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April 5, 2000

A Word through Ching Co, Cebu City, Philippines
Ching's email:
Wednesday, April 05, 2000


There is an attack that has started to be launched out against the people of God. This will come in a very similar manner to the attack against Elijah from Jezebel after the Mount Carmel victory. (1 King 19:2-3)

Many of God's people has passed through many spiritual battles covering all fronts and at this point, God has given us an assurance of His victory in our heart and spirit. Yet many of His people are still waiting for the physical manifestation of these promises.

As His people continue to press in to the promises of the Lord and as we prepare to map and claim the inheritance and promise of God by ACTS OF OBEDIENCE. It will be at this point in time that the attack will be launched.


This attack will come as thought patterns questioning our integrity or motives. The enemy would throw questions to us with the intention of causing us to focus on our areas of weakness. The enemy would even used words by our love ones and twist it and add sarcastic meaning and colors to them with the intent of making us feel "unappreciated, unloved, unimportant."

The enemy wants to confuse the issue at hand. He is trying to jump ahead of the Holy Spirit after each of these spiritual victories and intends to steal the peace in our hearts and instead is trying to plant fear and discouragement by making us feel and think that " every act of obedience we have just done were not of God but were just the product of our own imagination."


The Lord is reminding us about what Jesus did when He was tempted in the wilderness. He used the Word of God to silence the voices of the enemy.

We are therefore to dig deep into our hearts and maybe even notes and journals and to retrive and keep handy every prophetic words and impressions that we have received from the Lord and from others and further fortified these with the different Rhema promises from the Bible that the Lord has given to us to claim.

And like Jesus we are to use these as our weapons of warfare and speak these words back to the enemy to silence him.


The Lord has seen all the battles that His people have been through in the past. Those were the seasons of breaking, molding, changing and growing.


Like the children of Isreal, we have come out of our desert and God has allowed us to stand and see our inheritance from a distance. It is within our reach and this season He has already started to lead many to step forward in boldness to start claiming these inheritance.

Some have been called to give up old established ministries and to moved forward to plant and start new ministries by faith. Some have been called to move and tranfer and effect changes in many areas which includes work and to some even even actual changing of residences. Some have been called to exercise physical prophetic actions similar to what the prophets in the Old Testament were led to do. Jeremiah was ask to buy a land at the very time when the people are about to be led away into captivity (Jeremiah 32:7).

Many of these actions may even look foolish and impractical outwardly but have great spiritual significance and meaning.

All these are part of God's positioning us to enter and claim the inheritance that He has prepared for us. Every one of these action and decision takes a lot of spiritual exercises of faith and trust in the Lord. And Like Elijah after Mount Carmel, this is where we are most vulnerable.


The Lord is saying to those who are finding themselves facing these attacks to stand firm in Him.


And His recompense and reward is with Him being readied to honor His obedient children. He is preparing a banqueting table in the presence of our enemies. And His anointing oil is ready to be pour down and we will soon begin to see our cups overflows. Surely the goodness and love of the Lord will follow us all the remaining days of our lives and we will be dwelling in the Presence of the Lord forever. (Psalm 23:5-6)

He is delighted with the obedience of His people. He will not allow any of His faithful children to lose or to miss their inheritance and their blessings. He will make sure that all that He has promised to us will be fulfilled.


" Father, we thank you for your word to us this day. And we stand in these promises because we know that they will never fail. Cover your people with a blanket called Perfect Love today and hide us from the attacks of the enemy. Amen!"

In His Service,

Sis. Ching Co
Cebu City

News From the Nations



Reports from Sudan indicate that the government of Sudan is preparing to launch a "final solution" that is intended to permanently eliminate the black, mostly Christian inhabitants in southern Sudan. An imminent threat looms over the south eastern region of the Nuba Mountains where eight new divisions of the Sudanese army have already moved into place. The government forces are equipped with tanks and new weaponry purchased from China with money earned from the militant-Muslim regime's newly operational oil pipeline. It is estimated that once the assault on the Nubian people begins, it could take as little as a few days until Khartoum's objective of genocide is complete.

An eerie silence is evidence enough to one pastor in southern Sudan that no help can be expected from the international community. He echoes a frequently asked question: "Why does the militant-Muslim regime in Khartoum get help from their Muslim neighbors and yet our cries for help from fellow Christians around the world seems to fall on deaf ears?"

Many of Sudan's non-Muslims are wondering why America responded to cries for help from the Muslims of Kosovo who claimed that they were victims of a genocide and yet is silent about a greater genocide taking place in Sudan? One medical worker attending the wounds of an injured child at the hospital in Yei asks, "How can America justify helping the oil-rich Muslims of Kuwait by swiftly providing U.S. military assistance when the armies of Iraq marched against them, and yet remain silent about what is happening in southern Sudan?" The tears of a countless number of suffering civilians in southern Sudan fall on the barren earth. The only thing awaiting them is their earthen grave.

Once the Arab-government in Khartoum has gained total control of the region belonging to the Nubian people, the government will be able to offer increased security for the oil fields located to the south. The oil pipeline was built by Talisman Energy of Canada with heavy investments from China. A major effort has been launched by human rights organization to persuade Canadians and Americans to divest stock holdings in Talisman Energy.

The French humanitarian organization, Medecins Sans Frontieres, has documented many of the bombings and conducted many interviews with survivors from bombing raids. One young girl who escaped this bombing of the school of Narus testifies: "I was unwell for a few days suffering from acute diarrhea. For this reason I was often in the toilets located at the end of the compound just behind the school. I was in the toilet when I heard the sound of a plane. I immediately realized that the plane was the Antonov. I got up, ran quickly out of the toilet and started running away from that place. I dove on the ground just in time to hear the explosion of the bomb and the fragments flying all over. After a few seconds I looked back at the place where the toilet had been located, but it was no longer there. What was the toilet is not a big crater." In 1999, the Government of Sudan dropped more bombs during its aerialbombardments over the Equatoria province in southern Sudan than in any previous year since the civil war began 17 years ago.

The areas hardest hit were Kajo Keji, Yei, Maridi and Kaopeta. It has been documented that more than sixty bombing raids took place in the Equatoria province alone between January 1999 and January 2000. A total of about 400 bombs had been dropped on the civilian population, causing at least 22 deaths and wounding 51. An equal or greater number of deaths and injuries have occurred in the Nuba region just since February 8, 2000. A fact-finding team from International Christian Concern that visited the devastated town of Yei discovered that a majority of the population had fled because of the ever-constant threat of bombs dropped from Russian-made Antonov airplanes. ICC's president Steven Snyder described the conditions: "Nearly every solid-constructed building has either been damaged or destroyed. Everywhere I saw sharp-edged pieces of shrapnel that the Khartoum regime commonly uses in bombs that are intended to kill and maim children."

Conclusive evidence from an inquiry carried out by a group of NGO's working in southern Sudan found that the Khartoum regime had used chemical bombs in the towns of Lainya and Loka. The inquiry discovered that many civilians had suffered from symptoms such as poisoning, vomiting blood, miscarriages, headaches and skin burns. Two field staff who visited the area three days after the bombing complained of having some of the same symptoms. Mr. Snyder is asking all Americans to ask this question: "Why has there been no serious attempt on the part of the international community to stop the slaughter and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in southern Sudan?" He adds, "This should be very troubling to any humane person." The world now awaits in silence as the brutal regime in Khartoum prepares to commit their "final solution" and to Islamicize all Sudan." ICC urges Christians to call the White House and their elected representatives in Washington to urge the U.S. to take every action necessary to end the looming genocide.
Source : IRN
Lars Widenberg

From the Diggers

God gave a prophetic word during a worship service to a 16-year-old in Tostedt, GERMANY. Nervous, she gave a long introduction, then blurted out her word from the Lord: "God loves you!" The congregation was surprised at the brevity of her message. That afternoon, however, a man called the pastor and made everything clear. The man, an atheist, said he had been prepared to commit suicide but decided to challenge God: "Tomorrow, I will visit a church, and if you tell me that you love me, I will believe you." When God spoke to him through the girl, the man gave his life to Christ.
Source: Joelnews

A Christian worker traveling in a remote section of CHINA was awakened in the middle of the night by hostile villagers. In an attempt to save himself and others on his team, he emerged from his tent and prostrated himself on the ground before the mob. A few hours later, the village leaders returned to invite the worker's group to breakfast. The workers were able to show the "Jesus" film several times to eager and attentive villagers. Thank God for this brother's willingness to lay down his own life for the sake of his team.

The church in CHINA has multiplied 18-fold over the past 30 years, perhaps the greatest growth of the church since Pentecost. Yet China still has more than 1 billion unbelievers. The country only has 20 seminaries with 1,200 students in training. In some provinces, there is only one pastor for every 60,000 believers.
Source: Joelnews

Grace, a BUDDHIST woman in Asia, asked an American woman to help her learn English. As the two began studying the Bible together in English, Grace learned about God's love and His desire for a relationship with her. One day, she removed her jade Buddha pendant and told it, "If I am truly to become God's daughter, then you break." Two weeks later, she heard something fall into the sink and looked down to see the jade Buddha broken in two. She immediately gave her life to Christ. Since then she has boldly witnessed to family, friends, co-workers and taxi drivers and has led her niece, a former co-worker and her 81-year-old grandmother to Christ.
Source: Joelnews

More than 600 adults watched the "Jesus" film when it was shown in a city in northern MONGOLIA. One of the men who accepted Jesus as a result was a painter of Buddha images who had been drinking for 22 years. After coming to Christ, he stopped drinking and started painting pictures to be used when Bible stories are told. Praise God for rescuing this man from his bondage to sin.

Since July 1999, 18 new Fulbe believers in NIGERIA have been arrested because of their faith, and five others have been beaten by their families or neighbors. Others have endured the loss of wives, children, cattle or possessions, along with other forms of harassment and persecution. To date, not one of them has yielded to pressure to return to their former religion. Glorify God for the steadfast faith of these new believers. Ask God to strengthen them for their trials and make them bold, effective witnesses to his saving power.

Christians are caught in the crossfire of a tribal war in Papua New Guinea. A church was forced to cancel its meetings this week because the fighting got so close to the church that its leaders sent the people home, a missionary to the area said. ..."These guys are not fooling around; they have high-powered rifles, M16s, and AK47s and hundreds of other weapons of all descriptions. Christians are caught up in this mess, under threat from their own people if they don't take up arms and join the fight to defend their tribe," the missionary told Religious Media Agency, based in Australia. At least two Christians have been killed in the fighting and a pastor's life has been threatened, the missionary said.

...The pastor's life is in danger because many members of the enemy clan belong to his church and he refuses to take up arms against their people, the missionary said. "Please pray for [Southgate Baptist Church and pastor Kirbsy], also please pray specifically for the people of Korfena the village area in the Asaro Valley where the fighting is concentrated."

Mosquitoes and sermons saved our lives

A pastor and 16 other people trying to escape the floods in Mozambique received help from an unexpected source as they sat in the branches of a tree for two days, according to the English charity Tearfund. "The water rose so quickly - over two meters in a few hours," said pastor Samuel Naftal, chairman of "The Association of Evangelicals of Mozambique" in Gaza province. "I helped some people climb onto the roof of my house, and climbed into a tree with others. We saw televisions, furniture and dead calves floating past. Everything was destroyed. The people asked me to preach to them, so that they would stay awake.

Today, I thank God for the mosquitoes, because they prevented me falling asleep and falling into the water. I would have been simply swept away," says Naftal. After some time, the floods receded, and everyone could reach safety.
Source: Tearfund

Repentance continues in Nineveh

American mission agency Partners International reports that a researcher working near the ancient city of Nineveh, where Jonah once preached, has started three Christian churches with a total of around 150 members. Partners International supports indigenous Christians, particularly in areas where there are relatively few Christian churches. Partners in 50 countries plant over 1,000 churches each year, and some 230,000 people receive material aid and development assistance.
Source: Partners International,

Drug lords in Medellin, Colombia, are turning to the Lord of Lords. Fourteen of 17 members of a drug cartel that once ruled the city have professed faith in Christ, said Maria Estrada, who started a ministry in Colombia's Bellavista Prison. More than 300 prisoners belong to a church there, she told Discipling a Whole Nation.

...Notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar professed faith in Christ just days before his death, Estrada said. Escobar called her one day and they began a correspondence that culminated in his "giving his life to God," DAWN said. Since then 13 others have become Christians and confessed their crimes, Estrada said. Two have been freed from prison and are serving as missionaries in other countries, she said.
Source: Religion Today

"Are the lives of Europeans more valuable than those of Africans?" Franklin Graham of Samaritan's Purse asked in a March 15 article in The Wall Street Journal. Graham decried the failure of the governments of the United States and other Western nations to respond to the ongoing genocide he said is being carried out by Sudan's Islamic regime against Christians and animists. ...The suffering in southern Sudan "is the most appalling I have seen in 25 years as an international relief worker," Graham said. "I've seen the heart-wrenching suffering of Kosovar Albanians. Sadly, the brutality in Sudan -- where the U.S. has taken no action -- has devastated and ended thousands more lives than the conflicts in the Balkans."

...Sudanese government troops routinely attack civilian and humanitarian targets, have prevented relief flights from carrying food and medical aid to famine-stricken areas, and abduct women and children, selling them to slave traders, Graham said. A Samaritan's Purse hospital, which has treated more than 100,000 Sudanese since 1998, was the target of two bombing attacks this month.

..."When several thousand Europeans are killed and tens of thousands displaced, the world calls it genocide. But when 1.9 million black Africans are killed and millions more are displaced, tortured, and even sold into slavery, the world remains strangely silent. Western governments not only fail to take punitive action, they continue to trade openly with the government of Sudan," Graham said.

...Governments could help the Sudanese by imposing trade sanctions, taking military action, or condemning the government, Graham said. "The international community has taken no meaningful action to condemn the Sudanese government," but instead has issued "empty, half-hearted rebukes." The United Nations also has failed to impose trade sanctions, he said. ..."I call on my fellow Americans everywhere, and particularly my fellow clergymen, to unite on this moral cause and ask our president to lead the international community to save the Christians in southern Sudan from butchery and slavery," he said. Failure to respond to the crisis in Sudan could bring God's judgment on the United States, he said. "His hand of blessing could easily and quickly be removed."
Source: Religion Today

Warplanes bombed a Christian boarding school in southern Sudan March 23. Parents and students were making final preparations to begin classes for 100 high school-age students from the Moru tribe at the new school, built and supported by Christian Liberty Academy of Arlington Heights, Ill., when the attack began, Assist Communications said.

...A number of students and parents were injured, but none were killed when a Russian-made Antonov MU2 aircraft dropped 12 shrapnel bombs, weighing 250 pounds each, on and near the facility, Assist said. Christian Liberty Academy superintendent Paul Lindstrom called for "total U.S. sanctions" against Khartoum's hardline Islamic regime, which recently has increased its attacks on civilian targets in its war against the south, news reports said.

..."We are outraged by the continuing persecution of black Christians, moderate Muslims, animists, and other non-Muslims in Southern Sudan by the military regime in Khartoum," Lindstrom said. "It is accurate to say that the government of Sudan is engaged in genocide -- and the silence of the U.S. government to all of this is deafening." He called on American Christians to write to their congressmen in protest. CLA helps educate 60,000 students in the United States and 56 countries by providing home-schooling materials and running schools.

Three German Christians got caught in an attack on a school in southern Sudan. Representatives of the German Protestant Church's development service were in the Nimuli region near the Ugandan border March 14 when 12 bombs were dropped on the church-sponsored elementary school, killing one person and injuring 11, the German publication idea said. Several houses and an Anglican church were destroyed, idea said. Sudanese military aircraft have repeatedly attacked civilian targets in southern Sudan in recent weeks, news reports say. The radical Islamic regime in Khartoum is waging a war against Christians and animists in order to impose sharia, or Islamic law.
======================================================== March 27, 2000

The relentless bombing of hospitals in Sudan continues. Warplanes dropped 10 bombs on the Samaritan's Purse-run hospital in Lui, southern Sudan, on March 23, said Ken Isaacs, international director of projects for Samaritan's Purse, a relief organization based in North Carolina. It was the fourth attack on the hospital this month.

..."There was little time to run for safety" before the first bomb fell, said Isaacs, who was not injured in the attack. Six people were injured, including a woman who had "part of her hand blown off," and a young man was in shock with shrapnel in his back and lacerations on his face, he said. ...The nearby town is deserted and all patients have been moved out of the hospital to another site, Isaacs said. "God was very gracious and faithful. He continues to protect us." ..."This is an evil, wicked damnable thing going on. Believers need to speak out and beseech our government to bring pressure on the government of Sudan to halt this. These are a simple people who live in grass huts, are barefooted, and their clothes are ragged. They are a threat to nobody in the world." ...Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan's Purse, has been invited to testify to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the persecution of the southern Sudanese, who are at war with the Islamic regime in the north. "When will the world say 'enough?' " Graham asked recently. "For years we have seen the government of Sudan demonstrate its hatred of black Christians." He called on governments to reject the "ethnic and religious cleansing" in Sudan.

A Christian group redeemed 5,000 people from slavery in Sudan. Christian Solidarity International paid $35 per person for the slaves, news reports said. Most were Christians and animists taken captive by Muslim troops during raids on their villages. "The raids are one of the [National Islamic Front's] most devastating instruments of the declared jihad [holy war], which it is waging against ethnic and religious minorities that resist its policies of forced Islamization and Arabization," the group said. It said it has freed more than 30,000 slaves since 1995, but more than 100,000 Sudanese are being held as slaves.

Seventy-two Protestant families have been banished from a village in Chiapas, Mexico. More than 150 evangelical residents of Plan de Ayala were run out of the town near Las Margaritas by a mob that gathered in the village center wielding machetes and guns March 5, eyewitnesses told Adventist News Network. It is the latest violence arising from more than a decade of tension between Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians in Chiapas state.

..."Fourteen homes were demolished by the mob as the Protestants fled to the hills for refuge," said pastor Isaias Espinosa, president of the Adventist Church in the region. "No one was injured." The pastor of that district is no longer allowed to enter the community, Espinosa said; refugees are staying at the Las Margaritas Municipal Palace. Security forces have been dispatched to Plan de Ayala, along with state officials who will try to negotiate a solution so the banished families can return. ...Persecution of evangelicals is not uncommon in Mexico, Patrick Johnstone says in Operation World, a missions handbook. Evangelicals sometimes are portrayed as anti-Mexican spies and destroyers of Mexican culture. In some parts of the country, mobs destroy churches or homes, expel whole evangelical communities from their villages, and harass evangelistic outreaches, Johnstone said. Catholics who mix traditional Mayan religious beliefs with Christianity often object to Protestants who preach against syncretism.

Christians are targets in Angola's civil war. UNITA rebels, who have opposed the ruling MPLA party for more than 30 years, kill Christians because they won't take sides in the conflict, a report by the British Broadcasting Company said. ..."Christians are the object of false accusations, because they take a neutral position in armed conflicts," Jaime Paulo of the Angolan Christian Churches Council said.

...Rebels stoned and then crucified six children recently, claiming they supplied information to government forces, Paulo said. More than 80 Christians have been killed this year by UNITA troops because they were accused of helping the government, he said.

...UNITA and the MPLA fought to free the southwest African country from Portuguese rule. Portugal granted Angola independence in 1975, but civil war broke out almost immediately between the Marxist MPLA and UNITA, Time Almanac 2000 said. They signed a peace agreement in 1994, but fighting broke out again in 1998 when UNITA reportedly violated the agreement.

When the Korean War ended in July 1953, the Korean Workers Party, led by Kim Il Sung, went to work reconstructing the country and their own power base. Kim Il Sung’s power was inextricably linked to his personal interpretation of Stalinist ideology (Juche) that set himself up as a god to be worshipped, embraced self-sufficiency and self-defence whilst eliminating all dissent. North Korea is officially atheist with religious activities banned and virtually non-existent. When Kim Il Sung died in July 1994, his son, Kim Sung Il, took the reins of power. US Cornerstone Ministries says that some 2300 Christian congregations with around 300,000 members have disappeared from North Korea since 1953. A Korean pastor said that anyone caught with a Bible is immediately shot and that 400 Christians were executed this way in 1999. He said that for Christians to meet in groups of four or five is to risk their lives. With no freedom of religion, all North Koreans are victims, prisoners of an ideology with no salvation. Around 100,000 Christians are believed to be among the one million prisoners of conscience suffering horrendous conditions throughout the country’s 200 labour camps where torture, starvation and death are commonplace.

For those who are ‘free’, life is oppressive and severe as the government stockpiles humanitarian aid for military use in the event of war, rather than distributing it to the starving population. The north of the country is beset with floods, and power shortages mean there is no heating. The water freezes in the pipes. Each March and April, as snow and ice melts off the mountain trails, more North Korean refugees escape into China. Official Chinese figures state that around 10,000 of these refugees were returned to North Korea in 1999. Some 200,000 Christian ethnic Koreans live inside China in the provinces bordering North Korea. These Christians try to shelter and rescue refugees and are providing the only opportunity most North Koreans get to hear the Gospel. However if they are caught doing this the penalties are high and refugees sent back face certain death.

spiritual safety for North Korean Christians whose very beliefs are banned and who are suffering severely; may they be very conscious of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and not give up hope, no matter what. physical safety for North Korean Christians who risk their freedom, their families and their lives just to own a Bible, pray, meet with other Christians and speak about Jesus; may the eyes of the secret police be blinded to Christian activities. wisdom for foreign governments trying to ease the humanitarian disaster, and that aid will reach the suffering and oppressed people. the Gospel to diffuse through North Korea, bringing with it human dignity, hope and salvation.

God to convict Kim Sung Il of sin, righteousness and judgement. May it be one day said, as the Churches said of Paul, "The man who formerly persecuted us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy." Galatians 1:23.
Source: Intercessors Network

Indonesia: throat slit - raised from the dead

"As far as I could see, there were only ashes and the ruins of a burned-out Christian hospital and training center in Jakarta," reports Voice in the City's evangelist Suzette Hattingh. "Over one thousand students waited in the one building which survived the recent attacks. Among them was a young man with a scar running literally from one side of his throat to the other. He had been the victim of an attack by a Muslim group, who viciously slit his throat and left him to die, as they had done with many others. The police found his corpse and loaded it on to a truck. He told us how he had seen his own body lying on the ground, and that an angel came to tell him to return, because his time had not yet come. With that, his spirit returned to his body. If I had not seen the photos with my own eyes, I would not have believed it, but it is true. I am a trained nurse, and I know that nobody who had lost so much blood through such a serious wound could survive. This young man did not survive: he died and returned to life. Today, he his alive and well," says Hattingh.

"God is doing something special in Indonesia," she continues. "An evangelistic event in Pontianiak, West Kalimantan, was attended by 3,000 people, including VIPs, who sat on the floor with everybody else. That's not all: Republic Radio Indonesia (RRI) decided to broadcast the last two evenings throughout the whole of southern Indonesia. That is astonishing, because Indonesia is still the world's largest Islamic nation. I preached as though it would be the last sermon held on earth..."

Source: Suzette Hattingh, Voice in the City

A fresh prayer movement by young people from England is spreading like wildfire all over the world. The '24-7' movement is a non-stop chain of groups of -mostly- young people praying for their friends and heroes. Amazingly, less than two months after the kick-off, thousands of young people are on their knees with a new desire to pray. And some can't stop.

24-7 leader Pete Greig comments: "The idea is simple: participating groups pledge to pray 24 hours a day in a fixed location for anything between a week and a month. They then 'carry the baton of prayer' for that period. The prayer passes from location to location in a never ending flow linked up by the World Wide Web."

The big dream behind 24-7 is to turn the tide in youth culture and to encourage and equip young people, who often find prayer difficult, to pray. "Two months ago our dream was to see thousands and thousands of young people mobilized in prayer. God has already fulfilled that dream." A dream that was planted in Greig's head after a visit to Hernnhutt. In this German town in the 18th century a community of Moravians started a 24-7 prayer meeting that lasted for over a hundred years.

Reactions on the 24-7 website show a growing hunger to pray. A girl from Aberdeen felt compelled to tell people on the street about Jesus. "I was shaking, not with fear but with the living power of the true God. At home I spent all night praying and I just met with Jesus there in my room. Something was broken and the power of the Lord rained down on me."

What started with one church in Chichester, Sussex, is now a snowball out of control. Groups from more than 30 nations are using the website. New groups in the UK, France, Canada have registered prayer rooms, and countries like Ukraine and Germany are making plans. Some get so encouraged and just go on. A group from Youth With a Mission, decided they could not stop and prayed for another week. The Salvation Army in the UK has registered to pray a massive three months. Various major UK and international organisations are currently discussing plans for involvement.

The website offers a place of encouragement, with articles about prayer, tips to make prayer time more effective, prayer requests and a growing amount of testimonies about God's answering of= prayers.

"We have had amazingly instant conversations with key people in a local school," says a participant from Hertford. "After praying, almost instantly God has brought us together again with people that we haven't seen for sometimes years and we see an amazing unity amongst ages, denominations and church backgrounds... people's faces were glowing after being in the prayer room."

Another person writes: "Somebody placed a prayer on the wall in our prayer room about all the troubles and violence amongst young people in Chichester (UK). This Saturday there was no trouble at all for the first time in a month. Thank you God!"

Others are being challenged in a new way, says initiator Greig: "A girl told God she always wanted to hold things lightly. When her brand new laptop was stolen she stood up in church and said, 'OK, I meant what I said to God. He can give me stuff and he can take it away. It's not gonna get me down'. So is this an answer to prayer? Absolutely. God is doing something deep here, and taking us at our word."

The 24-7 prayer model is currently operating in churches, student groups, youth groups, festivals, citywide situations and bible colleges. While youth is the primary focus, Christians of all ages are involved.
Source: Joel News
============================================================= BERLIN
God called Noel Richards from England to organise a huge concert called "Calling all Nations" in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The main purpose of this is to call the youth of the World to come together and worship Jesus and be commissioned and sent to fulfil their destiny in this world. Noel had continuous trouble with the authorities who give permission to rent the stadium. Recently some intercessors found out that the main purpose why Hitler had called for the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 was to offer up the Youth of the World as a sacrifice for War. Before the Games were opened, Hitler had some time of meditation ("prayer") in a special room where soil was soaked with the blood of soldiers from World War I . Right after this, he went to the opening ceremony of the Olympic games and officially opened them. We believe that God wants to turn Germany history around - where curse and death for the whole world was released from Germany, Berlin, the Olympic Stadium - he now wants to release blessing and live for the World. It is a thing of undeserved grace. But we also sense that it is a call for strong spiritual warfare as the devil does NOT want to see this take place. On April 25th Noel Richards and some friends and intercessors from England and Berlin will come to pray at the Olympic Stadium. Please join us in prayer and maybe fasting for a breakthrough: that the curses that are on this place will be broken; that the Lord will show precise strategies how to pray and to intercede; that they will SOON get the official permission to rent the stadium.
Source: Love Berlin
========================================================= CHICAGO
A Chicago priest is paying prostitutes to listen to the Gospel. "We want to buy their time, whether it's for 10 minutes or 30 minutes, whatever it takes," Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina's Roman Catholic Church said.

..."If you're selling yourself on the street you're not in a relationship with God," Pfleger said. "Obviously there's something missing, something out of whack with their lives; I'm not afraid to make that assumption." The activist priest has gained attention in the past by protesting against the Jerry Springer Show and the marketing of alcohol and tobacco to teen-agers. But the effort to evangelize prostitutes is not for publicity, and the times of the outreach will be kept confidential to avoid media exposure, he said.

...Parishioners "ran out of the pews and started bringing money and placing it on the altar," when he announced the plan during a Mass, Pfleger said. The outreach is part of an evangelism campaign scheduled for next month that will involve 500 Roman Catholics, including Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George, the Chicago Tribune said. "It's time to start being the church in reality, besides having church on Sunday mornings," Pfleger said. "We've forgotten that our call is to go outside of the church."
Source: Religion Today

A Catholic bishop is offering women money to forgo an abortion. Patrick Dunn of Auckland, New Zealand, said he will give women who are considering an abortion money out of his own pocket, if necessary, if they decide to keep their baby, New Zealand Herald said. "It is a scheme that will allow women the right and freedom to choose life instead of death," he said.

..."We've got to practice what we preach," Dunn said, adding that he hoped churches will support the children after they are born. Many parishes have programs for helping unwed mothers, he said. ...Dunn said he is following the examples of Scottish Cardinal Thomas Winning, who says 107 women have declined abortions through a similar program, and of his father, a gynecologist who founded a pro-life group. There are about 15,000 abortions a year in New Zealand, the Herald said.
Source: Religion Today

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