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September 29, 2000

The River is Turning
By Chad Taylor

"Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert..." (Isaiah 43:19).

I had a vision of a great river. Like the one that was seen in Ezekiel chp. 47. There stood men measuring and judging the depths of the river. Intently measuring the flow and speed of the rushing current. Then I saw many begin to build levees and dams to prevent flooding. Frantically attempting to keep the river in its perimeters and banks. Sand bags and rocks were being used as make shift walls and levees to hold the river back. Then I heard the voice of the Lord say,

'For the time has come says the Lord that the river will turn. It will swell and break her banks, no longer will it be a thing measured and judged by mere depth or width. This river will turn from its present course and flood the land. For many desire to keep this river within the perimeters and boundaries of their own understanding. Building and plotting its length and depth. Measuring and determining its course. Now is the hour that this river will break out on your right hand and on your left. It will defy every human effort to contain it. Every futile plan to plot its course and measure its depths. Now is the time this river must break the banks and flood the land!'

Suddenly in this vision this river swelled beyond the confines of human configurements and swept the rocks and barriers away. A torrent of water began to fill the valleys and canyons, the dry deserted places that the levee builders refused to let the water flow. The dark places, places that seemed like nothing would grow or produce. Unfertile and without any visual quality or abundance. In these very places the river now flooded and flowed. Then the voice of the Lord said,

'In these deserted fields overlooked by human reasoning is a great treasure. A pearl of great price. There in these places will a great harvest occur. In the forgotten places will an army now arise. They will be moved by this great river, they will be carried away into My glory and presence only to emerge from its depths with a revelation. Transfigured from the image of their previous selves. Changed into My image from glory to glory. No human effort to contain or corral this river will succeed. Only the ones that release it and allow it to flow where it must will reap the benefits.'

Then I beheld a wonder. In these deserted and dry places suddenly sprung up gardens of abundance and fruitfulness. I saw millions working these fields of abundance with glory and joy. True harvest had visited the land. The river was flowing into every valley and crevice, filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God. In every place was the fruit of this river. Human lives redeemed and saved from the famine of religion and human reasoning. Unlike former revivals and awakening, this time the Spirit of the Lord refused to allow the river to be regulated and controlled. All manner of human invention and manipulation was spoiled. Any effort to build around the river and contain it was washed away. The river had broke the banks and had flooded the land!

'For this is the hour I will teach My church to flow with the river. To ride the waves of My glory into the land and thus out of their bellies will flow rivers of living water. I will teach My people to move with the river, to go where it desires to go instead of making it go where they desire for it to flow. I will give them My heart and mind. They will be gate keepers that OPEN the gates that the King of Glory can come in. I will change the heart of Jonah in them that refuse to see the land changed and repent. I will dry up the gourd that hangs over the churches head in this hour. They will love the people and the land more than they love a movement or manifestation.'

In this vision I saw the great river of the present move of God turning. No longer was the church building at its headwaters. But rather the desert and the street was the mouth of this great river of revival. It was no longer dictated by human hands but by the hand of God. All restraint and hindrance was gone. The river flowed into every valley and alley and washed away the darkness and filth. A great army emerged from its wake. Alive and full of Light and glory. Still some vainly tried to build and dam up the river, but to no avail. It simply went over every human effort and flooded the land. THE RIVER OF GOD HAD TURNED!

Chad Taylor


Elias Shua

Dear Friends & Relatives,

Glory to the Name of Yahweh'Shua, our Father in Heaven, His Son and The Holy Spirit !!! Amen and Amen.

Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah ! As the Jews prepare for their New Year, I pray that ABBA will bless you and I as we too continue to walk humbly before Him in fear and trembling for our salvation and the salvation of our loved ones, cities and nations.

Glory to ABBA ! Glory to ABBA ! Glory to ABBA ! What a joy to hear ! What a joy to receive ! What a joy to obey ! ABBA SAID TO ME: REST AT THE CROSS !!! REST AT THE CROSS !!! REST AT THE CROSS !!! Amen and Amen.

I believe this last blow of His trumpet is for all believers and disciples. I pray you and I will be blessed beyond measure as we believe what the Spirit is saying today. Amen and Amen.

As I was diligently waiting upon ABBA for His teaching on DISCIPLE for the third chapter of my book 'A Nation For You, Sir ! ' whose first two chapters of FIRST and LAST have been released to most of you recently through e-mail, I heard (over a number of days and over a multiple of confirmations) the Spirit saying…REST AT THE CROSS…REST AT THE CROSS…REST AT THE CROSS…for many CROSSES are yet to come…so learn to REST AT THE CROSS…so you cannot boast of My glory…so I can take all the glory…for I am going to do new things…new things unheard before…new things you cannot pen now…new things that require you to trust…to trust and to run to the CROSS…new things that demands you to embrace the CROSS…to embrace the CROSS in delight…to cling to the CROSS in total commitment…and to REST AT THE CROSS in total obedience…like the Son of Man to His Father in Heaven… to see My glory…for my ways are higher than your ways…and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts…NOT TO FRET…only FIRS! T, to trust Me, to delight in Me and to commit yourself to Me…then LAST, I will give you REST…REST AT THE CROSS as you partake the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the Church…REST AT THE CROSS as My glory rise upon you…REST AT THE CROSS as the darkness cover the earth…REST AT THE CROSS as deep darkness cover the people…REST AT THE CROSS as I shake heavens and earth…REST AT THE CROSS as the Gentiles come to your light…REST AT THE CROSS as kings come to the brightness of your rising…for without the CROSS you cannot see My glory…and without My glory you cannot walk in My perfect will…and without My glory you cannot reap your hundred-fold blessings…so begin to learn to REST AT THE CROSS , my faithful ones…REST AT THE CROSS as you arise and shine in My glory …over your family…over the cities …and over the nations… of the world. Amen and Amen.

Recently in Petaling Jaya, as Julia, Gideon and I were ministered by the son of the greatest evangelist from India today, all of us were shocked yet thrilled to know that ABBA watches every detail of our lives to hear ABBA say ' THANK YOU ' to Gideon for a job done that is too small to warrant His attention what more at a time when Gideon was clinging to the cross probably asking in his heart ' Why, why have you forsaken me, Father ? '. Still, it is even harder to believe yet even more thrilled to know that at such a time like this ABBA is saying to Gideon, ' COME…COME… MY SON…LET ME BLESS YOU WITH THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY UNTIL NOW… ' Blessed are those who mourn for they shall see the Kingdom of God !!! Only we do not like to go to the cross so we miss His blessings. I believe ABBA is teaching my family to REST AT THE CROSS now so we can fulfill our destinies in His plan and purpose for our ministry to our nation and beyond. Now, I had rebuked his father, the greatest evangelist from India today, in a house meeting in Kuala Lumpur the previous year, so I expected a rebuke from ABBA that night. But, no rebuke came and instead came His assurance ' YOU SHALL REAP THE REWARDS OF YOUR LABOUR ' followed by His blessings over my family. As promised and proclaimed by ABBA Himself, Julia received healing over her problem of worry and insecurity that night. With this new confidence to see the rewards of my labour , I now pen to give a summary of my labour in the internet ministry for the Church world-wide as I close this chapter of my walk with ABBA to REST AT THE CROSS and wait for a new beginning. So, WATCH AND PRAY that :

The authorities of the Global Church work in unity to abide in the Father, Son & Holy Spirit according to the prayer of Yah Shua Meshiach Himself before He went to the CROSS two thousand years ago to bring cities and nations into the Kingdom of God according to His promises to His Sons in Psalm 2 and Isaiah 60 WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON STRATEGIC SPIRITUAL MAPPING & WARFARE PRAYERS TO RAISE UP ENDTIME GIDEONS WITH MANTLES OF ELI YAH TO TAKE THEIR STRATEGIC POSITIONS IN THE ENDTIME JOEL ARMY to target against global as well as local strongholds to prepare the way for the Kingdom of God to be established over the cities and nations of the world. Amen and Amen.

The Corporate anointing as administered through the Apostolic.

Brother Alan

Col 1:27
To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of his mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

I have been teaching and "practicing" the concept of the "Corporate Anointing" for nearly two years now, and it is amazing to me how people still gravitate to the "clergy - laity" form of assembly.

The danger of such a form is that certain unscrupulous individuals will and do, set themselves up as "select leaders in a hierarchical chain of command."

We must ever be aware of deception in the hierarchy. The emphasis must remain on the saints doing the work of the ministry and not on a few select leaders.

We all love our "hero's" but our HERO must remain; Christ in ( and among as all) the hope of glory."

Yes, there will be spiritual authority invested in a few, that will manifest, even as the corporate spiritual authority was manifested in the "Apostles of the Lamb," but at the same time, these gifts must benefit growth in others through spiritual impartation through the indwelling the Spirit of Christ.

The Watchman must stand on guard to ensure that the implementation of the government of God is done with a servants heart, and a firm commitment to empower others.


I am - Alan - Doulos Christou.
Check out the great resources at:

Cheryl McGrath

In prayer I saw a vision of a river. The river was deep and full of light. In the river there were many people frolicking, diving, laughing, splashing etc. I was aware they were Christians enjoying the river with each other. However, the land along the banks of the river was dark. Along the banks many people stood watching those in the river. These people had sunken eyes, thin, malnourished bodies and were like shadowy figures standing in the darkness. I could only see the frontline of this group of people clearly, but had the impression that behind them stood many more shadowy figures. They stood watching those in the river, some with puzzled faces, some with deadpan, lifeless expressions.

As I watched those in the river, the water appeared to decrease gradually, until it was only around their ankles. As this happened, they began to look up and become aware of those watching from the muddy banks. They acted as if they had not been aware of those on the banks previously. Their focus changed from the river to those on the banks, and they started moving out of the river into the seemingly endless crowds gathered along the banks. I saw them start to move amongst and lay hands upon those gathered along the river's edge. Many of the "bank people" fell in the Spirit, many received healing, many were saved and restored as the "river people" moved among them ministering. I saw their malnourished bodies and faces fill with life and colour as they were touched by the river people. I knew the "river people" could only move in this kind of power because they had been in the river. I looked back at the river and saw that all of the river people had left and were now moving amongst the "bank people" and that wherever they went and to whoever they touched they brought life, miracles and healing. This is where the vision ended.

I asked the Lord if He was going to allow the river to dry up in order that His people would move out of it and into the world?

I believe this is what He said: "You, and many of My people, have not understood the river, nor its purpose. It does not dry up and will not, because it is not a PLACE, it is a PERSON. You don't just get into the river, the river gets into you. (John 7:37-39) The reason the people who had been in the river were able to do the things you saw them doing in the vision is because THE RIVER IS IN THEM. The river flows with Living Water - it is not confined or contained, nor is it limited. No longer say "The river flows here, so I am going here, but it does not flow there, so I will not go there" For in saying that you attempt to restrict and contain the flow of My Spirit. Know that the river is not a place - it is the very power and Person of My Spirit! The river is about to move out from its banks through My people - they are the carriers of the river, and the flow will depend on their obedience. I am not about to dry up My river - I am about to let it loose!".

The Rebuilding of the Temple ..................and the next Great Commission

Sara DeMeulenaere

There is a move that I am doing over the church that will confound the wise and set back the stoic in mind and manner, declares the great, I am. This is the wave of my moving, not man's, nor the so called hierarchy of the church today.

It is draped with linen of purest white, brilliant glistening gold and a regal purple; that of the royal and priestly. They are chosen with the commission and mantle of the past over them. The fullness of the priesthood and the law that I said would never go away. It is a harness of gold we share, a parchment of fine and delicate woven threads you shall consume, fulfilling the past to the present . This is my will for the church as it has always been, to bring the foundations of my chosen ones into completion with the church today. You are now becoming one in me Israel my beloved.

You who are moved to go….. wait until the commission comes over you to run. Do not go until the message has been placed over your heart to go. Some are now starting out, and others have gone before to pave the way. This new move will sweep through the church, and spill out into the fields and vineyards. Do not be afraid, and take on the whisper of the Spirit that I place within you to fulfil your call. The days are short. Go my beloved , and I will console those who are left behind.

I wish to do a mighty work over you, my body, and you shall be amazed at what I am doing in you. Take your place with the down-trodden and escalate the pace…………my speed will thrust you into warp movements for me soon. Compass the world with the message of my coming. Prepare the field for the harvest. It now is in process.

Why are some of you sitting and not raising the banner to proclaim the move through the fields? This is my time, not man's any longer. Seek to walk only with me in front of you. This is my plan. You can not wait on another for this work. Your part is just that……your part. No one is capable of doing what you are to do alone beloved. Move now and don't be afraid of the future. It will be the past in a moment of time, and the opportunity will not come again!! This is my harvest time……..don't miss it, for it is now, and it will shine in glory!

God's Calendar and Transition

by Jim Weis

Hi gang,

It is significant that many are hearing "change", "sifting", "separation" etc., across the Body of Christ, as that is exactly what I believe God is doing in direct correlation with the "time clock" of the Jewish calendar. In studying the Jewish calendar and the feasts and events that were instituted by God for the Jewish people I have been struck by the significance of this particular time on God's calendar.

Several significant things come out of Scripture and Jewish tradition that I believe serve as shadows of spiritual realities we are in right now as the church. While we are not to be superstitious or legalistic regarding days and calendars, we should be prophetically discerning as to what God is doing in certain times and seasons and cognizant of the fact that He will often use the His natural clock of feasts and events to parallel an event in the spiritual realm.

Of course New Testament scripture states: "One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it unto the Lord; and he who does not, to the Lord he does not observe it..." Rom 14:5,6

So here are some significant insights I am convinced are shadows of a spiritual reality we are in right now. We are at this very time, at the end of a 30 day period leading up to Rosh Hashanah (which begins Friday night Sept 29th at sundown)


In the thirty days leading up to Rosh Hashanah there is a blast of the shofar each day, which serves as a call to self examination. It is meant to be a time when individuals 'make things right' not only with God, but with one another. It is intended to be a time of preparation for the time when God assessed us according to our deeds and made determinations about blessings or discipline in our lives.

Some people don't like the thought of God giving us tests but He certainly does; not for the purpose of fundamental redemption, but for the sake of discipline and promotion. Based on this, we need to examine ourselves and prepare for the "opening of the books"


The 29th - 30th of September marks the beginning of the Jewish new year called Rosh Hashanah. (Not to be confused with the "ceremonial" new year which starts with Passover) Rosh Hashanah literally means "head of the year" and has two distinct names:
1.) The Day of Remembrance, and
2.) The Day of The Blast (of the shofar).

It is a time of awakening, remembrance of the past years deeds (good or bad) and a time for fresh beginnings. It was the time God opens the books and looks at "our record", so to speak. It was considered to be the time in which God accessed us with view toward blessing or discipline, promotion or demotion, prosperity or leanness; much like the shepherd passing each individual sheep under his rod at the end of the summer season for personal examination and sorting.

The shofar blast is a type, as well, of prophetic proclamation from God. - And wow, God has been speaking to us many things about the significance of the transition we are in; an invitation to enter in; and that those who fully repent and fully surrender will go on into the next wave of God's purposes in these end times.


It is also significant that the blowing of the shofar on the night of Rosh Hashanah begins what are called the "10 Days of Awe" looking toward the holiest day of the year on the Jewish calendar - Yom Kippor - The great Day of Atonement.

The "Ten Days of Awe" were meant to be a time of focus upon the Lord, repentance of sins and preparation for God's blessing and favor based on how earnestly and sincerely we repent. It is sort of like "ten days of grace", in case you had not gotten serious about "making things right" BEFORE God looked at the records.

The reality is, none of us have fully deserved His blessing and promotion, but this examination quite readily prepares us for the reality behind the Day of Atonement, that is, Jesus who's blood is for our atonement. This is all very sobering, but the fact is, the only sins we are forgiven for are the ones we repent of. .


Yom Kippor: "The Day of Atonement" was the one day a year in which the holiest man in the world, the high priest of that year, would enter into the holiest place in the world - the Holy of Holies - to place blood on the mercy seat before God's presence to make atonement for our sins.

Of course we see in this a powerful type and picture of Jesus, our eternal High Priest, who presented His own blood for an eternal atonement for our sins, providing forgiveness through His cross.

It is very important to note that in this "New Covenant"; God's basis for blessing, promotion and prosperity is based not on the "record book" but upon our faith in His Son. If you love His Son, and put your confidence (faith) in Him, God likes you. He's blessing is to all those who love His Son.


Immediately after Yom Kippor, preparations were begun for a 7 day party that begins five days later called the Feast of Tabernacles or the "Feast of the In-gathering". Are we headed for an in-gathering? A major harvest of souls is happening in many parts of the world, and many believe this is the time of the harvest.

The harvest is ripe in the earth and God is saying it is time to pray that He might send laborers into His harvest. God is desiring to recover the backsliders and bring the lost into His kingdom of grace. It is a time of joy and celebration as we behold God's mercy, grace & provision.

Jim Wies

A Love-Hate Relationship

Servant of the Lord
Prophetic Exhortation

This morning the Lord woke me saying the words, "It's a love-hate relationship." I asked Him to explain what He meant, and this is what He spoke to me. *** My children love My blessings, but hate My call to obedience. They would rather go their own way, ignoring the dictates of My heart. I am calling My children into a holy place. I want them to realize that it is in walking in this holy place that those deep desires of their hearts will be met. It is NOT in going your own way and looking to the world that you will find peace and contentment. Hear the word of the Lord:

This is the time! This is the hour, when you must lay aside your desires, and look to your Father to reveal His heart to you. You will find in doing this that you will see your heart's desires met to a capacity you never dreamed possible. But, beloved, if you insist on seeking your own avenue of enjoyment, you are doomed for destruction. You are doomed to walk in a territory void of My loving protection.

I am calling to My children, and telling you to wake up! Wake up to the sincere words of the Beloved. The time is here for you to be frank with Me. Tell Me that you do desire to walk after the will of your Father, but at the moment the strength is not in you. I will build in your heart a fortress of My love that nothing can invade. I will do a work in your heart, beloved, if you will only be honest, and come to Me with a sincere desire to seek after My will for you.

This is an earnest plea from the Beloved tonight to those of you who are willing to lap up My blessings, but bite My hand when I try to rid you of the opposing forces in your lives. This is a plea to come forward and get it right with your God. Will you come? Will you let Me deepen your knowledge of My love? Will you let Me open avenues of adventure never explored? This is the hour of decision, child of God. This is the hour to come under the umbrella of My protection for YOU!!!

A House of Prayer

Don & Bonnie Franklin

You do know well of the Prayer Mountain. You do know well of the city. You do know well of the church upon this planet which has been called a House of Prayer. Churches and Houses can be known for many things. They can be known as Houses of Teaching. I have the great Word Churches. They can be known as Houses of Revival and this is good. They can be known as Houses of Praise and Worship. They can be known as Houses of Healing. But I would say that the greatest mantle, which does rest here, is a House of Prayer.

And there is so much at stake. I cannot even lift the veil that you would know the things that are ahead for thee and for this nation and for the world. There is so much at stake. There are millions of my people here within this nation who will fall under that mantle of prayer and anointing and intercession and their futures are even at stake.

Where are the Joshuas who will stand up and say, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord?" Where are the great patriots who would say, "Give me liberty or give me death!" They are being birthed even in your midst; they are being birthed and they are needed and their prayers and intercessions will be heard from the throne.

So, let your intercessions be known. You do have a direct pipeline to the throne. The prayers do not get thrown into the bottles and cast into the sea, but they are brought directly before Me, directly before Me, directly before Me. There are even some in your midst who have sat at my throne, who have stood at my throne! Come my children.

Come, let your prayers and petitions be known and I will be a God unto thee. Raise your altar of prayer before Me and I will receive the sacrifice of prayer upon your altar, and I will even send my fire down from Heaven and all of the House of Israel will know the Holy Ghost does dwell here.

This is not a hard thing I'm calling you to. It is not a hard thing at all. You will find great joy in this. How hard is it to simply kneel in my presence and repeat what the Holy Spirit puts in your heart?

I'm not calling you to tear down incredible mountains and to attach demonic forces and to cut yourselves and to fall on the floor wailing. I'm simply calling you to kneel in prayer before Me and bring the petitions of your heart.

You will be amazed at how quiet some of these prayer meetings will be, very gentle, very quiet at times as the cry of the heart is lifted unto the Lord. You do not need to amplify that which is within you; all you need to do is bring it to Me in communion and bring it to Me in prayer.

There will be times of great intercession, times of great burden, but for the most part I will put a joyous time of prayer upon you. I will put a time of relaxation upon you. I will give you great joy in my House of Prayer. This will not be a tiresome, weary, unrelenting task that you must perform to do your duty. This will be an act of spontaneous, fun, enjoyable, loving interaction with your fiancé if you would have it - with someone that you love, someone that you cannot get enough time in their presence, someone that when you hang up the phone you want to call them five minutes later and talk some more and talk some more and talk some more.

I'm talking about joy; I'm talking about happiness; I'm talking about relationship with someone that you love. I'm not talking about religious service or bondage into a form or tradition or a have to. There will be no have to in this in. I tell you of a truth, there will be no have to in this, but you will be shoving people out of the way to get to the altar to talk to Me.

I'm going to put joy in this. I'm going to put happiness in this. I'm going to put lighthearted gaiety in this. I'm going to cause you to have great joy in the House of Prayer; that is a promise; that is a promise; that is a promise. Your feet will dance with joy in the presence of the Lord. Your soul will desire to commune with Me greatly.

Prophecy from CHC Intercessory MTG
As received by Bonnie & Don Franklin 9/22/00


Homer Owen

I was having lunch with a friend the other day that has grown up in a fundamental church and I was trying to get his frame of thinking outside of the frame of his upbringing. Most of our teaching about church is centered around what we consider to be church and it can be very difficult to grasp truth that goes beyond our walls. We build what I call a comfort zone in our religious minds and when anything comes along that might cause us to think differently we just ignore or cast it aside. I ask my friend to tell me what some of his giftings that God had given him to function in life were and he had this blank look on his face. I told me that I was not talking about him being an usher or Sunday school teacher or parking lot attendant or choir member, but I wanted to know what he believed that God had equipped him to live out his life outside the church walls.

"Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord; seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, in order that by them you might become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust." (2 Peter 1:2-4).

The Lord wants to move us out past our church walls and live a full and victorious life in Him. We have been called by His own glory and excellence. The Lord wants to empower us with Himself with His own glory and excellence. In other words He wants us to act just like Himself and to allow His resurrection power to come forth in our lives on a daily basis.

A few years back I was mowing grass on my driving range and I noticed a man hitting balls and the Lord spoke to my heart that I could help the guy with his swing. Of course I had to decide whether this was a figment of my imagination or had I really heard the voice of God. I decided to go back to the front and see who this was and see what he was doing wrong with his golf swing. I approached the man and asked him what he was working on and he told me that he would love to be able to hit a ball that didn't slice every time. I showed him what he needed to do and it worked for him and he told me that he was driving down the highway and saw my range and decided to stop and try to correct his bad swing. He was thrilled to be able to hit a straight shot and wanted to pay me, which I refused. A couple of days later I was playing with a group of men and on the third hole I made a hole in one. The same voice that told me that I could help the man with his swing spoke to me that morning and told me that the hole in one was a reward for my yielding to the teaching gift that He had given me. Lord, help us to see You in our lives today. Thank you that you have called us by your own glory and excellence and cause us to be a blessing to You and those around us today. This is coming to you from Homer Owen. Thanks for being on my list, but if you want off, please let me know. My home page is:


David Howe

For the stone of prayer it shall strike and crush the head of the enemy that stands before the people of the Lord.

For just as the stone that David fired at the giant hit the giants head and killed him so your prayers shall fly like a stone with the power of the Lord and guided by the Holy Spirit right to the head of enemy that stands before you.

Yes and the word of the Lord that you speak they shall cut off his head so that he will never be able to rise against the people of the Lord again in that place.

So I would say to you rise - Rise up and pick your stones and swords - Then go forward and face the giant that stands before you - Yes go forward in faith like David went forward in faith and do not fear the words of the enemy for one word from the Lord will bring to nothing all the words of the enemy.

Yes go forward like David did and watch the Lord your God work before you.

Dave Howe
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