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June 15, 2000


The Power of Compassion

This is a day of offering a sacrifice of praise to your God. A day of breakthrough, a day of provision belongs to you. Jubilee is in your possession. You need to know that My promises are true. The things that I have declared will happen in your life will surely come to pass as you are obedient and faithful. I ask you to walk in righteousness before me. Lift up prayers of hope, desire and passion for the lost. Seek first My kingdom and allow Me to add these things unto you. I am here to take care of your every need.

Know that I am in this time and season giving you the power of compassion. Move out in grace and humility tempered with an aggressive boldness allowing anger to arise but not sin. Release a righteous anger, an anger that will stand against the evil days that twist and distort My word.

Plant your feet firmly, Oh family of God. It is a covenant time with the power of compassion to let mercy flow from your heart. Forgive when you are falsely accused. Know that I am with you. Stand for My righteousness, My peace and My joy. You are entering into the very promises that I have provided. It is a time to take courage and go forward, not to hold back. Your destiny awaits you; it is in the palm of My hand. Seek Me only and you shall find Me. I am the God of compassion for I have sent My son, My dear one as a ransom for you.

Intercessors For Jesus Ministries

May the fire of God's heart -- His passion -- flow from His heart like a river of consuming glory into all of Africa and the world. Oh Lord, you must change us. You must come and make us into the bride you desire. Man cannot accomplish the task. We thank you for the faithful and those martyrs of the past and for their tireless work and devotion. But now, Oh Lord, you are doing a new thing. You have come not to visit your people, but to inhabit the dwelling places of the your Kingdom. May your will be done. Amen.

Overwhelmed in Africa, again in His glory!
Stephen Gray


Living Stepping Stones of Faith

WALK OUT OF THAT FAMILIAR PLACE WHICH YOU have known before this day. I am not a microwave God. You cannot put in a microwaveable instant tv dinner and get an instant meal. I will not, nor do I work like that. You have become lazy in your seeking of me. You must seek me with all your hearts desire in order to get to know me, and to begin to step forth unto the stepping stones of faith. I want you to walk where you have never walked before. I want you to step out in faith onto the stepping stones of faith...places which you have never stepped forth into before this day. Come out into the river of my spirit. This is the river of faith. Come out of the places which have held you captive for so long. Come into the river whose current is picking up speed. Come and rest in the river. Let me carry you in the current, so you may rest. You cannot stand still in the river, either you are moving with me or against me this day.

This is not a day of being comfortable. This is a day of walking forth in faith, and not being afraid to step into the unknown with me. If you are searching for a place you have known before, of comfort and of familiarity, then you are walking in a place where I would not have you walk.

So many of you want instant results, and laziness has filled the place where once you were faith walkers in me. I am saying to those who have found the wading pools to be comfortable--come out of those pools, into the rushing waters of the river for which I have called you to walk in. Come forth out of your comfort zones, and walk as I have called you to walk. Each day, you must seek me.. You cannot be satisfied to dwell in the past laurels or things which I have given to you to walk in the past-because this my child is a new day, and a new hour, a new time, and this is the time of great faith.

Walk out into the places I draw you into, the unfamiliar places where you have not walked before. Do not be afraid. You must seek me, and desire to know my will for this day and hour. Do not walk in the ways of the past for they will not work in these days.

These are days of great upheaval in the church, for I am shaking and will continue to shake the very foundations of what you have known before. No longer will you be able to follow the leaders as blind men, but I will drive you into the deserts to make you seek my face in these days. For each man,will have to know me, and each child will have to truly know the voice of their Father, that is why I drive you into the desert, out of that which is familiar and safe to you.. I am taking you into the desert to teach you to hear, to listen to my voice.

Have I not called you forth to be in the very center of these new things? Have you not heard my voice--wooing you to come out of that place of doldrums where you have taken a seat in mediocrity? I called you out of those places, to draw you away from the crowds, so you will stop following blindly but listen to what the spirit has to say to your heart this day.

These are the days of great faith, which I am calling you into. I want a people who will not depend on instant messages from dead pulpits, and who will come out of those places which I am shaking and shaking with great earthquakes to unloose the very foundations which the church has built for itself. My church has set itself upon a pseudo rock - which they have named Christ. Yet is a fake stone, a pseudo church, which is going to crumble under my shaking.

I am making the places which have appeared safe to you before, to be places of instability for a reason. I want you to come out of the valley of death into the mountain of life where my presence dwells. Follow me and not what you have thought to be the normality of Christianity in these days. Did I not make the earth shake, the very foundations of the wisdom of men to be a foolishness before them. I am again shaking the foundations of earthly wisdom, of the dead bone valleys of religion which have filled my children's hearts with lies and death. Come forth out of those dry dry valleys, which only serve to suck the life out of you.

Turn away from that which is full of death,and come into the wilderness for I am calling to you even greater this day than I did for my servant Moses in the desert. I want to consume you with the fire that engulfed the dry bush of the desert in that day. I want to make you an all consuming fire in the desert of this earth. For I am doing a new work this day upon you and in you this day. I am setting fires within the hearts of my children who are not afraid to come out of the staunch confinement of religion and who are willing to say to me, Yes, Lord, here I am, use me, take that which holy before you-out of me. Burn it out of me, and make me a fit vessel to hold the oil of your anointing. Take me and break me, and make me your own, oh Lord.

That is what I desire in my children now.. Hearts willing to be used, no matter what the price must be paid. Hearts willing to be loving sacrifices before me.

I am looking for children who are willing to give all that they have in this world to serve me. Children who will worship me more than themselves. Willing vessels who love me more than they love their earthly possessions. These are the true hearts of service and love, my church in these last days.

Mergers and Strategic Alliances for Global Evangelism
by J. Scott Thompson

Hello friends,

Last week, I heard in the Spirit the terms "strategic alliances" and "synergy." I then went to a Pastor's prayer meeting in our city and heard the same thing. Then, I received an e-mail from Chuck Pierce and he wrote of "synergy." So at that point, after hearing these terms three times in a couple of hours, I thought it would be prudent to seek the Lord for what He was trying to tell me. Here is what I found, I pray that this will benefit you.

  1. "Strategic Alliances": The Season for Mergers & Acquisitions
  2. "Synergy": The Purpose of Mergers
  3. The Importance of "Connecting" for the Prophetic Purposes of God
  4. The Days of Individualism and Sectarianism are Over!
Strategic Alliances: The Season for Mergers & Acquisitions

Maybe you have noticed in the news the recent acquisition by United Airlines of US Air? And just today, British Airways is looking at buying KLM Airlines. This then caused American Airlines to talk with Northwest to consider merging into one larger company. From banking to transportation, nearly every sector of the global economy has been affected by the wave of "mega-mergers." Some of the other "mega-mergers" have included Nations Bank with Bank of America, World Communications with MCI, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, CitiBank and Travelers. In 1988 alone, mergers involving just American companies totaled 1 trillion dollars.

What is happening in the natural realm is a byproduct of what has already happened or is happening in the spiritual realm? In the spirit realm, God is strategically aligning (or realigning) His people in the earth. He is shifting His forces in place. He is putting reinforcements behind the front lines. He is combining smaller battalions into larger battalions. He is connecting the go-ers with the prayers and senders. He wants us to operate from a position of "maximum impact" in the kingdom. He is showing us that we can be more effective, operating with a greater strength and cover more ground as we work together for the advancement of the kingdom.

Synergy: The Purpose of Mergers

"Synergy" is a term that means that whenever people, drugs, animals or muscles cooperate, the result of their efforts will be greater than the sum of what they could do separately. One horse, for example, can pull six tons of weight but two harnessed together can pull not twelve but 32 tons! The Old Testament tells us that, "If one can chase a thousand, two can put two thousand to flight."

Why are there are so many mega-mergers going on? Dr. Fred Weston, Professor of Economics at UCLA, cited the "globalization of competition" as a major reason for the recent merger craze. He went on to say, "with the emergence of a global economy, companies have been forced to seek new ways to become more competitive on an international scale." These merging companies are concluding that they can better maintain controllable operating costs, increase efficiency and obtain a greater global reach.

Lets analyze what he said. First, he stated that the recent merger craze was do to the emergence of a "global economy." To be successful and impact globally, the companies are merging together and unifying efforts. I believe that this is the direction that Spirit of God is giving to His Church in these times. God is calling His people to FINISH the Great Commission. This includes preaching the gospel to every creature in every nation. In the 10/40 window alone there are nearly 1.3 billion people that have not heard the gospel one time! To reach these people it is going to take a CONCERTED EFFORT.

Many, many ministries are realizing this and are working together in these days. Some will even lay down there titles, positions and salaries to answer this call. They are hearing the Spirit reveal the truth in this hour that finishing the purposes of God is more important than building big ministries or our "own thing." The grace to lay these down for the cause and purposes of God for this hour is in the earth.

Dr. Weston then said that these merging companies could better control operating costs, increase efficiency and obtain a greater global reach. As ministries and churches merge together their efforts for World Evangelism, the same will happen. Those weaknesses of some ministries, when working together, will be overcame by the strengths of others (and visa versa). Examples of this is the Lighthouse Movement and Celebrate Jesus 2000 facilitated by Mission America. Working together for the evangelism of America! What we have not been able to do apart in the past, we can do together in the future!

The Importance of Connecting for the Prophetic Purposes of God

These are the days of working together. These are the days of "divine networking." The connections that God is wanting to make of people, networks, churches and ministries can be LIFE OR DEATH for some. There are people and people groups that God wants reached, but divine connections must be made first.

Remember the connection of Peter and Cornelius? God divinely connected them for His purpose. BECAUSE OF THIS CONNECTION THE GENTILES RECEIVED THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 10). What if this connection would not have been made. What if Cornelius would not have been obedient to the vision of the angel of God? What if Peter in his bewilderment at the vision he saw, would not have gone to see Cornelius? Because of their obedience, because they pressed though "denominational titles," even through fear and pride, THE GENTILES RECEIVED THE HOLY SPIRIT. Are there connections in your life or ministry that the Spirit has been directing you to make? Remember, it may be life or death that YOU make that connection!

I remember two years ago when the Lord dropped into my Spirit to go to Indiana to visit a ministry friend (who I had only met once). I went in obedience (and by faith) not knowing why. During that weekend God opened up a door to begin ministering in the nation of India. Now two years later, we have ongoing ministry there. Let the connections be made!

The Days of Individualism and Sectarianism are Over!

The days of individualism and sectarianism are over. It has not worked thus far. IT WILL NOT WORK. In the case of World Evangelism, Jesus said the world would believe WHEN WE ARE ONE. "That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they may be ONE in US, THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE THAT YOU SENT ME. And the glory which You gave Me, I have given them, THAT THEY MAY BE ONE JUST AS WE ARE ONE." (John 17:21-22) Notice the glory is not given to make us feel good but to UNITE US!

David Barrett and James Reapsome reported in their AD 2000 Series Seven Hundred Plans To Evangelize the World. Of the 788 active plans profiled by the authors, NEARLY TWO-THIRDS WERE EITHER NON-COOPERATING OR PARTIALLY COOPERATING WITH OTHER GROUPS AND ONLY 10.5 PERCENT CONSIDERED COOPERATION WITH LIKE-MINDED TRADITIONS AND BODIES INDISPENSABLE. I believe that God is dealing with the fear and pride in our hearts that has kept us from working together and has kept us separated.

This is the hour for global evangelism. This is the generation to FINISH the Great Commission. There is a people coming forth that will take the gospel to every nook and cranny on planet earth. BUT IT WILL ONLY BE DONE TOGETHER! Where the WHOLE BODY is joined and knit together by what EVERY JOINT SUPPLIES, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, CAUSES GROWTH of the body for the edifying of itself in love. (Eph. 4:16)

"Individuality" when kept separate will produce starvation in the rest of the body. Too much of the body of Christ has experienced spiritual famine because the nourishment for it has been provided by God, but it has been kept separated from rest of the body. But when individuality is coupled and joined with the body, GROWTH and HEALTH will take place. We have all been given a "MEASURE" and when these measures are combined the FULLNESS (Eph. 4:13) WILL become a reality!

So go for it! The nations are waiting!

Sharing the Love. Touching the Nations.
J. Scott Thompson

Sharon Marks

My children, do you not know that I formed you? That out of My mouth I breathed life into you? You are My delight and in the image of the love and compassion of We who formed you. I desire only loyalty to your God, unfeigned devotion and obedience to my commandments. To desire and seek after your Maker-- Your God--with ALL of your heart and with all of your soul. To truly desire to know Me not just about Me.

There is so much I desire for you and to give you. First you must seek and search MY heart. To come to a genuine recognition of Me and to My authority.

Now is the time I shall raise up My David's, My Elisha's, My Isaiah's, My John the Baptist's. They will not come from the "elite" of My people, nor will they come from the pinnacles of the church and body. They are a chosen people for this time who have come before Me with a truth and repentance that is pure and holy. They are the ones who through many trials and tests have stood firm in integrity and faith and in righteousness. They have called out to their Most High God and I have heard their cries for they are from the heart. When I have called they have answered, they are obedient to what I purposed in them. I will put in their mouths my oracles and they will speak things that are to come and that must be.

I will raise them up as a mighty army and they will be "sent" as I have sent My prophets in days of old. They are being sent to warn, correct, and to give direction to My people. Let those that will hear-hear, and those that will see-see. For they come with the power and the authority that I have empowered in them.

Think not to turn them aside from you for they come on My behalf, not their own. Do not wonder if they are sent by me or not for you will know them if you know Me. Take them into your bosom and eat and drink upon their words that they will speak.

For soon- VERY SOON -I will open up the heavens and rend the veil and you will KNOW that I AM that IAM! I will send a consuming fire and a rushing mighty wind to fan the flame. I will send My rain to a dry and thirsty people. Be ready My children for in that time you will be made as the metal in a refiners fire and in you I will raise up a strong and mighty army to take the land for My glory and for My honor!! Then I shall send forth My Son to gather You unto Me. For the bridegroom longs for His bride and the feast is almost made ready.

What is My desire for My children? To behold their love for Me; to hear their songs of praise and worship offered freely and with reverence. Loyalty and devotion out of a genuine love and respect for their Maker. Obedience without question. To truly know My voice without wondering. To listen and wait on Me to speak to them. To take time for their Maker before all else. To MINISTER unto Me; for I cry out to them for their love, for their reverence to Me above ALL things. I have too long been given their left overs of time, energy, tithes, praise, worship and fellowship with Me. I desire YOU My children!


The following testimony was sent to me from a brother that is on my e-mail list and it was such a blessing I decided to pass it along to you. God is so good and faithful. Thank you Brother Homer, for time to hear of God's love, and His concern for our needs.--------On May 2, as I was being quiet before the Lord waiting for His teaching for the day with my eyes closed, I saw a DARK GREEN TRACTOR. This is the first time I ever saw anything as I was seeking God. So in my journal, which I keep for what He teaches, I wrote in the margin "dark green tractor (mower)", not wanting to mix spiritual things with earthly things.

Thinking to myself, why did I see that, knowing that I could not afford one, but it sure would be a great help, for this 66 year old man with arthritis, who cuts his 85 ft. by 400 ft. yard with a 20 inch mower, and now responsible for my daughters next door same size lot. It had become difficult to cut for more than 30 minutes without having to stop for a rest. Well days passed, and to myself as I recall the vision -- I laugh to myself -- like 90 year old Sarah. And I pondered -- John Deere mowers are green but not dark green. So a few days later the Lord again brought it to my memory and again I put it behind me, but the Spirit spoke very sternly -"BELIEVE IT--I WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS---AND HE KNEW YOUR NEED EVEN BEFORE YOU ASK FOR IT--HE GIVES GIFTS."

About a week later, my wife Pat and I were at Home Depot and I have to walk right by these bright orange lawn tractors, just looking and shaking my head as I looked at the prices. A couple other shoppers looked at me pretty funny, but a strong anointing came over me with joy unspeakable, which brought tears. I walked away--thinking to myself what are you looking at orange mowers when yours will be green.

On May 26 I get a call from a Christian brother ---from his cell phone. He tells me that he was on his way to my house, and needed a hand with this "gift" the Lord laid upon my wife and my heart, to buy you, but you must never tell who bought it. A little later, up the driveway pulls this truck. As he opens the door, here sits a big two cylinder 46 inch cut--DARK GREEN LAWN TRACTOR -- WITH A DARK GREEN TRAILER TO GO WITH IT.

I showed them my journal and they began to praise the Lord. Joe, two weeks ago the Lord laid it on our hearts to buy a lawn tractor, so we ordered it. When we went to pick it up, the sales man said he was so sorry, but the BLACK one you ordered fell off of the truck -- so please take this more expensive one but it is DARK GREEN. I am still numb. Blessings, brother Joe.

Isn't our God wonderful? He wants to bestow gifts on us out of His wonderful grace and mercy. He just wants us to accept His love unconditional. We are all prodigals and He is planning a party for us all the time. Once we turn our eyes towards Him, He gets busy. This is coming to you from Homer Owen in Waco, Texas. Blessings on your life today.

More and more I see believers "trying" to convince others to receive revelation that THEY have received. It reflects a concern that it deep seeded: if I don't get everyone else to "follow" what I am following then I will be alone and have "failed God" miserably. Let us look into the word concerning our dealings with others. Paul very aptly addressed this in 1 Corinthians.

. The Corinthian Christians were a diverse sort...a mixture of Jews who had come out of the Jewish Religious system into liberty in Christ Jesus, and gentiles who had come out of a pagan religious system, totally ignorant of scripture and practice, but fully in love with their saviour. Needless to say controversy broke out amongst the campers and they polarized...Some followed Apollos and how he "did it". Some followed Cephas. Others wanted to cluster around Paul and claim HIM as their guru leader. Paul cried out that he determined not to know anything among them but Jesus Christ and Him Crucified." 1 Cor 2:2.

In the next chapter, Paul makes a very valid point to all these who were proselyting and pursuading the people to "join their camp" and "do it their way". In Chapter 3:6 - 11 Paul says this:

"I have planted and Apollos watered; but God GIVE THE INCREASE. So then neither is he that planeth anything, neither he that watereth; but God that GIVETH THE INCREASE. Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one, and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor. For we are laborers together with God; ye are God's husbandry and ye are God's building. According to the grace of God which gven unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed HOW he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can NO MAN lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ."

ONLY GOD can give the increase. We share what God has given us,. but we CANNOT pursuade another to accept it..ONLY GOD GIVE THE INCREASE. Earlier I had mentioned what I feel to be an accurate description of a false minister or false ministry...ANYONE WHO BUILDS ON THE FOUNDATION OF A REVELATION FROM GOD OR WHAT HE PERCEIVES TO BE FROM GOD and is out promoting THAT FOUNDATION and THAT REVELATION and amassing to himself followers and building programs,etc IS A FALSE MINISTER. We are NOT serving ministry and organizations. We serve Christ and CHRIST alone!

Paul, with all the revelation and anointing could not convince Agrippa to 'receive Jesus"...Agrippa said, "Almost thou persuaded me to be a Christian." ALMOST. ALMOST...Paul planted. But Agrippa was not open to by way of the Holy Spirit. So by REASONING Agrippa ALMOST accepted it, but his heart remained closed. PAUL COULD NOT OPEN HIS HEART and he knew it. God would have to give the increase.(Acts 26:29)

Let us think, when we are trying with all our strength to give convincing arguments for or against a particular doctrine, remember this...that is what it is DOCTRINE. SEED. we are called to plant and /or water. ONLY GOD CAN GIVE THE INCREASE. And that comes in the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

Paul said this in 1 Cor. 4:19, 20: But I will come to you shortly, IF THE LORD WILL, and will know, not the speach of them which are puffed up, but the POWER. FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT IN WORD, BUT IN POWER.

amen and amen.

Becky (Wayfarer)

"For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie -- deliberate, contrived and dishonest -- but the myth -- persistent, persuasive and unrealistic, " so said President John F. Kennedy.

Never has the slain leader's words been truer than when they are applied to the concept of the "separation of church and state."

The myth that disciples are forbidden to allow their spiritual beliefs to come to bear on issues of a political nature has been repeated so often and for so long that it is now accepted by many without debate.

The term "separation of church and state" -- described as a "misleading metaphor" by Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist -- originate with President Thomas Jefferson. In 1802, he included it in a letter to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut. The Association had expressed concern that the First Amendment might not be strong enough to insure religious liberty.

Jefferson sought to alleviate the Baptists' anxiety in his communique. In short, he assured them that they need not fear; the free exercise of religion would never be interfered with by the government.

He explained that the phrase, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." had the effect of "building a wall of separation between church and state."

Over the years, Jefferson's phrase has been construed to mean that there should be a complete absence of religious influence on the affairs of the state.

Unfortunately, many Christians have been all to accepting of this erroneous myth.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, an influential Baptist pastor in England during the last century, declared, "I often hear it said, 'do not bring religion into politics.' This is precisely where it ought to be brought and set there in the face of all men as on a candlestick."

As a dark room is illuminated by light, so are matters of public debate made comprehensive when religious ideals are included.

The Church is the conscience of society. The presence of a conscience enables us to judge ourselves in respect to moral and natural laws and conform to them accordingly.

When an individual is void of conscience, sociopathic behavior develops. The result is the ability to perform ungodly acts without remorse.

As an individual needs a conscience to function properly, so society needs the voice of the Church. When society begins to embrace that which contradicts natural law and time-tested morality, the Church has the responsibility, the duty and obligation, to remind society of that which is truth.

This is especially true in this election year. The Church -- disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ -- not only have the right, but the responsibility, to evaluate matters of ethics and morality.

Jefferson's idea of "separation of church and state" was intended to keep the state out of church and not the other way around.

The Team At Christian Outfitters
Live Christ Deliberately!
Christian Outfitters

The Centrality of Christ
By Stephen Kingsley

If Jesus were alive today, he would be labeled as "intolerant" for his blasting of the Pharisees in Matthew 23. They completely missed the greatest of truths in the Old Testament, "judgment, mercy, and faith," which are the key elements to the gospel.

The Pharisee's were highly educated, disciplined, and trained. They loved prayer, tithing, fasting, memorizing scripture, and such activities. Isn't amazing that Jesus labeled these men as "hypocrites," "blind," "serpents," and "fools?"

Every Bible topic becomes corrupted when separated from the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the life blood of scripture. Disconnect Jesus from any scripture and it is meaningless. Without Christ, grace becomes license, faith becomes positive thinking, peace becomes unity among men, love becomes something the hippies share, mercy becomes lawlessness, prosperity becomes worldly gain ... Take the great reality of the gospel of God's grace and His free salvation through the cross-work of Christ out of God's Word, and it becomes a tool through which evil men and seducers deceive and enslave their unwitting victims.

Grace, faith, peace, love, mercy, prosperity, (and any of hundreds of other topics from scripture) are all vital subjects for believers to embrace and practise, but apart from Christ they are but an empty shell drained of their real substance.

Let's preach Christ to the Church and world again. Thus, the Apostle Paul, our example began his ministry, "And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, that he is the son of God." (Acts 2:20) Likewise, he fulfilled his ministry and ended, "Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things that concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him." (Acts 28:31)

Don't be deceived. Christianity is not a system of ethics, morals, virtues, and family values. Much greater, it is the assembly of those who have received the love of the truth, WHO is the Lord Jesus Christ. These are all born again of God's Spirit, and called to live in the flesh, in this world, in a manner that is worthy of Christ's sacrifice on their behalf, and pleasing to their Father in heaven.

A Christian loves the will of God and practises many of the same activities that the Pharisees did, but not to win God's love and favor as they did, but because of it. The Pharisee's likely knew, in the still hours of the night, that they were as empty inside as was their self righteous principles. How different those same principles become to those whose are secure in Christ's great and free salvation, having the gift of righteousness.

"For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." (John 1:17)

"... and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." (Galatians 2:20b)


No Shortcuts
Petru Prinsloo


Some of you are on paths that I have not chosen. You started well on the path I have chosen for you; however, along the way you were sidetracked into a path called "shortcut".

On the path I chose for you, you could, at first, clearly see Me guide you. You saw other tracks leading off the path you were on, but you knew not to take them - no matter what they promised. However, recently some promises have whetted your appetite. When you saw the track marked: "get more; get it quicker", you left My path. The Liar of liars has tricked you - saying you can get more and get it faster by taking a shortcut.

Now you are on a dirt track overgrown by briers and thorns. You have to cut open a way for yourself to move forward, but as you walk, thorns are tearing at your clothes and flesh. You will be facing darkness and fatigue soon if you do not turn around. You are nearing a place where the soil of your heart will change and you will no longer be able to receive or nourish seeds..... This is no shortcut. Only one thing will be cut short and that's your walk with Me.

Turn back My children. For although My heart is yearning to free you out of the briers, I will not, for it is a way you freely chose. I know you are saying "But Father, I was deceived and since Satan can't touch me without your permission...........". Again I say to you, precious children, do not kick against the goads of My discipline. This was a test in which you did not fare too well and it will come by again. However, since I love you deeply, and by My grace and mercy, I am calling you back before you enter a jungle of deception, heartache and death.

You cannot take any detours from the path I set your feet on. When you see an obstacle in the path, you cannot turn to take another path. Neither can you speed up that which I have planned in My perfect timing. When you follow paths of continued willful disobedience, I cannot walk with you for I am a just and holy God.

Learn this now: there is no shortcut to perfect:

~~ knowledge and wisdom,
~~ holiness and purity,
~~ humility and faith.
All this is acquired by a LIFE LONG walk with Me. That's right. Getting to where I planned you to ultimately be, will take all your life. There are no shortcuts! The Kingdom of Heaven has no "get it quick-schemes". Yes, occasionally I do supernaturally empower some with a taste of all and perfect fullness - but that's (by My prerogative) a divine exception and not the rule.

In your walk of life with Me, I will allow obstacles and distractions to test your commitment to Me. All who have offered themselves to Me, I will purify, for I know what I have planned for you. Perfection does not come by any scheme or programme offered by man. Perfection only comes by a life long series of trails and tests and purification by My hand.

For if you stay on the path I placed your feet on, and take no shortcuts or detours, then My glory and anointing will come upon you and overcome you.

-- From His Secret Place


The word of the Lord is a time of decision:

My son, rise up above the things of this world! Pursue Me and the things of My kingdom. I will never fail you.

This is a time of reckless abandonment for Me. Those who seek Me with all of their hearts shall find Me. Those who "draw back" from Me, I shall have no pleasure in them. Abraham believed in Me and I credited this to him as righteousness. Galatians 3:6-9 (NIV): Consider Abraham: "He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness." Understand, then, that those who believe are children of Abraham. The scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announce the gospel in advance to Abraham: "All nations will be blessed through you." So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. The Lord of Hosts says, only those who believe will inherit the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is everyone being excited and working together with great joy, peace, love, hope toward My purpose and plan. Love one another as I have loved you. Do not exalt one above another, but work together in My purposes, says the Lord. Romans 8:19 (NIV): The creation waits in eager expectation for sons of God to be revealed.

Do you not know that this is the end of the age? Do you not know that I have created you for such a time as this? This is the day and the hour of making choices for My people. Choose the narrow path of my perfect will, for wide if the road of destruction.

Tell my people who are called by My name that I love them and am encouraging them to make a wise decision that has no temporal value. But My perfect will is eternal. What is seen is temporal, but that which cannot be seen is eternal. DO NOT BASE DECISIONS ON WHAT YOU SEE OR WHAT YOU THINK IN YOUR MINDS, BUT THIS IS A TIME OF FOLLOWING YOUR HEARTS, SAYS THE LORD YOUR GOD. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

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