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April 23, 2000


Chad Taylor


I am compelled by the Spirit of Lord to share this awesome explosion of Jesus on the streets of Anchorage last night! I know this a prophetic statement of the spiritual confrontations that we are experiencing and are about to engage in, and the imminent victory looming over the Church! Sit back and get ready for a dose of the Ghost!

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Every Friday, multiple youth groups and churches meet in downtown Anchorage for evangelism training and prayer at a small Christian book store located in the center of the local bus terminal. A Mecca of activity, the homeless, dozens of teens, business men returning home from work etc. etc. From 7:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. we worship and pray, then I proceed to do some activation and training from about 8 to 8:30. At 8:30 we open the doors to the public bus terminal and the youth from the streets begin to stream into the book store, as well as others from every walk of life. Teams of Christians are released as well into the area.

Last night it was moving as usual, Craig Hyder, a local youth pastor playing his guitar, the sound of worship filling the air. I saw a man standing outside the entrance to the book store listening, I stepped out and invited him in. As I was talking to this man, a fight broke out on the sidewalk outside, I immediately rushed toward the altercation. I stepped out from the main doors of the bus terminal directly in the line of fire! I began to loudly declare Jesus, within seconds the fight ceased. A huge crowd of youth had gathered to watch the spectacle.

The boldness of the Lord came upon me like a fire! I began to confront the crowd of youth and preach and declare the love of Jesus Christ. Suddenly choruses of "Satan! Satan!" Could be heard. Then from the crowd a young man jumped out at me, threatening and screaming at me! I looked him in the eye and simply said, "Jesus loves you." He screamed louder, more aggressive. Taunting and mocking the Lord. Suddenly, and just as unexpectedly, a young native boy ran up to us, and began shouting, "JESUS IS REAL! JESUS IS REAL!" In a blink of an eye the crowd had turned from God haters to confessing Him as Lord and Savior! You could hear chants of Jesus from the crowd.

Finally another Christian from the group inside came out, I said, "Get on your knees right here brother and lets release the GLORY!" We both got on our knees right there in the main thoroughfare in downtown Anchorage and began to boldly release His glory and grace! Another large crowd had gathered as we lifted our hands and prayed prostrate on the concrete! I looked up and saw three genuine witches hovering near us. One began to prophecy to me! He kept repeating, "you have been through much, you have done the things you are saying..." At this moment we got off of our knees and began to share His great grace!

At least 40 kids had gathered at this time to listen. The witches began to press us with questions like, "Your people have been hunting and killing us for generations, and you say God loves us?" I looked the leader in the eye and said, "Nobody is condemning you today, Jesus loves you." His adamant argument was that the devil was not real, that they did not believe in the devil or evil. The Lord gave me a wisdom to reply, I told him that in any warfare the greatest strategy or tactic of the enemy or foe is to make his presence secret. I told him that satan was on his shoulder and he didn't even know it. He was stunned and speechless.

As more people gathered five police men suddenly came on the scene. They were at the fringes of the crowd watching. The main cop on the beat began to pray for us! He was a born again Christian! They stood and watched and prayed! GOD EXPLODED ON THE STREETS OF ANCHORAGE LAST NIGHT!

One of the most heart wrenching episodes was a little girl no more than sixteen years old, she looked at me with all the feeling she could muster and said, "I am a lesbian, does God still love me?!" Oh God! I looked at her with tears and told her very plainly that God most assuredly did love her, enough to die and spill his precious blood. For an hour the crowd of youth pressed upon us with difficult questions concerning God and Jesus. Questions they have been longing to ask but not able. Usually not finding someone to answer them. Later the police man gathered with a group of us from the book store and agreed that the powers of darkness to be bound and gagged. God's natural and spiritual authority was released, and the demons arrested!

O Church! The love of God is bleeding for the hearts of these children! Like Lamentations 2:19, "Pour out your hearts like water for the life of your young children that faint for hunger at the top of every street..." They are dying and hungry! Anxiously waiting for someone to answer their hard pressed questions! The satanist and sorcerers like in Acts chp. 8 are just waiting for a demonstration of something, SOMEONE greater than the deceptions that hold them captive!

They need a DEMONSTRATION of His grace and power! "When they SAW AND HEARD the miracles which Phillip did..." the whole city of Samaria turned their hearts to Jesus! God's Philips are poised to invade Samaria in this hour! From Jerusalem (The church) they are going to rise up like a rushing mighty wind and invade every Samaria, (The world). And the power that they release will eclipse the false fake light of the enemy. And the captives by the billions will be set free to pursue the Most High God!

I pray even now as you read this report that the Spirit of the Lord of the Harvest would fall upon you and captivate your heart and spirit with the urgency of the hour. That you would "redeem the time for the days are evil". And blaze a trail of revival and reformation through the streets and cities of America and the world. O God, Lord Saboath, fall now upon your people and like a kindling, burn them with your holy desire and consuming fire for the broken and destitute. Show them the revelation that this "great and mighty army" are waiting to be summoned and mobilized on the streets and bi- ways of America. Cause your Philips, your Miriams, your Deborahs, your Pauls and Peters to awake at this critical mass, and do exploits! Cause them to "launch out into the deep and take in a great catch". BREATH ON YOUR CHILDREN EVEN NOW LORD! Quicken them with visions and dreams of harvest! In Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

Chad Taylor

Repositioning of the Five Fold Ministry...

by Meri Burlingame

As we go through the repositioning, so to speak, of the five fold ministry, it would seem providential that there will come a major change in focus of all the equipping ministries, not just the prophetic. Much of what I hear raising up as a cry among prophetic people, would seem to be based on the upside down work of leadership as it has existed in the last two centuries. As we head into the third day, there has come, even now, a change in the order of things, though it has yet to be manifest very significantly throughout the world as it relates to the Church.

But the first pangs of that turning upside down came with the shaking of ministries in the end of the second day church, such as Swaggert and Bakker. We see it now with the increased divorce rate among the five fold ministry. This is affecting even those who have the call of apostle on their life who find that every aspect of their lives is subject to pressure beyond their imagination.

The five fold ministry was not instituted to "exist." It was instituted or spoken forth and came into being to facilitate the growth of the body of Christ itself, of which it was a part. The five fold is a servant group that may have no identity as a group where it is working most effectively. They are indeed servants to the body that give their lives for the freeing of the body, for the release of the Body and it's individual members from the bondage of sin, ignorance, and immaturity.

We keep hearing about the 5 fold, of the apostolic and prophetic, as John Sanford spoke of the prophetic years ago, that they will be the scum of the earth. We are beginning to hear that in every community that they are called to operate in they will cause the demonic forces of the areas they are sent in to rile up the people of the community as well as the people in the house of the Lord. It will be these who will either "stand in the gap" and call forth the work of the Lord and "hold onto it" while the vultures try to steal it before the fire of God consumes it. This won't bring the greatest glory and honor in the world.

This is servant leadership of a kind that we only read about when we look into the scriptures past what we have done to men such as Paul as we elevated him into positions of great honor because of the excellency of God's word in them. Yet, he was despised and rejected of men over and over even as was His Lord and Savior. Those endowed with the greater portion of God's own nature, will bear a greater measure of all that was the lot of Jesus...he was despised and rejected of men....considered smitten and cast off by God himself....he bore our sins.....

That is the prophetic ministry...the apostolic ministry, the work of the teacher and pastor, and evangelist.......their own death and the resurrection of all Jesus is.....for surely he bore our sins and by his stripes we were healed. Will we be willing to walk forth and allow HIM in us to bear the sins of others and are we willing to have our flesh suffer stripes in order that the message of healing might be made known to the house of the Lord?

I recently was accused of "violating people's boundaries" in my religious zeal. Being one who has little exposure in the local community, I didn't have a whole lot of difficulty identifying the situations that could be defined within those words...violating people's boundaries. The evening I heard this "accusation" a friend and I went to a radical fellowship in Olympia and there a man at least 10 years my senior was exhorting people to go forth in what we know today as prophetic evangelism. We would have called it "witnessing" in my youth. "When you go into a restaurant," the man said, "pray, ask God who, if anyone, He is desiring to have you share His word with in that place and then be quiet until He shows you why you were sent to that place....and be prepared to be obedient." Over and over this speaker shared how God ministered miraculously when he was willing to ask and then be obedient. I turned to the friend with me and said..."goodbye boundaries!!"

Boundaries are things that God cuts through with His word. Yes, as loving caring brothers and sisters, we are to be respectful of personal issues, of needs, of feelings and thoughts. But when God pours out his love, the ache of a person's heart, the distress of their mind, and the death of their being is far more important than any possible offense that might come because you spoke to them when they had not invited you. We will risk offense to show forth Gods love.

Once when accused of being over zealous, I explained to my accuser. "If you knew your best friend had cancer and you had the answer or the way for that friend to get well, but you also knew that the person would be offended if you spoke to them about it, would you not risk offense to give Life to them, to save their physical lives? How much more if we hold the Word of Life and know that without that Word, which could be a word of healing or deliverance, a SOUL will die would we be willing to speak?

Are we willing to go out on the highway and stop the next red car that comes by and share with them a Word from the Lord, if God directed, even if we were called "nuts," if it meant that person might be healed and delivered and set free to enter into the Kingdom of God? If you had to knock on 100 doors to see 1 healed, would you go out again and knock on 500, hoping for 2 souls to be saved and healed and released into the Kingdom of God?

Will we be so in tune with the heart of the Father, that when we are accused of being zealous without knowledge will we have the confidence of knowing Him in whom we have believed and will we be persuaded that He is able to keep that which I committed unto HIM against this day?


April 22, 2000

Stephen Hanson

9. He was assigned a grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth. Is. 53

25. He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. Rom. 4

4. We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. Rom. 6

"Is there a death that my servants would be willing to enter into for Me? Are you willing to be made into my image? Are you willing to have been buried with Me so that you may be raised with Me? For I died for you so that you may be raised with Me. I was wounded for your transgressions, and I was assigned a grave for those I knew not. I entered into death so that I would be made alive, and to make you alive as well. I did not sin but I took on your sins. I bore them so that you would not need to. As I bore the cross and endured the pain, so would each of you need to do. You are not worthy of Me unless you pick up your cross daily and follow after Me. "

"In this life you will have tribulation..."

(The Lord showed me a rose, which was lying down. I looked at it, and it had several thorns going up and down the stem, while at the top, there were beautiful pink petals. Then my attention was drawn to the petals. As I continued looking at the petals, they opened up continuously in the center.)

"But I ask you to look beyond the thorns and the trials of this life. For the life that I give far exceeds anything that you go through in this life. I have come to give you life and that more abundantly. Do not focus on the trials, but focus on the end result. For they are designed by Me to bring you into my image. Sons of of good cheer, for you will reap and you will triumph. You will gather much and reap much. The plants will grow and mature and bring forth new ones. Your ministries will reap where you have not sown. A great net is being sown for gathering into my kingdom. The last harvest is ready to be gathered in. While you are gathering souls for my kingdom it is also a time for training and teaching. For it is time for the perfecting of the saints. It is time for maturity, and it is time for brotherly love."

"Will I come back for a church without spot or wrinkle, or will I find you fighting amongst yourselves? Be not as little children, but be as kings and queens, for you will reign with Me."

Stephen Hanson

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