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June 12, 2000

What Will Your Answer Be?
Patsy Barnes

I am looking and searching to find a people that I can show myself strong. Are you one of those people? If you say yes then you shall see the hand of God move upon your life but you must be ready to do what I tell you at all times. The time for hesitation is over. It is now time to move and speak what I tell you to say.

As long as you speak what I give to you and you do not add to or take away then I will back up every word you speak and they will come to pass. For I am not a man that I can lie.

When you move and act on my behalf because that is what I have told you to do then great signs and wonders will take place. These people that I will show myself strong in are obedient people, they are worshippers and they are prayer warriors.

Say yes to my call and see the hand of God work, see the hand of God move, see the words spoken come to pass, see great signs and wonders. Are you ready?

It comes with a great price. Are you ready to pay that price? Are you ready to give it all to me? Everything? Say yes and a great journey will begin the minute you say yes. First it starts in the realm of the spirit and with your faith. You must believe that it has begun. Then it moves to the area of sight and then into action where you can hear, see and do. Are you ready? I am looking for a people where I can show myself strong.

What will your answer be?

Apples of Gold
By Robert Burgess

Prov 25:11 A Word (i. e. A Rhema, or Living Word) fitly spoken is like apples of gold in Pictures of silver.

THE APPLE Here, is set forth as a strong type of the Word of God The Fruit of the Lips, a Living Word (i.e. The Word of Wisdom - Gold representing the Divine Nature - Truth).

Rev. 3:18 "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich" (See also Prov 23:23 "Buy the truth, and sell it not."). See Song of Sol 2:3, 5 ~ 7:8 ~ 8:5. Also see Joel 1:12

This letter is actually a Prophetic teaching ~ A Word of exhortation to the Pastors of the Bride of Christ that God is raising in this hour. In this day when there is so much emphasis being placed upon the restoration of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry, The Lord has shown me that there is a need to encourage the Pastors of the Kingdom in a way which will help them not feel discouraged or overlooked by any means, by what the Lord is doing presently in the Ministries of others. He must first see clearly where he belongs in the Body, and perceive exactly how to operate within the Order of God in order to enhance and speed up what the Lord is doing in this hour. Therefore, the Lord has laid this study on my heart to touch on certain elements of truth which will help to define the role of what a Pastor should be somewhat, in the coming Kingdom of God; and how his relationship to the people, and with other Ministries should fit in.


Oddly, the word "Pastors" (Meaning, "He who Feeds") only appears eight times in the entire Bible, and seven of these are found in the OLD TESTAMENT!! The interesting point lies in the fact that six of these O.T. references are very negative statements against the Pastors of Israel, while only one is in the positive vein and is a Prophetic Word concerning the calling and establishment of New Testament (actually, Kingdom-Age) Pastors at the end of the present Age (See Jer 3:15).

Eph 4:11 "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;"

Jer 2: 8 "The priests said not, Where is the LORD? and they that handle the law knew me not: the Pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal and walked after things that did not profit."

Jer 10:21 "For the pastors are become brutish (Senseless, Without sensitivity), and have not sought the LORD- therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered."

Jer 12:10 "Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion (Lit. Heritage) underfoot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness (A place of disorder)."

Jer 22:22 "The wind (of God's Cold Judgments) shall eat up thy pastors, and thy lovers shall go into captivity: surely then shalt thou be ashamed and confounded for all thy wickedness."

Jer 23:1-2 "Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. 2 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD."

Now for some good stuff:

Jer 3:15 "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."

The Kingdom Age Pastors will have a heart exactly like the Father's; This is not just my idea, this is the Word of the Father to the Church. For many years now, and actually ever since there were Pastors at all, there has been a predominant element among some of them that "Ate up the flock of God;" instead of really caring for them as the Father would. If they fed them at all, it was so they could fatten them up for the kill; Instead of showing them the Father and teaching them His ways, they have been busy teaching such "Vital Truths" as "Generational Curses," and "How to live prosperously in God's Kingdom Economy." The aim of their teaching was of course to make the people put more money into the offering plate so they would have more to spend on themselves; This is what God meant by the Pastors becoming "Brutish.." Now a Pastor has a big job on his hands if he is to fulfill what God desires for him to be; He must be like a tree that can produce a Word in Due Season for the hungry souls that God sends him. Several years ago the Lord gave me a teaching on this Apple Tree, and the significance of it where it dealt with the Ministry.. There are several different kinds of trees within the economy of the Kingdom. Notice how they are related in the following Scriptures:

How the Pastor ~ Shepherd is (or will be) among the Five-Fold Ministries:

Song 2:3 "As the apple tree (Angel of the local Church, the Pastor-Shepherd) among the trees of the wood (Five-Fold Ministry), so is my beloved (Christ The Good Shepherd ~ The Preeminent One) among the Sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste."

The Book of Joel discloses how the "Trees" of Ministry were totally devastated during the "Dark ages" of the Roman Catholic Dynasty:

Joel 1: 12

  1. 1. The vine (The Teacher) is dried up,
  2. 2. and the fig tree (The Prophet) languisheth (Lit. Declines)-
  3. 3. the pomegranate tree (The Evangelist),
  4. 4. the palm tree also (The Apostle),
  5. 5. and the apple tree (The Pastor-Shepherd), even all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men." See also Neh 8:10

Song 2:5 "Stay me with flagons (i.e. Pentecostal Wines), comfort me with apples (A living Word): for I am sick of love (The Agape Realm: The Most Holy Place)".

One might ask "How could she be sick of that?" The Baptism of Fire that relates so closely to the Most Holy Place is not something that is always easy to endure; It's like the old saying "I've enjoyed as much of this as I can stand." The dealings of the Father are often so deep and troubling to the soul that we need some temporary respite in order to recover our strength to continue. This is where we need a living Word of God, a Word in due season to encourage us that it's okay, that we'll make it after all, just hang in there - The worst is over!!

The voice of the Bride of Christ is crying out for a Living Word, an Apple, or a "Word in Due Season," if you will.. If the Kingdom Pastor is indeed to be an "Apple Tree," then one of the predominate fruits of his Ministry should be toward the line of the Prophetic, in the "Word of Wisdom, and Knowledge;" and also to raise up other Pastors by the Word of God (Apple Seeds) which he plants in the people. It may be a little hard to see this right now considering all the negative things that so many Pastors have done in the past, and even some of the conditions at present; but remember this is a Prophetic teaching defining those Pastors which God said He would give to the Church in the Kingdom age, who would express only the Father's Heart to the flock.

Song 7: 8 "I said, I will go up to the palm tree (The Upright one or the Apostle), I will take hold of the boughs thereof (See Jn 15:5) now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine (The Teacher Ministry, where the New Wine is Found, See Isa 65:8, Judges 9:8-13 & Rev 1: 13), and the smell of thy nose (Discernment) like apples (Discernment according to the Word of God);"

Those who Will be Qualified for the Bride in the Kingdom of God will be raised up under the Anointed and Pure Word of God by a genuine Pastor-Shepherd Ministry.

Song 8:5 "Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness (See Rev 12:13-14), leaning upon her beloved? I raised thee up under the apple tree (The Word of God, and the Ministry of a godly, Kingdom Pastor): there thy mother brought thee forth: there she brought thee forth that bare thee."

A BLOW brings a Flow

Apple trees never prosper very well in a temperate climate; perhaps this is why the Pastor/Shepherds have not produced the kind of fruit they were intended to.. They have characteristically been very well taken care of by the "Lukewarm" Religious Systems; No doubt more so than any other of the Five-Fold Ministries. Apples are found to flourish best in climates which vary in temperature from 30-40 degrees below zero in the winter to 100+ degrees in the summer. The fact is, that in order for apples to produce to their maximum potential they must HIBERNATE (A type of DEATH) for three to five months every year. A good picture of the need for both Cold weather and extreme Heat is found in Song of Sol 4:12-16 where it is revealed that the Bride is:

"A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse (The Bride of Christ); a spring shut up, a fountain seated, 13 Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire, with spikenard, 14 Spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices: 15 A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and stream from Lebanon. 16 Awake 0 North wind (the Cold Winds of Judgment) , and come, thou South (the Warm Winds of Blessings); BLOW upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow on . Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits (Song of Sol. 4:12-16)."

See also Rev 3:15 "I would thou wert Cold or Hot."

Perhaps the most anointed and gifted people I have ever known have experienced tremendous and terrible reverses in life; and it is because of these things that a "Channel" of sorts was opened up within their spirit man to sense things in the Spirit of God that ordinary people who have never been broken vessels before the Lord are just simply not able to detect. I don't mean that in any way to be critical of anyone; I only feel that this type of Pastor-Shepherd Ministry is going to be one who will have "Suffered the loss of all things," that he might win Christ (The anointing). For many years I have discerned a large "Gap" sometimes between the Pastor-Shepherds and the Apostles and Prophets; perhaps this is because the Pastors have not been exposed much to the "Heart of the Father," and they tend to be too "Soulish" in their Ministry to the flock. Since they have characteristically not undergone the same kinds of deep sufferings that the Apostle/Prophet Ministry has, they are not able to relate properly to the "Father Nature" of these two, and quite often are too soft (Feminine) themselves, and are not able to correctly manifest the Heart of the Father even if they desired. The bottom line is, they have been too "Motherly" with the people as a general rule; Perhaps they might be afraid of running the congregation off if they attempt to deal as a true Father would with one of his Son's.

"My Father is the Husbandman"

I am not suggesting being "Legalistic" or a "Hard shell;" Neither of those terms accurately describe the Father at all. What I am saying is that the Father is "An Husbandman," or one who knows how to prune the "Trees" of the Garden of God. He knows instinctively by the Spirit when the pruning should be done without harming the tree, and he understands how to engraft the Word of God back into that person's life where the offensive "Branch" has been cut out. A fragmented Ministry though, has produced a Fragmented Church, and Soulish Pastors have traditionally produced Soulish people; This will definitely have to change in the coming Kingdom Age.

In the culture of Israel, a boy was brought up by the Mother generally until he was about the age of 12 years old; this is when he began to come into his manhood. The Scriptures record that when Jesus was 12 years old (At His Bar-Mitzvah) He began to be about His Father's Business (The Word of God) in the House of God.. When a person reaches that point of being filled with the Holy Ghost at his Pentecostal Bar-Mitzvah, he doesn't need "Mothering" any more; What he needs then is some "Fathering" in the Word of the Kingdom which will bring him into the kind of eventual maturity of a true Son of God. This has been sadly lacking in the Churches; in fact some have had to leave the Church system entirely to get that kind of "Fathering" directly from the Lord.

The Impartation of Spiritual Gifts

"For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established (Rom 1:11);"

It is our prayer that Pastors will begin to realize that the true Apostles and Prophets of the Kingdom pose no threat to their Ministry or Jurisdictions; They are set in the Body to serve and to promote maturity, and perfect Godliness in the people. The anointing upon these Ministries will always have a Powerful effect upon those who receive them as Apostles (or, Sent ones), and they will find themselves moving in more and more "Apostolic and Prophetic Authority" themselves as they move into, and cooperate with, the various kinds of impartations of that anointing. I have made some folks rather upset by saying that the effects of an Apostolic blessing could last for many generations as it did in the Church at Rome; I can make no excuses for this statement for Paul never wrote anything like this (of Becoming Established) to any other Church. Of course the Apostle imparted much of the Grace and Giftings upon his own life to each of the Churches he helped to establish; This is one of the earmarks of the Apostolic Ministry, but I feel that the Words he wrote to the Church at Rome stand out as a good example of the overall effects of an Apostolic Blessing.

Robert Burgess 6/9/2000

GreatEagle Ministries International

Prophetic word by Mark Kaphaem

There has been a season of deep reflection that has passed over the body. Not just conviction of sin, but deep soul searching of the heart. You have seen the motives of your heart. You have seen the power of your words as they have passed over your lips. You are coming much closer to the glory that exposes your pride, the light that reveals you intents, the Love that purifies your motives. This is not a easy time and many are losing hope. Not only have you seen the condition of your own heart but the log has been removed from your eye and you are seeing clearly the state of the body also. Do not be overwhelmed in this time. That is the plan of the enemy for you. My plan for you is about to be revealed. For I tell you, I have prepared a hundred Abrahams in this time who through faith have laid their promises on the altar before Me. I have molded hundreds of the like of Moses who have grown humble and are ready for Me to use. There are a thousand Esther's who have prepared for this day and will soon step forth. And there are thousands of David's whose hearts have been broken before Me.

You feel like you have come to the end of yourself and for many of you this is true. You have not failed. Do not turn to look on yourself with disdain. Many of you have sought to divorce yourselves in this time. Do not divorce what I have come to redeem. Do not give up so close to the goal. Abraham laid His promises on the altar but He never lost faith. Even when the fulfillment of these promises seemed impossible in his eyes. Moses went forth only in obedience. Esther stepped out as a flower in a hurricane and prevailed. David faced his sin and was not overcome.

I have not forgotten you. I have not passed over you. Your time will come.

By Hollie Moody

When I hear from the Lord, I seem to hear Him speak to me with words. At the same time, I also "see" what the Lord is speaking to me about. This is just the way I seem to personally hear from the Lord. We all hear from the Lord in a way that is unique to us and to our natures and personalities. With this as way of explanation, I submit the following to the judgment and discernment of all of you.

I seemed to see a large group of people gathered before the Lord. They appeared excited. The Lord was speaking to them. As He spoke to them, it was as if I could actually see His words entering into these people. The Lord's words were being put into their hearts, and then would come out of their mouths. When the Lord's words proceeded out of their mouths, the people would turn around (with their backs towards the Lord), then they would speak God's words to other people spread out before them. When they were finished speaking God's words, they would turn back towards the Lord.

This continued for a time. I then saw the Lord reach out, and put His hands over the mouths of the people gathered before Him. This stunned and surprised the people, and they became very still. Their eyes were totally focused upon the Lord. There was no movement, nothing to distract anyone. There was an absolute stillness and calmness.

Another, smaller, group of people came from behind the people who had the Lord's hands over their mouths. This smaller group of people stood before the "gagged' group of people and began to speak to them. As I listened to their words, and observed their actions, I gradually became aware that this small group of people were "teachers," and that they were "teaching" the gagged group of people.

When the "teaching session" was over, some of the teachers departed. A few remained with the gagged group of people. The Lord removed His hands from the mouths of the large group of people. Even when the Lord had removed His hands, the large group of people remained very still and calm. They remained silent and quiet.

"Why aren't they saying anything?" I asked the Lord.

"Because I have not put My words into their mouths yet," the Lord replied. He seemed pleased with the silence of the large group of people. "For a season, I allowed My prophets to speak freely whatever I spoke to them. That time has ended. They will speak only what I tell them to speak, only when I tell them to speak it. I have brought a season of training and teaching into My Church. For a season, the prophets will speak very little. This is their time to learn to wait fully and totally upon Me. They will continue to hear from Me, yet very little of what I speak to them during this time, will I release them to speak to the Church."

As I pondered and prayed about this vision and conversation with the Lord, I felt that a time of intense training has come upon the church. I feel that for a time, we will hear fewer prophecies, visions and words from the Lord. This will be supplemented and replaced for a season by those with a great deal of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of spiritual matters.

These are the people I feel the Church will be hearing from in the coming days. Their voices of reason will serve as a foundation for the coming move of God, when He releases into His Church once again the voice of the prophets. When the great company of prophets begins to speak forth God's words into His Church once again, they will do so with greater understanding and wisdom and maturity.

It is a wounded generation we will be reaching. Our words must be seasoned with honey and with salt. Those who are more mature and wise, and less rash and impulsive, will be teaching and training the prophets and those in ministerial positions (as well as all members of God's body) how to effectively reach out to and minister to these wounded ones. Until then, for a short period of time, this could very well be the season of "the gagging of the prophets."

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

by John L. Sandford


Lately many Christians have complained to us that prophets have come and have laid on them great prophecies of grand ministries to which the Lord is calling them, but nothing has happened--except that everything has gone in reverse, and trials and tribulations have befallen them! This morning the Lord made it clear to Paula and me that it is time to bring some wisdom and counsel for the comfort and instruction of His people.


First, whenever the Lord elevates you through mighty prophecies-duck! If the word is truly from Him, He must prepare your heart. Through humbling and testing, He will cleanse you of those things that would defile the ministry or prevent its execution as He intends, as He builds into you a reflection of His character and a willingness to rely solely on Him. The subsequent time of suffering means He has chosen you and trusts you to let it work its full weight of glory in you (2 Corinthians 4:17)!


Second, quickly humble your heart. Wait for confirmations. "By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established" (2 Corinthians 13:1b, NKJV). The Lord may confirm instantly, or wait a great while. Do not act until He confirms. Please hear it again, do not act until he confirms. The Devil may be tempting into presumption, but at the same time the Lord will be allowing that in order to reveal to you any weak spots in your ability to be humble and obedient to His counsel. Humbling your heart is vital, because Satan copies all things, knows the Word as well, and can send his own confirmations, which are just as false as the promises!


How are you going to know the difference? There's no guarantee you will! But you don't need to know for sure--it's not your knowing that will bring it to pass, it's the Lord's faithfulness! For this reason the Scripture declares that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

Proverbs 8:12-17 says:

I, wisdom, dwell with prudence,
And I find knowledge and discretion.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil;
Pride and arrogance and the evil way,
And the perverted mouth, I hate.

Counsel is mine and sound wisdom;
I am understanding, power is mine.

By me kings reign,
And rulers decree justice.

By me princes rule, and nobles,
All who judge rightly.

I love those who love me;
And those who diligently seek me
will find me.


I have been down many blind alleys that I thought had been definitely confirmed. Here are a few signposts that can point to pitfalls ahead.


1) If your heart leaps with joy and you feel elevated and can't wait to do whatever is prophesied, watch out. The prophetic word has appealed to your flesh. Pride is rising.

This doesn't mean the word may be false, but it does mean your flesh is in the way! For a good example in scripture of the breaking and humbling process after an exalted prophecy, take a look at the story of Joseph, beginning in Genesis 37. God gave him two prophetic dreams that he quickly and unwisely "shared" with his older brothers.

They already hated him because he was their father's hands-down favorite, but these dreams, which showed them bowing down to him, were the limit; they sold him into slavery, letting their father believe he was dead. This might be where many people would figure, "Well, that's that! Must have been a false word, 'cause look at what's happened now!" or "Look what the devil's doing to poor me. Where's God when you really need Him?" But no, through years of patient and loyal servanthood, God prospered Joseph, and he was given more and more responsibility and trust.

End of story? Nope!


Now he had to go through years in prison-falsely accused by his master's wife because she couldn't break his integrity and get him to sleep with her. First he suffered for his own thoughtlessness and lack of wisdom; then he suffered for the sake of righteousness! When God gave Joseph those dreams, did He expect him to behave in a mature and restrained manner? Was it ill-timed? Did Joseph blow it? No to all of the above. God's timing is perfect, and knowing Joseph's character as it was, how it needed to become, and just what it would take to get it there, God gave him a true word. In due season it came to pass just as He'd shown that it would, and Joseph was able to walk uprightly in it because God had done a good work in him.


2) Flesh is sweaty and tense. If you've been gripped, you may feel mightily stirred to act, and become possessive and defensive about "your" ministry. A true call received with maturity will be accompanied by a sense of peace--and a willingness to lay it all on the altar! Watch out for the ways your flesh (and the devil) will prompt you to "help Him do it." It's easy to do too much and it's tough to wait on the Lord, whose timetable is certainly different from your own!


A good example in scripture of someone with a huge word spoken over them who did NOT try to get ahead of God's timetable is the young shepherd boy named David, whom Samuel anointed as King of Israel, at God's instructions, in I Samuel 16. Did he get to ride into Jerusalem on his high horse and depose King Saul, who had fallen from God's favor? No, he came under the existing authority, first as the royal harpist, to sooth Saul's torment, then as the royal armor bearer, and then as a fugitive, running for his life from the jealous and unbalanced king, whom David refused to kill even in defense of his own life. What David and Joseph both understood was that in order to be given authority, one must be willing to come under authority-and that authority may not always be friendly, understanding or "fair"! A lot of flesh has to die for this to happen!


3) Look closely at who is giving you that wonderful prophecy, and who is confirming it. God can give a true prophecy through a rascal, but the chances are slim. If the prophet's character doesn't manifest Jesus' nature, be very skeptical; that won 't be a sign of lack of faith on your part, but only prudence, which the Lord will approve. But remember, even if this word has never before occurred to your conscious mind, God has already been at work in your spirit, and a true word from God, no matter how surprising, will, at the same time bring with it a sense of "Yes, this is real."


4) True friends will often give you hard words; "Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy' (Proverbs 27:6). Job's comforters may applaud and encourage you to plunge ahead full steam (they want to bask in your glory, proud of and idolizing you - and are also among the first to turn to rend you when things go wrong). Set yourself to hear the reproaches and warnings of friends. "He who hates reproof will die" (Proverbs 15:10b). On the other hand, don't be a people pleaser who turns from a true calling just because trusted friends don't approve. Paul didn't decide not to go to Jerusalem when Agabus prophesied captivity if he went and friends pleaded with him not to go (Acts 21). If a command has been clear and confirmed, obey it no matter what, always remembering to remain attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit for how and when, in order to keep from stumbling!


Something to remember-and take comfort from--when talking about testing: God isn't sitting there correcting your exam papers like some stern and legalistic school master; He wants you to succeed, and will do everything to cause you to succeed. Everything that you'll allow Him to do, that is! Life is full of tests: anything from having to perform the Heimlich maneuver for the first time on a stranger in a restaurant (should I do it? what if they decide to sue me?) to being asked to give $X for a worthy cause (this'll mean having to trust God for my Visa payment/phone bill/next meal...shall I/shan't I?) to being willing (or not) to leave the last cookie on the plate for someone else! In God's economy, tests are to show us where we are, how we're doing and where we're lacking-He already knows. So sometimes we have to get caught with egg on our face, or flat on our face, in order to see where and how we need to die to self and look to Him.


If we but think a moment, this isn't too hard to understand. How many times have our children pestered us to do something we knew wasn't good for them, until we finally we let them go do it, knowing that, at this point, the freedom to learn by a mistake is worth a thousand words; they'll have to learn the hard way what they couldn't accept from us in the form of advice. Sometimes that permission is only a test of their common sense, and they decide that, being free to make their own decision, now they really don't want to do it after all. But if they do have to learn the hard way, we're still there, loving them and willing to help pick up the pieces-if asked. God is a far better Father than we, and acts in the same way, only infinitely more wisely.


So. You've been given a glorious prophecy. What do you do? Lay it on the altar. If it's a true word, when the time is right, God will give it back to you. It won't be easy, and if you find yourself crying out, "What are you trying to do, Lord, kill me?"...just remember, the answer is "Yes."

All scripture quotations are from the NASB, except where otherwise indicated.

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