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May 1, 2000

A Word to intercessors through Rance Ramsey, Port Lavaca, TX

Rance's email:


Our intercessors began to receive direction from the Lord this week through dreams and visions that I feel is a directive for intercessors worldwide. One lady saw a black book that was opened to her and she understood that it was the enemy's play book. She had full access to the book and could go through it as she willed. Another lady had a dream in which she was instructed to plant listening devices into the enemy's camp.


We began to seek the Lord on what He was saying and what we were to do with this information. He instructed us to symbolically and prophetically go into the enemy's war room and plant listening, seeing and other spying devices. The Lord told us that the room was empty and led us inside. The atmosphere was very calm. We were able to do what He told us to do and get out again simply and without danger or complication.


We felt like the Lord was saying that just as Gen. Schwartzkopf of Desert Storm knew the strategies of the enemy, their placement, their weapons, their strongholds, etc., it is necessary that we know the same things about our enemy. As we were obedient to symbolically place the devices into the enemy's war room, we understood that the Lord would begin to show us the very plans and strategies of the enemy against His Bride, the church.


Intercessors will begin to strategically see by the Spirit with pinpoint accuracy the exact plans of the enemy against the move of God, the revelation of God, against youth and old alike, against the local church and against the church universal. The plans will be revealed in a depth of detail that He has never released before. As the plans are revealed to the intercessors, the church is going to be enabled to launch an offensive against the enemy and take new ground and territory with speed and accuracy. New understanding of the structure, rank and formation of the kingdom of darkness will be laid out for us with names, maps, etc. Great advancements for the Kingdom of God are eminent.


I feel like the Lord is saying that intercessors should "plant listening devices" in the enemies camp and be ready when his "play book of schemes" are revealed. The Lord is going to give us keys to avert the enemy's attempts at personal, corporate, national, and worldwide destruction.


Rance Ramsey
Cornerstone Assembly
Port Lavaca, TX

As given by Father to Rev. Sharon Marks

During renewal prayer the Lord showed me a mighty white stallion magnificently arrayed in battle regalia. The Lord then spoke and said, "The horse is saddled and made ready for battle: It is the Lord who shall bring deliverance!!" October 5,1999

Progression: January 18,2000:

The Lord showed me a horse and rider leading the battle in the front lines and pushing the enemy back. He told me that the enemy was now on the defensive and the body of Christ was, as they should always be, on the offensive. That we were driving the enemy back with our prayers, our fasting and our praises. He said "Your Lord God has gone before you and prepared the land - go in, take the land, for I am with you."

Progression: March 12,2000:

He then showed me another horse and rider- this time in full parade dressing of purple and gold and they were leading a grand procession of victory into His sanctuary. He said the enemy is defeated but press in and on. I have commanded you strength and I will strengthen what I have commanded to be done in you.

He said "I have heard you cry; How long Lord? We have prayed, fasted, bowed down and worshipped You--how long before you bring Your power? Says the Lord, soon I will show many signs and wonders of my power to and through you. I have stretched out my hand to a people whose heart is for their God and I shall not withdraw it.

You have been faithful My children in times of adversity. In times of stretching of your faith you have remained faithful. In times when un-righteousness would try to divide you, you have remained righteous and true. When for a moment I withdrew from your midst to test your heart, you My precious children pressed in and on and sought after Me.

My heart has been filled with joy and compassion for you and you have found favor in My eyes for you do not easily turn aside but you seek the heart and the will of Your God. In this, know that I will purpose in you a mighty work. I WILL BRING MY MANIFEST POWER into your midst, for you have shown that you can handle My presence with respect, with reverence, with holiness.

You are a holy people and through you I will bring this nation out of its turmoil, out of its sinful ways and back to its first Love. Think not on your size for in My eyes you are as the sands of the ocean's shore. I will multiply you as the stars in the sky, if you do not stray from the path I have set before.

Be careful My children, for many would try to lead you astray with false words and writings. Hold fast to My word and to My way and will. Give Satan no place. He is a defeated foe! I will command my angels to do battle for you in the heavenly's and on the earth.

I will set around you warring angels to protect you. Know that there will be times of testing and trials. In these shall you be made strong. Pray for those who fall along the way, but DO NOT stop-go forth-press on and in! Have I not told you that not one - no not one - shall be snatched from My hand?

Believe! Trust! I am not man that I should lie! Be careful My children that you do not become puffed up; that you begin to think these things I shall bring in your midst is of any of your own doing. I will not share My glory with any other-I am a jealous God.

Unite together, knit yourselves one to the other, let no-one stand alone lest he fall away. Be responsible to give to one another love not hate, compassion not indifference, if your brother or sister is hungry take of what I have given you and share it with them, if they thirst give them water.

Love one another as is commanded you and as My Son has loved even you. In these ways, are the ways of your Lord God. You have been made in Our image, not as in the outward image but as in the spiritual image.

Be holy,for this is the desire of your Father for you. Take into your heart no bitterness for your neighbor for it will surely destroy you. Let forgiveness and love consume and permeate in and from you. Open wide your doors and I will send forth the tired, the hungry, the oppressed, the depressed, the suicidal, the lost, the bound, the forgotten, the hopeless, the un-loved. Wrap your arms around them, in spite of their sin and un-cleanness. Let not their "stink" offend you, for I will wash them clean, as I did even YOU!

Now concerning those I have placed as shepherds over you:

Do not touch my anointed! Test all things to be of Me but do not judge.

Lift up in prayer what is not of your understanding of Me - to Me. I will build up that which is of Me and I will tear down that which is not! My children, do not let the enemy bring division between you and the shepherd over you. Take away the pointing of the finger, instead trust what I have purposed for you through them.

If it is not of Me, then I will change that which needs changing, in My way - not yours. Remember that they go through the same as you and they sometimes err, but in their willingness to repent and to press on in Me is where - in the fruit of their servitude is made manifest.

Look for the fruit, children, not the immediate circumstances. If the fruit is ripe and bountiful; not sour and without growth then it is as it should be. If there is a building up of the people and not a tearing down. If there is love, guidance, compassion and servanthood then these things are of Me.

Respect whom I have chosen that serve ME well, without compromise, and who do not turn to every whim of man to please but seek only to please their God. Who do not withhold correction; for those that love and are loved are corrected that they might grow in the way that has been established since their beginning and before.

Now concerning My prophets:

I shall raise up Elisha's and Isaiah's in your midst and I will place within them My oracles to speak forth. Heed what they say and do not quickly judge their words, for they are of Me. I shall bring strong direction and correction to My people in the time to come that they may grow and be made strong in Me and in MY WAYS, not man's.

Too many have turned to doctrines that are of man and not of their God. Too many are concerned with what man thinks of what they say or do. I say "concern yourselves with the heart of your God, for it is He you shall answer to and not man!"

Know that in correction, My children, I love you. Just as in correcting your children you still love them. You correct out of a desire to teach them to grow properly and strongly; you correct them because you love them. How much more do I who created you Love you?!

My prophets are sent by Me and I speak to you through them. I have purposed in them a revelation of Me, to reveal to you, My will. Let the prophet be subject to the prophets.

If it is not of Me then it will not come to pass and I shall bring correction and judgment. If it is of Me and you do not listen then the fault is yours and you shall surely be called to correction and judgment.

Know the will of Your Father, My children, as is in My word and has been made known through My Son. For this is My will for all My children that they should first love Me and search My heart and that they love one another even as I have loved them.

1 John 5:14-15 "And this is the confidence that we have in Him; That if we ask anything according to HIS will, He heareth us: And if we know that He hear us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him."

Romans 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

Isaiah 30:21 "And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand and when ye turn to the left."

Isaiah 48: 17 "..I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit; which leadeth thee by the way that thou should go."

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