I am preparing many hearts to receive me, but first I am repairing and strengthening the nets, in order that they will hold and the souls will not slip through and be lost again. Therefore do not hold back or waste time. The window of opportunity will not always be open as it is now.

There are many cults and false religions that are wanting to take these precious people into darkness, but know that the weapons that you fight with are not of this world. The battle is won only by the Word of God, spoken in truth, and by the love of your God shown in power and in acts of kindness to those who are lost.

Do not be angry or hateful towards others who are in the darkness of cults, false religions and sinful ways. Instead, show my love towards them and fight your enemy the devil with the authority that I have given you, for it is he who has blinded their eyes. It is up to you to remove the blindfolds.

I am taking you through a transition stage, and there are two objectives for this stage:

First, that you lay aside everything that would hinder you, and allow me to bring the change that is necessary. I love you with a love that is far stronger and deeper than you have even begun to experience. It is because of my immense love for you that I will bring you through change, to equip you for what lies ahead, but more than that because I desire for us to be closer in an intimate relationship of love and trust. Seek my face and not just my hand and I will pour out more blessings upon you than you can realise.

Second, that you love one another with an unconditional love. Do not judge one another, and you will not be judged; but also know that I am shaking the earth, and my judgements are coming to bear. I have purposed that my judgement will begin in my house, and with my people.

Therefore seek my face and cleanse yourselves before me and you will know the abundant blessings of your Father, who truly loves you."

God bless you and keep you,

Steve Lincoln.



The Lord showed me an immense crowd of people trudging down a dusty dirt road.

"What do you see?" the Lord asked me.

I gazed intently into the crowd of people. I was shocked and horrified by what I saw. The people in this crowd all appeared to be injured. They were dirty, bloody and appeared to be extremely weary and weak.

Some of the people were helping to support those weaker than themselves. Still others were being borne on stretchers. As I watched how these people trudged forward, appearing so tired, I felt great discouragement emanating from them.

"Who are these people, Lord?" I asked the Lord.

"They are My warriors," the Lord replied.

To my eyes, they didn't look like warriors.

"Nevertheless, they are My warriors," the Lord said to me. I knew the Lord had discerned my thought, and I felt ashamed.

"Where is their armor, then?" I asked the Lord.

"You must look at them with the eyes of the Spirit," the Lord answered me. "Look again."

I looked once again at the crowd of people. They were still trudging wearily forward. This time when I looked at the people, I saw their armor. I saw the helmets on their heads. They all had a sword and a shield, but the swords were sheathed, and the shields appeared to be slung by some type of strap over one of their shoulders. I saw that they had some type of combat boots on their feet. There was armor covering their bodies also.

Their armor appeared well worn and even dented in some places. The swords were bloody. Their boots were caked with mud and dust, and were split open. All the people were covered with dust and blood, as was their armor.

"What happened to these people?" I asked the Lord.

"They have been engaging the enemy in battle," the Lord replied.

"Where are they going now?" I asked the Lord.

"To be cared for," the Lord replied. "Behold!"

I saw that the Lord was pointing and turned to see what He was pointing at. I saw what appeared to be a hospital. I was puzzled when I saw the hospital. I didn't understand its significance.

In front of the hospital, a new group of people was beginning to form. This new group of people appeared excited, restless and impatient. They all appeared to be quite young (from children on up to young adults). They kept glancing impatiently down the road towards the Lord and I, and towards the weary group of warriors. When they saw the weary group of warriors coming towards them, they began to cheer. Some of the warriors lifted up their heads and stared down the road when they heard the cheers. Most of them, kept their heads down and continued to trudge slowly forwards.

The group of warriors came closer to the group of people in front of the hospital. When the group in front of the hospital saw the injuries and dejection of the warriors, they fell silent. The warriors continued to trudge onwards, until they reached the new group of people. Silently, the new group of people parted for the warriors and let them pass through their midst.

When the warriors reached the doors of the hospital, I saw doctors and nurses begin to stream from the doors of the hospital towards the warriors. The doctors and nurses began to rush the warriors into the hospital.

"What is happening to the warriors?" I asked the Lord.

"Come with Me," the Lord replied.

Together, the Lord and I walked into the hospital. I saw many of the warriors on gurneys or sitting in chairs with their heads down and their eyes closed. As the doctors and nurses began to care for the wounds of the warriors, I heard groans and cries of pain as the wounds were being cared for.

The Lord and I went inside what appeared to be operating rooms. We watched silently as the doctors and nurses began to perform surgery on some of the warriors. Some of the wounds were external, and some of the wounds were internal. Every warrior, though, had suffered some type of wound.

The Lord and I then walked into the recovery rooms, and into the rooms of the patients. The warriors that had had more extensive wounds, had been anesthetized, and were sleeping deeply and peacefully. Many of them were in darkened, silent rooms.

I then became aware that while I had been observing what was transpiring around me, the Lord had been going from warrior to warrior. He was touching them, soothing them, ministering to them. I became aware of His words of praise and encouragement to the warriors. As the Lord touched each warrior, I saw that warrior as if a great weight and burden was lifted from them. I sensed peace coming upon them, and within them.

"Come with Me," the Lord said to me.

I followed the Lord silently from the busy, bustling hospital. The other group of people was still in front of the hospital. They appeared slightly confused and perplexed. Some of them had started down the road. The others were calling them to come back and join them; that it wasn't time yet to leave. I didn't understand what they meant by it not being time.

"Who are these people?" the Lord asked me, indicating the group of people standing in front of the hospital.

"Lord, I don't know," I replied.

"These are the new warriors I am preparing to send back out into the battle," the Lord answered.

I stared at them once again, and felt alarmed and a bit dismayed. Before I could say anything, the Lord spoke to me.

"They don't appear to you to be ready for the type of battle you have seen that the other warriors were engaged in," the Lord said.

"They have no armor!" I cried out to the Lord. "They'll be slaughtered without any armor on."

"I always provide armor for each of My warriors," the Lord replied to me. "Whether they don it is their own choice.

"The warriors I showed you have been in great warfare. They are exhausted and wounded. I am calling them aside to become strong again. They have battled on the behalf of many, and have willingly received wounds meant for others to shield others. Now, it is time for them to be shielded. I am calling for a changing of the guard. I am raising up a new group of people to go out and do spiritual warfare."

"What is the battle for?" I asked the Lord.

"One of these battles is the fiercest battle of all," the Lord replied. "Yet so very few are actually aware of this battle."

"Which battle is it?" I asked the Lord.

"It is the battle for the hearts and minds and souls of the children" the Lord replied. "Behold!"

I turned to see where the Lord was pointing, and saw an immense, innumerable group of children of all ages. A dark cloud was over these children. Demons were flying around the heads of the children, and walking through the midst of the children. The demons were whispering to the children, and showing them things they were holding in their hands. The children were excited and fascinated by what the demons were showing them. The children were reaching out eagerly to grasp what the demons had in their hands.

I looked closer and saw that the demons were demonstrating magic tricks to the children. The children were enchanted by the tricks, and enthralled. When the demons moved, the children followed them. When the demons showed them something, the children reached for it. I felt that the children had no concept or idea that it was demons who were showing them these things.

"What is going on?" I asked the Lord as I turned back towards Him.

"The minds and hearts and souls of the children are being corrupted, bought and won by the occult," the Lord replied. "Parents are unaware of the true nature of many of the things they have allowed their children to buy, watch or participate in. The parents think these things are harmless, and the children enjoy them. If the enemy can seduce the children, he has won battles that will never be fought."

"How can this battle be fought?" I asked the Lord.

"Through wisdom, discernment and prayer," the Lord replied. "I will be using a new breed of warriors for this particular battle."

The Lord pointed to the group of young people still standing impatiently in front of the hospital. Those who had left because they were too impatient to wait, I saw were already discouraged, and were dropping out by the side of the road.

"I will use the young to win the young," the Lord said to me.

I felt troubled by this.

"Why are you troubled by this?" the Lord asked me.

I wasn't surprised that the Lord knew my thoughts. "Are these young people able to engage in this battle? Are they aware of what they are up against? Do they have the wisdom for this battle?"

"It is the intercessory prayers of the war-weary warriors who will shield and enable the young group of new warriors to battle for the children," the Lord replied. "This new, young group of warriors knows the depths of satan; they have been there and have been delivered. They know very well what is truly transpiring. More even than many of the parents know or comprehend, these new young warriors know and comprehend."

I watched as, at a silent signal from the Lord, the new, young group of warriors was released and commissioned to go out and battle for the children. From within the hospital, I heard the prayers of the wounded, older warriors for the new warriors.

God save our children.

The Log Jam - For the body

David Howe

On Sunday 3rd September 2000 this vision came during prayer before a meeting.

At first I thought it was just for that meeting but it has stuck with me all week - This was confirmed by what was spoken in last nights Wednesday house group.

I saw a flood coming into the church - Moving up the centre of the church - But it was not the flood itself that caught my eye - It was what was in front of the oncoming water.

I could see that there was a lot of rubbish in front of the flood - This rubbish was totally black in colour and was resisting the flood as much as it could - It was like a log jam on the river.

Then I knew what this totally black log jam was - It was religious traditions made of man - Hidden pride and fear of being deceived - Mans ideas and plans - Its was like we did not trust The Lord.

This is what is holding back many fellowships of all types - Holding back both Traditional and Free churches - Holding back Pentecostal and Evangelical - Holding back many of The Lords people.

The Lord is wanting to set us free with but we keep resisting him - We Keep resisting the flow of the water of the Holy Spirit - Keep resisting because of some of the teaching we have had. Many I can see do not know that they are doing this.

The Lord wants us to yield to him - To let go of the sins that so easily entangles us - For the Lord wants us to be free in him - For whom the Son sets free - Is free indeed.

For it is in that place of being totally yielded to him that the Lord can really use us.

For the Lord would say to you this day - Fear not - For it is I moving amongst you - For would I do anything to harm you ? - Would I give you a serpent when you ask me for bread ? Would I gave you poison when you ask me for water ? - Would a shepherd let a wolf into his sheepfold ? - For I care for you all more than you can ever imagine - For I AM THE GREAT SHEPHERD says the Lord.

I say again - Fear not - For it is I sending the water - Sending the water to refresh you - Sending the water to heal you - Sending the water to clean you up - Sending the water to set you free - Sending the water that you have prayed for says the Lord.

Come drink of me and be free - Yes - Fear Not - Let me wash you clean - For I AM the water says the Lord.

For whom the son sets free - Is free indeed.

Dave Howe - September 7th 2000. Wellspring ministries - England.

Know My Ways and Thoughts

Doug Patterson

Treasures of Heaven lie within the pages of My Living Word. Delight in your Lord as you seek His face. Rest at His feet, for that is a place of training, communion, and revelation. It is time to begin to know My ways and My thoughts.

You are so precious to Me, My children. This is a time for comfort, for reassurance that I have a call for you. I see the plan and I see the purpose. Allow Me to share a new pathway for you to walk upon. My heart is to bring increased blessing so that you can be a blessing to others. I desire to have a covenant relationship; to see My family gathered together in a spirit of unity and peace. It should be a joyous time of serving one another.

The pathway is there before you. It is written in the Word. The trumpet blast will send a call for the army of the Lord is to march soon. It is a family. A family that is filled with blessing, hope and prosperity. For My word is rich in every way. I desire that you be a prosperous people praising your God.

Intercessors For Jesus Ministries

Knowing My Voice

Linda Patterson

For My eyes are constantly watching, looking for those whose hearts are open, hungry and leaning toward Me. I am searching for the ones whose agenda and time is set apart for Me.

There is a famine over the earth of hearing and truly recognizing My voice. To know Me, spend time with Me. Many voices clamor for your attention. Silence the enemy of distraction and doubt. Recognize the battle in the mind.

Be steadfast in your quest to know Me. Intimacy of heart to heart communication with Me is in that still small voice.

Revival fires will burn, My glory will increase, signs, wonders and miracles will follow, My beloved. But know, that all this I work through the hearts of those totally given to Me in that secret place of resting and abiding. My generals today know the voice of their commander-in-chief. With confidence they go forward knowing ultimate victory.

Come along with Me into the glorious light of day. For the intimacy of My voice, My truth, My imprint upon your life will illuminate the pathway and dispel the darkness of the hour.

Intercessors For Jesus Ministries


A Word through Dr. Paul N. Gervais

More! More! Give us more! That plea is heard in almost every gathering throughout this nation. People, expressing a love deficit, of which no individual is immune, are calling Home. And God isn't disappointing the Little Ones!


Prophetically, without question, I know that this is the greatest hour to be alive. We are a Chosen Generation of Children who have been called to legally and vitally introduce hungering, thirsting humanity to their real Daddy...One Who remains predisposed in showing favor toward the Apple of His and me! When necessary, even the laws of nature are suspended to benefit the Kids.


Contemplate those all encompassing words of Jesus..."It is finished!" In simple terms, He was expressing the epitome of love and reality. "I have done everything possible in securing salvation to the uttermost for My Bride, all inclusive...forgiveness and obliteration of sin, sickness, poverty, death, a negative mindset. The Covenant is yours, including those powerful keys to hell and death."


What doesn't get accomplished on this planet will be our responsibility, since we possess Heaven's mandate. That proverbial baton has been transferred to the Believer's hand, accompanied by a firm command to "Go! Go! Go!" And what are we to do? Preach the Gospel! Heal the sick! Cast out devils! Raise the dead! Freely, both authority and Unction (ability) have been imparted to us. The Church is to dispense in like fashion.


Paramount to all of that is intimacy with Dad. Out of closeness in the Throne Zone come revelation, occasional incubation (gestation) and manifestation. We solely are Heaven's Conduit...that Spout where the Glory comes out. And remember, God is not looking for golden or silver vessels, but yielded Members, knowledgeable that their sufficiency is of Him.

Daddy's awesomeness is being noised abroad and drawing many into a new level of relationship with Him and each other. He has so many ways of giving the Kids a hug!


I further sense that urgent call to the Throne Room. There is more...much more! Close those opposing umbrellas, and prepare to play in the Rain...both the former and latter. Clouds are currently forming!


"This world is crying out for peace, not the natural kind, but that which can only come from Me. Precious Child, stay that mind upon Daddy, particularly during those occasions when the evil one would desire to rob your joy. Negative thoughts and projections will come and go. Their origin can never be from the Throne. You aren't responsible for what impacts that thought life. However, what is done with those sown seeds will determine both direction and destiny. Envision a television's remote selector in that hand.


Only you can change stations by casting down vain imaginations and every high suggestion, or thought, Satan's interruption of vision, that might attempt entrance. Oh, the authority inherent within the Kids knows no limits. Each day offers little tests and pop quizzes.

Your God knows the beginning from the end. But there must be a confidence is your ability to hear My Voice and work the works. Fear not that forward move! Simply take the high road in agreement with the Word. Vote in a direction of Light, Life and Love.


Promotion will surely arrive, not from the North, East, South or West, but from the Father, as I watch over that revelation on the inside of you, fully intent upon materializing each promise!

Do you know who I AM?

Judy Rodriguez

My Children the spirit of fear has been trying to overtake you but know this I AM bigger and much more powerful than that spirit. You have been trying to do and deal with things your own way. Know this it is I who created the heavens and the earth it is I who knew you before you were in your mothers womb for I have created you. I know your every need I see the tears, I know the hurts, I feel the pain. Do you know who I AM? I have called so many to walk in righteousness but how can you do that if you don't know who I am? I AM the "I AM". I AM the author and finisher. I AM the Alpha and Omega. I AM the LORD YOUR GOD!

Lay all hindrances aside. "How?" you ask. By praise, for I inhabit the praises of my people. Do you honestly think that I will not answer. I AM your father and I love all my children all so much. I want you to know that though you may be walking through the valley of the shadow of death YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FEAR! for I AM with you. know this to be true for I cannot lie.

I long to bring salvation, healing, restoration and peace to my people. All you need is to lean on me, not to you own understanding. Your own understanding has brought you confusion and doubt. I will bring to completion the work that I have started. Many things will try to rise up against you but I say to you FEAR NOT, FEAR NOT, FEAR NOT!!!!! SEEK ME, TRUST ME and you will have the VICTORY!!!!

Come and walk on the water with me for I will not fail!

God Bless
Servant of Christ
Judy Rodriguez

A Word through Jennifer Nilles

Every morning we have intercessory prayer meetings. Last week while we were all praying the Pastor started praying about the sectional meeting he recently attended and for all the pastors there who's prayer request was their inability to reach the youth and no-one who was able to play music that will touch their hearts.


Then pastor started to pray for the ones out there who were able to come out of where they were to minister to youth. "Maybe the man in a bar who is in there getting drunk day after day".

As soon as pastor started praying for those other pastors the Holy Spirit overcame me and I started to agree with everything he was saying.

But when he started Praying about the drunk guy I got a picture of people in their homes just sitting around in the dark, depressed.

Then I started to see them searching for a church. Then the Lord brought to my memory all of the various churches who reject people who are searching based on their appearance. People giving dirty [or uncomfortable] looks and whispering because of the way people look. The make up, the earrings, the filthy clothes, weird hair. Then these people left to try somewhere else, but no church would accept them.


The Lord started having me pray aloud repentance for all the church in general for our rejecting His lost children. He is distressed about the attitude of His bride toward His lost children, he wants them--- but we aren't letting them in. We are just as much in need of the cleansing blood of Jesus as the multitudes. We are no better.


Then the Lord started using my mouth to say urgently: "GET READY- GET READY- GET READY- GET READY..." over and over many times. Then "THEY'RE COMING- THEY'RE COMING...." over and over many times. Then He showed me a picture of the multitudes of people who are seeking Him and they were filthy dirty with black sweaty soot all over them. He again used my mouth to say: "THEY ARE COMING, GET READY, LOVE THEM- LOVE THEM- LOVE THEM-..."


Then He had me pray for repentance for the church and for pastors who have been afraid to preach the words that the Lord is giving them to prepare His Church for these lost children (all ages) of His. Pastors who are afraid of losing tithes because of the fear of offending the congregation. Then I prayed " Lord give us Your love for them and keep us humble. " I rebuked Pride and False Religion and Fear.


My addition of verses to back up the word. "When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Then the King will say to those on His right hand, 'Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: "for I was hungry and you gave Me food" I was thirsty and you gave Me drink: I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.' Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, "Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?'

And the King will answer and say to them, "Assuredly, I say to you inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me'

You know the rest of this passage read the whole thing in Matt 25:31-46.

Church get ready!


Debbie Cossu

You are still in that stage of being asleep, and yet beginning to wake up. But almost really not either one........YET.....


I shall sound the alarm. It is not an alarm set by your hand for convenience and assurance that you will have enough time to prepare for what you believe to be your days activities.

The time of preparation is over and the season of prevailing must begin!!

It is an alarm of warning set by My hand to alert you that an intruder is nearby, yes even within your midst. Beware to the danger within, and prevail. It is not an outsider you must be looking for, and dare not accuse your brother falsely. The intruder in your midst, inside the walls of safety and protection you are so comfortable with, and so proud to display, is you.

The alert has gone off due to your own heart. False realities have tuned your ears to a report that is not from My lips, says the Lord. On My Holy Mountain there is going to be an alertness and degree of activity that will even cause a wake around the world.

It is time to get up.

I will come and shake you Myself if need be. You must stand at this time. You are not just to wake up, but understand the coming wake and embrase it. There will be international effects. The shape and condition not just of the surface of the land will be altered, but the very core and deep foundations lain shall crumble. Do not presume to hold on to that which you value so highly in your midst right now, for everything that you know is about to be swept over.

I am truly a God of Love, and even when judgement demands its verdict, My love will remain. This is judgement in your favor, for your own good, and My own glory. Your ears must be circumcised anew and washed out with the waters of this love and truth that will come with force and power. You must no more listen to flattering lies and believe false reports. Stop criticizing your brother and your neighbor, and confess your own faults to one another. Repent before each other, then you can come before Me and bow down. Then you shall be equipted to rise and stand as you must in the days ahead. Dare not steal each others words, and do not alter Mine. Claim neither as your own. Do not discredit one another before others, or lord over those who are weak in your eyes.

You bow before me in true holiness and repentance and I shall lift you up to stand.

You shall stand together in such a way that My commanded blessing will be released in Spirit and in Truth.

There is a commanded blessing yet to be released, and I will wait no longer. Many are prepared and have called in this day with tears and prayers and fasting before Me.

Will you be a part. Of course you will or I would not present you with this call.

Will you listen and obey. You must or others will perish.

Will you ride the coming wake of love after repentance has its way, or be swept away before the wave of revival hits....

This alarm will not be silenced again.

Ezekiel 12:24, 25 "For there will no longer be any false vision or flattering divination within the house of Israel. For I the Lord shall speak, and whatever word I speak will be performed. It will no longer be delayed."

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