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April 27, 2000

Dear Friends,

I'm forwarding this email I just received in an effort to bring to the attention of as many Americans as I can reach, for I believe in the ability of all people of every country to focus sufficient attention to areas of concern, thus creating a shift in acceptability of behaviors to and from the people. I believe responsibility has no borders. So I am asking each of you to follow up with your conscience guiding you, to forward this message, or to simply intend clearly for the end of all human abuse to be made a reality, now!


Hey guys, this isnt just a stupid chain letter. This is an actual account from Ty Lilja, a student at Bard University. Seriously, read this! It will shock you. During the DC protests the Washington police brutalized, lied to, and usurped the rights of innocent protesters. This fact has been ignored by the press and it is up to us to get the word out about what happened. I was arrested at the 12th st protest on Saturday April 15 and I witnessed (and experienced) all the events described. Please take the time to read this and call you representatives and the Washington police to tell them what you think of this kind of treatment of law abiding American citizens. This is an editorial I wrote for my local paper describing the events. After the editorial are some further accounts of police brutality. I cannot thank you enough for reading this. If everyone knows what happened then the police will be held accountable. Please forward this to as many people as possible.

* Ty Lilja

On the morning of April 15, I arrived in Washington D.C.-a place I'd always wanted to visit. I did some sightseeing: I saw the Capitol building, the Supreme Court, the White House. I stopped at the Lincoln Memorial, sat on the steps and savored the view. I could see the mall stretching before me and the great symbols of democracy all around me. In the museum below the monument I came face-to-face with the words of one of our greatest presidents and one of the most powerful advocates of individual rights who ever lived. His words were engraved in stone: "I believe in the people, and I believe in the ultimate justice of the people."

That morning I realized I agreed with Lincoln. I still do. Later that day, the Washington, D.C. police violated my most basic civil rights. I also had come to the city to express my concerns over the growing power of the IMF and World Bank, as is my right in a democracy. I was troubled by the lack of public accountability within these two organizations and concerned about the stories I had heard coming from the Third World. I had researched both organizations and determined that I wanted my country playing no role within them. On Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., I joined a protest that was marching peacefully down the sidewalk. Half an hour later we were surrounded suddenly by club-wielding police (and not allowed to disperse), pressed together, cuffed, and herded into school buses, where we remained all night with our hands cuffed behind our backs.

I spent the next 13 hours on a school bus unable to lean back or move my arms. Two other adults shared the seat with me, a seat designed for two small children. Requests for legal council, a phone call, food, water, and even trips to the bathroom were ignored. Every effort was made to mock, humiliate, and punish us for our peaceful attempt to express our opinions.

Around 9:00 a.m., as the sun was coming up over Washington, I was moved into a prison where my right hand was taken and cuffed to my left ankle, making it impossible to walk or go to the bathroom. I was held there an additional three hours before finally being let go with a $50 dollar fine and a criminal record.

I hadn't slept at all. I walked from the prison in a daze. The night before had been my birthday. I was now 19 years old. The vast majority of the people arrested, myself included, trusted the police. We allowed ourselves to be arrested passively because we believed that we had violated no laws. We cooperated with the police as best we could because we believed that they would respond in kind. The officer who put cuffs on me said it was the easiest "lock down" he'd ever done. You might think I was looking for trouble; but that was not the case. Arrested with me was a 31-year-old doctor who'd just been passing through the demonstration when he was trapped and arrested. He too was stunned by the violations of his rights. He expressed shock that his tax money was being used to pay for this treatment.

When an unjust act is committed by police anywhere it chips away at the whole society. People grow up believing that their rights will be protected then have to sit upright with hard plastic cuffs rubbing their skin raw at 3:00 in the morning and an officer telling them that "due process" and a "speedy trial" means simply that they can't be held for months on one charge. Our most basic requests were repeatedly denied. Every time we asserted our rights we were mocked for it, and this damaged my faith in democracy. Our country cannot exist without the zealous protection of individual rights and freedoms. Up until yesterday I could not understand why anyone, much less a police officer, would take it upon themselves to usurp my rights. I am proud to be an Eagle Scout, and I am a person who has always believed in my country. Now I know that only a lawyer could have protected my rights.

Now I know that the police didn't care. It has hurt me beyond words. Do I live in a stable country or a battleground? Are my rights really guaranteed? Or are they worthless abstractions? I am sorry to say this, but after Saturday night, it is hard to know if they really exist. I choose to fight for my rights. A lawsuit is expected through theNational Lawyers Guild and the International Action Center, and I plan to participate. But I believe it is equally important to tell my story to as many people as will listen. If everyone in this country can know what the police did that night to 600 innocent demonstrators, then I know that it will never happen again. Because I still believe, like Lincoln, that justice in America can only come from the people.

This is another e-mail I recieved. I can vouch for the accuracy of the facts.

IMF, World Bank Demonstrators Subject to Widespread Police Abuse

New Accounts Detail Gross Mistreatment in Jail and in the Streets

New reports of peaceful protesters beaten by police and U.S. Marshals, denied food and water and stripped of their basic constitutional rights give the lie to early accounts of police restraint during massive protests against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Detainees have deen denied food, water, toilets, medical attention, and access to lawyers. One instance was reported of an interrogator posing as a member of the Midnight Special Legal Collective, the volunteer lawyers representing the activists. One non-violent protester had 3 ribs broken while he was arrested. Another protester was beaten in the face and then loaded into a patrol wagon, leaving a pool of blood in the street. A police official told the drivers not to offload him at the jail but to drive him around for several hours, and then to drop him off near a hospital.

At midnight on Monday, many activists still reported being denied food and water. Some were arrested at 4 AM, 20 hours earlier. Rachel Weber, a recent Harvard graduate from Boston, watched as one woman in her cell, who has hypoglycemia, began to throw up from lack of food. Police denied repeated requests for food or medical assistance. One group of men was taken into a basement, put into a cage, and told by a U.S. Marshall, "There are no cameras here. We can do whatever we want." Anyone who looked up while the Marshall was speaking was punched in the face.

Another activist saw a U.S. Marshalls slam people's faces into a wall. Jennifer Kirby, a housing advocate from Washington D.C., was part of a group of activists who took over an abandoned home to protest unfair evictions and social service cuts in the District of Columbia. "The police came in and dragged us out of the house. As the police dragged the last person out of the house, one officer was kicking him and saying 'stop attacking my foot' and then all the police slammed him against a wall,saying 'stop attacking the wall.' They dragged him into a six-inch deep puddle and left him in it for five minutes while they kicked him," said Kirby.

Officers also used a variety of abusive tactics to pit activists in Jail against each other and to break "Jail Solidarity," cooperation between activists designed to ensure fair treatment by police. Black Echo a spectator at the arraignment of several hundred activists, heard the presiding commissioner Ringelle imply that if activists did not cooperate he would place them with the general jail population, where they they would be raped. "He told us 'For a day or a week or a month [Jail] is not a pleasant place. People get sodomized. The inmates run the D.C. Prison. . In the prison, the weak are preyed upon," said Black Echo.

Another group of activists was also threatened with incarceration with the general population, and told "they love to kill white boys over there, you pussy-faggot protesters." Detainees are taken into solitary confinement and lied to, told that they are the last ones in jail, that they won't be released before their court date in July, that they have no rights. The Midnight Special Law Collective is asking all concerned to call as many of the following numbers to help them in their efforts to gain justice for the remaining 200 IMF/WB detainees. Giving no names, express concern that detainees are being abused, and demand their immediate release.

All area codes are 202.

DC Mayors office: 727-2980

DC Chief of Staff: 727-2643

DC Public Advocate: 673-4421

Dept. of Correction: 673-7316

DC Chief Judge: 879-2770

DC Executive Officer Ulysses Hammond: 879-1700 Police Academy: 645-0055

(detainees held here) Central Holding: 727-2894

1st Dist. Substation: 727-4655

Superior Court Chief Judge Eugene Hamilton: 879-1600

Clerk of the Court: 879-1401

US Atty. For DC: 514-2000 (insist on an investigation and prosecution on abuses, civil rights violations, and homophobia)

Cell Blocks B & C: 727-2392

To those of you who have gotten this far I express my deepest gratitude. By reading this and by telling people about it you are preserving the rights of every American. It is only when such behavior by police goes unoticed that it becomes acceptable. Thank you for not letting the police get away with this.

My deepest respect, Ty Lilja

PS Anyone with questions or comments feel free to write me at

e-mail Ty Lilja


Dear Friends of Revival:

The Word of God states that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty!!! Liberty from the toils of our day. Liberty from dead works, luke warmness. Tonight the congregation asked God for "more passion." More passion for him, for the things of God, and for more passion for the lost. His presence consumed the sanctuary. His Holy Spirit filled the house like a fire from heaven. As the Spirit moved about, I could see people getting liberated in him.

Then in one accord the congregation began to sing "Holy is our Lord." As our song went up, his presence came down. His love reached down and touched those that had prepared their hearts to receive. His love satisfies the deepest hunger for love. His love satisfies the deepest hunger for affection. His love sets us free from all past hurts and rejection. His love secures us in him. His love is our key to freedom and joy. His love takes our brokeness and builds a new heart and life in him. Our eternal father is up to something at Calvary Baptist Church.

Tonight our father compelled many to come and bow before him. Others came and just laid before him as he ministered to them. He liberated many from various things. Many were set free from past hurts as the river of his presence flowed over them. It was a sweet gentle and comforting presence. Tonight Jesus showed up to each one that was searching for him. He was to each "just what I needed."

I invite you to come and enjoy his refreshing presence. Come find us in the river of his presence. Come and be touched by his awesome love.

In Christ,

Rev. Gary V. Reilly Jr.


Dear Friends of Revival:

As I sit here pondering the service, I am reminded by the Holy Ghost about the women with the issue of blood. How she only wanted just one touch. Her faith was that if she could just touch him, she could be changed. Now, I understand that most of us have heard numerous messages from that text. But as I was pondering the happenings of the service. I realized that to the level that we hunger God satisfies us. That is why we can be in an incredible service and leave the same way we came in. Because we were not hungry. What good is a buffet if you're not hungry?

The service at Calvary Baptist Church in Marshfield, MO was powerful as the presence of the Holy Ghost filled the sanctuary. The Word of God states that our father is a strong tower for us. A shelter from the on slaughter of our adversary. We have VICTORY through our eternal father. As the praise and worship service progressed the congregation ran to the father. We sought to be in the place of the most high God. That dwelling place. As we entered I could see lives being restored emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Some being renewed in strength, some being refreshed. As we worshiped in one accord our father's love flowed toward us. As we gave him our hearts he gladly received them and returned them to us renewed. He took brokeness and pain and made us whole.

As he continued to move a midst the people, many responded of all ages and races and genders, "you are worthy." A deep atmosphere of worship engulfed the sanctuary. Children, Teens and adults pressed in to receive "Just one touch" from our father. What an awesome display of unity to be at the altar worshiping the father in one accord. The river of God's presence flowed mightily. Many were drawn to the altar by the Holy Ghost during the worship time. No one gave "an altar call" but yet many came. They came seeking a touch from our father. They came hungry, desperate, and thirsty for "more." Some of those in attendance drove many miles to be touched tonight. Spontaneous worship filled the house. Our father was in the house. He was touching everyone at their level of hunger and need.

Brother Wayne ministered from the Word. He shared a good word on the various forms of healing needed. He concluded the word by asking if you need a touch, come. The altars were again filled as 98% of the congregation came forward.

Again, friends, if you need "just one touch" come and be touched. We are expecting you.

In Christ,

Rev. Gary V. Reilly Jr.

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