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June 26, 2000

Mark Wattenford

I see you in the spirit right now again and standing on a road. I hear the word of the Lord and of angels conversing about you saying "She is coming forth," she will enter the fullness, she is of those Chosen... and the number of the harvest shall be great.

The Father is with her and the Father's love is upon her. She shall not be stopped though there have been strong forces come against her. The children shall be freed and healed. The Nations shall come forth. The Glory and the Light of God shall shine greatly upon this vessel and this daughter. Shall she not be a stumbling block for them that think themselves righteous? She seeks a name, and she is to me a flower, she is to me the "Morning Glory." Many shall be added to her house and her own children shall stand with her, and I have appointed portions to her children. She has gone where others have feared and where the shepherds have said NOT TO GO, but she went in where there were giants and the Father is pleased in her. She shall NOT be destroyed.

Behold, the increase in gifts I am about to give her and bestow upon her for she has been faithful. Behold the jealousy of the leavened priests!... Behold, she shall speak to chains and they shall fall away... chains that could not be broken by my "leavened priests". The songs of heaven have entered her heart. She shall rise up in praise and worship into the presence of the Lord and the Father. That Wave, That Glory, That Harvest and those hidden things in heart are from the Father. Child, it is TIME... it is the restoration of my wounded, it is the gathering in of my harvest, it is the culmination of all things and shall bring forth my Bride and my wedding.

Yes! you are beautiful in my sight! I have brought you into a family, the family of mine own. I have hedged you in to keep you sheltered from the north, the east and the south, but I have opened that gates of the western wall and you shall enter into those things there and you shall see the rains, the showers and the outpours from where I am placing you and it is already in your spirit that you can hear the rains and the thunders of my spirit coming.The dead shall rise, the lamb shall walk, the blind shall see, the oppressed shall be set free, and as I brought my people out of Egypt there were none among them that were weak or infirm.

My daughter, though the enemy has tried to resist and discourage and stop you... I have formed you and I have brought you forth for purpose. What I purpose to do shall not fall away. The lightnings may strike near you, but they shall not strike you. The thunders will roar and will be to them around you a painful thing, but not to you. You shall pass through wreckage but you shall not be harmed. Your garments shall not be torn or dirtied nor shall there be a smell of smoke upon them. My Holy presence is come upon you to bring you forth into the fulness of my purposes.

My child, all your tears I have kept in Heaven, in jars... I have lost none of them...they are before Me as precious, "Vials of Life." Everything you knew shall be changed and everything you thought shall be increased and everything you had will be added to. The enemy has tossed you back and forth in his anger of you, but I AM your covering and your fortress and your stronghold. I AM HE that covers you under my wings. You shall rest among the eagles, and you shall be an eagle among them.

You shall take up the sickle and reap in the fields, but it SHALL NOT be work, for the sickle I place in your hand is of My Spirit and shall reap of the fields as My Power and Spirit is in it, and it is not a sickle made by man, but it is a sickle made of My Spirit and shall reap where the sickle of men have not cut down. The sickles of men have not served to reap the harvest and cut the stocks of grain but rather they have "torn up" as they have been wielded by those who would carry them. They have done damage to My fields with these sickles they have fashioned by their own hands. I have made a strong bond between Myself and you and now with those I have purposed to work with you also. The enemy shall not come against what I do in this day and he shall not destroy or damage in all My Holy Mountain.

Stephen Hanson

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve. II Co. 11

Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. Eph. 4

(The Lord showed me an ear, and at first it appeared to be normal, but as I continued to watch, there were things which seemed to obstruct or prevent this ear from functioning properly, or "hearing." The ear itself, was "peeled-back," as if to show what was inside of it. I noticed several small balls, or egg-shape items lined-up around the perimeters of the inside passage of this ear, and wondered at this. I noticed that as I continued to see this ear, there were pockets, as it were, that had begun to develop within the inside of this ear, and over time, had virtually filled-up the inside passage. This obviously would cause someone to not be able to hear properly, or "at all." Then the Lord told me--"See what I will do." Then a dove began to fly within the ear, and it "ate away" these areas which had caused pockets to grow and spread throughout the ear. A small bucket of what seemed to be water at first, was poured into this ear. However, as I watched, it proved to be some type of ointment or oil. Then the ear's shape changed, and tissue began to rebuild itself, and become healthy again.)

The Lord then said:

"There are things blocking the passage-ways of many of the ears. Many are not able to "hear well" from Me because of these things. An ear has the potential of being a very useful instrument. Those who know of its importance use it well, but many cannot hear my voice. This is where it becomes very important for hearing Me "rightly." Many have "preconceived" ideas of what I AM saying. They say in their heart, 'This is the way He has always spoken.' To say this, is to be prevented from hearing Me. It is SO important to know my voice. It is something which will guard you and protect you. "

"To be able to "see" is indeed, very important. But without your ears, you cannot hear about what you "see." Much of what prevents many from hearing Me well is from the many voices of this world. There are "voices" from the television. There are "voices" from the radio. There are "voices" all around you. To be able to hear Me, you need to be able to find that place, that quiet sanctuary, where I can speak to you. It is not something which happens right away, but over time, you can develop your ears. How else will you know what I have for you?"

(Here the Lord showed me someone who had begun to walk or step in a certain direction, and seemed to be undecided as to which way to go. They started to move their feet, but were uncertain.)

"Otherwise you will begin to walk in a direction which you do not know. Then you will know the path that I have laid out for you. You will hear my voice saying, 'This is the way to go.'

"So I AM saying that it is so important how you hear...Then you will not be easily deceived, or misled. It is becoming more and more important how you "discern" the voices around you. Do not easily believe everything you hear about. Remember that satan comes as an angel of light. There are already many of your brothers and sisters who have been misled by his devices. There are many "strange and unusual" teachings which are abounding. Do not get "caught-up" in these things. Do not adhere to the teachings of angels. Worship the Lord your God and Him only. Many have been deceived by "ministering spirits," and to be true, they are fallen angels. Seek Me and you will find Me. Surely, this is the time when every "wind of doctrine" can easily mislead my church. "

His servant,
Stephen Hanson

Word Given to
Joyce A. Lighari

All Glory to God Alone.

Oh My beautiful Bride. Oh My beloved, the delight of My heart and My eye -- I long for you. I am consumed with my desire for you. You look at yourself and say, "Oh no, not me. How could I be your delight?"

You are MY DELIGHT. I long for you.

I tell you I am fashioning a beautiful garment for you to wear. Oh how beautiful it is - I have commanded it to be fashioned for you.

On your garment are beautiful pearls - these pearls are your praises. As you have praised Me, I have sewn those perfect pearls on to your garment. You praise Me and a pearl is sewn on.

Your garment is also adorned with iridescent sequins. These sequins are your tears. Each tear you have shed has been collected by Me and is now being sewn into your garment.

Your garment is nearly ready. O, delight of My heart. The fragrance of your myrrh reaches My nostrils.

It is time for you, My beautiful Bride, to experience My glory. Your garment lacks only one thing. The glory of the Lord must cover it.

The glory of the Lord must cover you. Your beauty, the beauty of My Bride will be seen as My glory covers you.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

doug morrell

All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts. The Bible says that as a man thinks, so he becomes. As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts. Developing Christ's character is not a thing of chance, but is the result of continued effort in right thinking, the effect of ongoing, disciplined development of Godlike thoughts. Circumstances and situations do not make the man; they reveal him to himself. Like the Israelites, we are anxious to improve our circumstances, but are unwilling to improve ourselves; we therefore remain bound. A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped. None but himself can alter his condition. What you focus on is what you become. Wrong focus equals wrong results.

The entire universe is governed by God's principles. Principles are fundamental "laws" that govern life. Spiritual maturity is learning God's principles and then ordering our lives according to those principles. Every promise of God produces a problem and every problem has a principle that will resolve the problem and bring God's provision to us. In essence, real spiritual maturity can be measured by the degree in which a person has mastered God's timeless principles of life.

Today, let's quit focusing on our personal limitations, negativity, and critical nature. Let's get our eyes off self and on God. Let's not say, "Lord look how big my problem is, but, problem look how big my God is!" Attack the problems of our lives with God's abundant resources. He will give us the resources based on the value of our willingness to pay for it. Quit blaming others for our problems and recognize that it is me who God is talking to. Remember, Heaven was bankrupt to pay for us. That was God's dream. Let go of your past and reach high, believe God and receive His provision for you. Instead of being the thermometer, controlled by circumstance and situations, become the thermostat and control your situations through God's promises.

May you grow in God's grace and truth...

doug morrell
christian outfitters

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Live Christ Deliberately!

The Summing Up of All Things in Christ
by Francis Frangipane

God and time are on my side.

"He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to his kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fulness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things upon the earth" (Eph. 1:9-10).

Paul tells us that the price Jesus paid has not only brought the church into salvation, but Christ's atonement will also redeem all of creation as well. The apostle explains that a unique season would occur at the end of the age. During the last years of this dispensation God would actually begin to gather "all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things upon the earth."

This great gathering together of all things is not so much a singular event as it is a series of divine initiatives. Thus, the word translated "summing up" was an accounting term used by the ancient Greeks. It simply described the sequence of addition used to bring separate items to a singular total. Other translations use the phrase "gathering together" or "gathering into one" all things in Christ. Those who love Him will be consumed by Him in love; those who hate Him will be consumed in judgment. Either way, God will leave nothing but the fulness of Christ permeating the universe.

What is important for us to know now is that we are in that season spoken of by Paul in the Scriptures. Indeed, even now there is an energy, a power, from God that has begun the process of gathering. We see evidences of His power as He gathers Israel to its land and the church to its unity and fulness.This is a profound truth. The world is being carried forward into a reality that shall be filled with Christ. Whether it takes five years or fifty years, this is the great "mystery of [God's] will" which shall occur at the end of the age.

To win our war for righteousness we must keep focused on this larger, cosmic perspective of a world consumed in Christ. For today, though, we will still see the world in its vile, fallen and evil state. Yet God's plan is to enter every facet of human existence and sum it all up in Christ.

We look at the system of the world and believe it is beyond hope. We see the entertainment industry, for example, and believe that God must destroy it to keep it from contaminating the rest of the world. But what if God's plan was not to destroy it, but to invade it? What if He wants to sum it up in Christ? We must pray as if a time will come when godly movies will become common place, where the world will be ministered to by the Christian morals that reveal Jesus Christ. Imagine a day when the power of the cross would permeate the entertainment industry so that it would be known as "Holywood" instead of Hollywood.

We might look at world governments with the same cynicism and unbelief, but remember God is going to sum up "all things" in Christ. The time is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:10,11). So, we must learn to look at the wickedness of the world with the vision of the kingdom of God. For at some point in time, worldwide, it will be proclaimed with great shouts of joy, "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ" (Rev. 11:15b).

God's plan for the end of the age is to invade every single dimension of life and sup all things up in Christ. This is the mystery of God's will. This is the big picture. When I hear of shakings or of the judgments of God or displays of God's wrath, I know that somehow the outcome of what I see is ultimately going to be fulfilled in Christ. When I pray concerning evil in the world, I don't look at what seems to be evil's permanence. Part of me is also looking right past it toward the day of God's kingdom. I see what's wrong, but I'm also saying, God's will is to sum this thing up in Christ. God and time are on my side.

Becoming Like Christ

The big picture, the wide angle view, is that all things shall ultimately be summed up in Christ. Certainly, the Lord will use many mighty ways to fulfill this great plan. However, there is one dimension integral to the process of divine consummation that directly pertains to us. Paul writes, "Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men . . . He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death" (Phil. 2:5-8).

Paul says, "Have this attitude in you . . ." What attitude? The attitude Christ demonstrated when He saw mankind's sin and vileness. He didn't destroy evil people. He didn't isolate Himself from mankind's wickedness. He didn't sit in heaven criticizing man. Christ, who "existed in the form of God," took upon Himself the actual form of man. He completely identified Himself with humanity, even to the point of being found in man's very likeness. In Christ we see the pattern of how to transform our world: We enter it, take its very form upon ourselves, and by becoming bond servants (not judges), we give ourselves to whatever it takes to redeem it. To better understand this, substitute the idea that Christ was "being made in the likeness of men" with this: He took upon Himself "the form of need."

So, even though Christ existed in God's form, He knew He couldn't transform the world without taking man's form. He could destroy mankind, but could not redeem mankind. Keep this in mind; you cannot change anything from the outside. You have to enter the need and take its form to bring redemption.

The Bible clearly and repeatedly states that Jesus is not alone in the mission of redemption. He began alone and set the pattern, but He also is the first born among many brethren. Just as Christ entered us in order to redeem and transform us, so those whom He raises up at the end of the age will do what He did, but on a smaller scale. They will see the need, take its form, and work from the inside to bring redemption.

For example, let's look at the political arena. As Christians, we are so quick to judge politicians and think that the whole system is irreversibly corrupt. Yet, Christ desires that people with His nature enter the system and be a light there. Transformation is an inside job. The church, however, has taken an outside position to things in need, standing aloof from the world in need of redemption. Our only contribution has been to judge and criticize what is wrong.

When we judge something without seeking to transform it, we are isolated from the nature and pattern of Christ. We are still living in a suburb of hell. Not until we have the attitude which was also in Christ, do we begin to truly grow in our Christian experience. We have not allowed Christ to manifest Himself in us by coming through us, taking the form of the need. God, I pray that this will rock us from our comfortable little perches and help us to understand that when we see a need, it's because You want to put us into that need to help change it.

2 Corinthians 5:21 says, ""He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him."" Here again, God's pattern is to identify with the need, not putting Himself above it, but sacrificing Himself for the redemption of that need. He carries the need upon Himself. Christ became ""sin on our behalf."" He identified with our need so that we could be transformed by His righteousness. Whether it is a school, a neighborhood or place of employment, God desires that we be light in the world.

So the big picture is that everything will be gathered in Christ. The incremental movement within that big picture is measured in each of us seeing the need of the world around us, identifying with people who are trapped in sin, and bringing freedom to them by revealing Christ. After you have identified yourself with the need, you will no longer judge it. As a part of it, you desire its redemption rather than God's wrath. You pray for it like you pray for yourself.

May God deliver us from prayers of judgment and destruction. God's will is not to judge or destroy, but to redeem. He hears our prayers if we pray according to His will. Why then would we pray otherwise? So pray instead, Lord God, raise up people from the inside to transform (my school or our government or the entertainment industry).

We must stop thinking and praying negatively. God is doing something today that is so marvelous and so wonderful that, He says: If I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Picture taverns becoming churches. Picture churches working together to see cities changed. This is the mystery of God's will, to see everything summed up in Christ. Let us look at nothing as though it cannot be transformed. Rather, let us remember that in what we desire to see redeemed, eventually all things shall be filled with Christ. God and time are on our side.

Germans blessing Jews

A new generation of German Christians says God is giving their country another chance with the Jews.

...The immigration of tens of thousands of Jews to Germany is enabling churches to love them by providing for their needs, Mitch Glaser of New York-based Chosen People Ministries' told Religion Today.

...Germany is a seemingly unlikely destination for Jews. More than 60,000 Russian and east European Jews have arrived in the past decade, swelling the tiny Jewish population there past 80,000 and making it the fastest-growing Jewish community in the world, according to Reuters.

...The German government is rolling out the welcome mat for the Jews. It offers housing assistance, food assistance, education, and other benefits in an attempt to rebuild a vibrant Jewish community, Glaser said. German and international leaders say the rebirth of the Jewish community there is vital to overcoming the stain of the Holocaust, according to Reuters.

...German churches are providing clothes, food, and other necessities to residents of refugee camps, and some churches are helping with housing, schooling, and child care, Reuters reports.

..."Many German Christians say God is giving them another chance to love the Jews, rather than hurt them," Glaser said. One minister told him that Germany has suffered under a curse for harming the Jews, "but now we have a chance to bless them."

...Germany's churches were largely silent during the Holocaust, Adolph Hitler's attempt to systematically exterminate the Jewish people. Jews in Russia, Poland, the Baltic states, Hungary, Romania, Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Greece were forcibly deported to concentration camps and massacred. More than 6 million died, most from 1941-1945, according to Time Almanac 2000.

...Guilt had prevented German Christians from telling Jews about Jesus Christ, Glaser said. "Many have relatives who were Nazis and felt they had lost the right to evangelize Jews." Now they believe it's time to atone for the past by "reaching the Jewish people with love."

..."There is a new boldness to preach [about] Christ among Jews in Germany," Glaser said. Christian leaders are determined to put the shame of the Holocaust behind and begin telling Jews "with sensitivity and understanding" that Jesus is the Messiah, he said. That may offend some Jews, but "the worst form of anti-Semitism is withholding the gospel from them," he said.

...More than 700 Christians gathered in Berlin June 2-4 to discuss Jewish evangelism. Evangelical leaders discussed the history of Jewish evangelism, God's work among the Jewish people in Germany, and ways to tell them about Jesus, said Glaser, who spoke at the conference. A major topic was the need for reconciliation between German Christians and Jews.

...Russian Jews are more open to the gospel than are those from other parts of the world, Glaser said. Decades of atheistic communism have tended to separate them from their heritage and reduce the objections to Jesus that those in Israel or Western nations have. However, most still see Christianity as a hostile religion because of Russia's persecution of Jews, he said.

...Christians can overcome prejudices by showing love, Glaser said. "They have to show their Jewish friends that they respect the Jewish faith. Centuries-old hostilities can be destroyed by love, prayer, and living an authentic Christian lifestyle."

...Among the Chosen People Ministries workers are Vlad Pikman and his wife, who left their home in Ukraine to help the refugees. The Pikmans and other workers distributed Bibles at the refugee centers and started study groups, Glaser said. Two Messianic Jewish synagogues have been started through the outreaches. About 150 worship at a Berlin synagogue and a congregation has been started in Dusseldorf, Glaser said.

...Chosen People Ministries helps Christians learn to speak to Jews about the gospel. It was founded in 1894 in Brooklyn by Leopold Cohn, an Orthodox rabbi who accepted Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, and told others that "to believe in [Jesus] was Jewish faith, real Jewish faith."

...Ministry workers are active in eight nations, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, and the United States, Glaser said. About 35 workers will conduct a two-week outreach on the streets of New York in July and teams will travel to Israel for two weeks later this year.
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Overcoming the Spirit of Religion
- by Mark Kaphaem

Our greatest enemy to walking in the Spirit of Christ is the spirit of religion. The Spirit of Christ is humility, the spirit of religion is pride. The Spirit of Christ is sacrifice, the spirit of religion is control. The Spirit of Christ is mercy, the spirit of religion is self exaltation. The Spirit of Christ is truth, the spirit religion brings blindness.

The spirit of religion wars against the Spirit of Christ that is within us. The only way we can win this battle is by not fighting it. We do not fight against the spirit of religion, we win by surrendering to the Spirit of Christ. Our only hope is to cover ourselves in humility and walk in total dependency to the Spirit of Christ. It is the Spirit of Christ that brings death to the spirit of religion. We must embrace the Spirit of Christ.

As Christ continues to purify His bride and take the reigns of His church, the battle against the spirit of religion in the body will intensify. The following is how we are to fight in this battle.

First, we come to the Lord to be delivered from the hold of the spirit of religion in our own lives. Until we see the spirit of religion in our own lives we can be of no help to our brothers and sisters. The way we battle is not to fight the spirit of religion, but to open ourselves to the Spirit of Christ. We invite the Spirit of Christ to indwell us and rule over us. It is the Spirit of Christ that will kill the spirit of religion in us, not our efforts at being "spiritual". We must embrace the Spirit of Christ.

Second, know your enemy. Your enemy is not your brothers and sisters in Christ. We are not to war against our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are to go to War For Them. Whenever you go to battle against your brothers or sisters in Christ, the only one who wins is the enemy. Do not fight over building or ministries. The Lord can raise up buildings and ministries from the rocks and the trees of the Earth.

The only weapon you are allowed to use against your brothers and sisters is the Spirit of Christ. Walk in and be ruled by the Spirit of Christ. It is the Spirit of Christ that will kill the spirit of religion in the body. We Must Embrace The Spirit Of Christ.

The two generals the enemy will use in this battle are "the accuser of the brethren" and "self exaltation". Both of these generals promote the spirit of religion by causing spiritual blindness. Our focus is not to be on our brothers and sisters except to pray for them.

Pray for them that they would be afforded the same daily mercy that you need to walk in the Spirit of Christ each day. We are not to compare ourselves to our brothers and sisters or to compete with them. We are to live a life of self sacrifice. We are to serve them so that they may become all that they can be in Christ.

Once again, it is the Spirit of Christ that will kill the spirit of religion in the body of Christ. We must surrender to and embrace the Spirit of Christ in our lives.

Lord, have mercy on us all. As the bride emerges on that day, truly no person will be able to stand and take any credit for Her beauty but You. We live daily by Your mercy.

-- Mark Kaphaem

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